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final fantasy, technology, volleyball, jrpgs, resident evil, music, 2000s culture, alice madness returns, fairies, 90s eurodance, markiplier, gaming consoles (playstation and nintendo mostly), psychology, overwatch, plushies, flowers/plants, silent hill, ancient world history, vocaloid, cute things, tomb raider games, baking, kingdom hearts, nightcore, sci-fi, dead by daylight, gyaru fashion, collecting figurines, fnaf, the legend of zelda


deftones, crystal castles, taylor swift, five finger death punch, lana del rey, bôa, chevelle, lady gaga, foo fighters, alice in chains, metallica, system of a down, red hot chili peppers, pierce the veil, the smiths, babymetal, static-x, coldplay, type o negative, the cure, fall out boy, cigarettes after sex, s3rl, pastel ghost, loona, mass of the fermenting dregs, marina and the diamonds, slipknot, kittie, pearl jam, evanescence, limp bizkit, the smashing pumpkins, misfits, korn, breaking benjamin, rob zombie, falling in reverse, clairo, the cranberries, fleshwater, sex pistols, ramones, mazzy star, bikini kill, superheaven, megadeth, godsmack, linkin park, joy division, danzig, siouxsie and the banshees, slowdive, machine girl, staind, malice mizer, buck-tick, sevendust, bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold


donnie darko, 10 things i hate about you, kill bill, jennifer's body, the amazing spider-man, girl interrupted, men in black, fnaf movie, bonnie and clyde (1967), the craft, the notebook, fast and furious (the earlier films), napolean dynamite, uptown girls, ginger snaps, avatar (2009), scott pilgrim vs. the world, wall-e, mulan, tangled, ferngully, fantastic mr. fox, the last unicorn, a silent voice, animated barbie movies, ghibli films, basically any disney film


neon genesis evangelion, serial experiments lain, maid sama!, fruits basket, nana, black lagoon, madoka magica, soul eater, k-on!, revolutionary girl utena, death note, paswg, sk8 the infinity, gilmore girls, criminal minds, wayne, breaking bad, the walking dead, teotfw, shameless, modern family, new girl, sam & cat, icarly, victorious, gravity falls, winx club, ruby gloom, avatar the last airbender, american dad, inside job


i haven't read a lot bc i'm very picky when it comes to books but i rlly enjoyed the hunger games as well as literature i've read in school such as romeo and juliet, the outsiders, and the odyssey. my favorite manga are also goodnight punpun, lost in the cloud, maid sama!, chainsaw man, and orange



she's literally me

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TY FOR THE ADD ^_^ luv ur profile!

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by Maeachu; ; Report


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ur layout is so pretty it really inspires me to update mine o(*≧▽≦)ツ

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thank u so much!! i rlly love ur layout as well ^_^

by Maeachu; ; Report

frankz ☆

frankz ☆'s profile picture

thx 4 da add i luv ur profile ur rlyl kewl !!1 xD

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thank u!! u seem super cool too!! ^_^

by Maeachu; ; Report


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konata izumi approved :p

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Sweet page!

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thank u!! i love all the blinkies and buttons on urs :D

by Maeachu; ; Report

martin !!!

martin !!!'s profile picture

hey!! thats for the add!! i love your profile so much omg its so cool 🙏

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THANK U!! i love ur pfp! u have rlly great taste in video games as well :D

by Maeachu; ; Report


by martin !!!; ; Report


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Thanks for the add!

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thx for the add!! ur profile is super cool, and i saw u liked alice madness returns and went nuts i love american mcgees alice

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thank u!!! i love alice madness returns sooo much i got like 6 hours into it on my old laptop but then i lost all my progress when i got a new one so i haven't been able to finish it yet :((

by Maeachu; ; Report

ahhg that sucks :(( u could try to either get ur save file from ur old pc or dowload one from the internet set to a specific save point?? i find redoing progress frustrating lol im at abt 8hs i think?? in the middle of chapter 5, its been a few weeks since i last played bc i just had an exam season

by softparade⌒☆; ; Report


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by Maeachu; ; Report


Tina's profile picture

just wanted 2 say hi! i love the oyasumi pun pun and also your music taste!!! see ya around

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thank u so much!! i love the stamps on your profile theyre super cute <33

by Maeachu; ; Report

thank you AND THE DOMO CURSOR i just noticed lolol

by Tina; ; Report


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your layout is so real....

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DDR 0_0

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tysm for the add!!!!! :DDDD

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ofc!! thx for adding me back ^^

by Maeachu; ; Report


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ty for the add!! u have good music taste

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thank u!! i rlly love ur layout it looks awesome so far

by Maeachu; ; Report


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ty for the add, i love your setup sm and the fact u like winx club >>>

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thank u!!! AND YES WINX CLUBB i loved it so much when i was younger its still one my fav shows eva

by Maeachu; ; Report

aisha ^_^

aisha ^_^'s profile picture

also, what's the song autoplaying? bc its so good :0

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its called goodbye almond eyes (remix) from the soundtrack for postal 3! ive heard the game kinda sucks but the ost is really good!

by Maeachu; ; Report

aisha ^_^

aisha ^_^'s profile picture

thx for the add!!! also i lovvveeeee ur profile and u have such good taste in everything omg!!!

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ofc!! and thank u!! u have rlly great taste too! i love lain and evangelion so much

by Maeachu; ; Report

yayyy tysm!

by aisha ^_^; ; Report

margoopy ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁

margoopy ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁's profile picture

thanks for the add ! liking the outsiders even tho it was a book we read in school is so relatable

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no prob!! thx for adding me back !!

by Maeachu; ; Report


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ahh fallen angels pfp!! love ur layout btw

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thank u!!! i love urs too <3

by Maeachu; ; Report

tyyy :]

by philia; ; Report

✮ danica ✮

✮ danica ✮'s profile picture

aahhh i love ur profile so much! and babymetal omg! >.<

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thank u!!! u seem so cool ur music taste is everything <33

by Maeachu; ; Report


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I love your profile!!

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THANK UU!! i really love yours as well it has such a nice vibe to it <333

by Maeachu; ; Report

Thank youu!! <3

by Kaitlyn; ; Report