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"orange Gatorade is the best Gatorade flavor fight me "

ewww a homosexual /j

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Creepypasta, fnaf, ddlc, batim, undertale, needy streamer overload, cosplay, vocaloid, art and more ofc!


Mcr, panic! At the disco, falling in reverse, pierce the veil, the crane wives, Alex g, baby bugs, Rebzyyx, h3artcrush, 6arelyhuman, mitski, get scared, rio Romeo, hoshi star, cake bake Betty, kikou, and more !!


BSD DEAD APPLE 🔥🔥🔥🔥, the FNAF movie, the never ending story, coraline, labyrinth, spirited away, howls moving castle


BUNGOU STRAY DOGS 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️, Madoka magica, Percy Jackson, oran highschool host club, toilet bound hanako kun,  hunterxhunter, panty and stocking, salad fingers, don’t hug me I’m scared, my little pony, svtfoe, assassination classroom, hazbin hotel, helluva boss


The Percy Jackson series (tho I’m only on book 3 of the Olympian’s so far) no longer human, and the setting sun 


Percy Jackson 🗣️🗣️

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About me:

13, Transmasc and queer! anypronouns other than she/her are fine! Alterhuman :3

Number 1 dazai kinnie 

I have autism and anxiety (and a few other things I’m not comfortable mentioning here) please note these will interfere with how I interact with ppl 

I draw (mostly pmzai) and sometimes cosplay!!

I’m shy and probably won’t DM first but if you DM me I definitely will respond!!

Send me a friend req! I love meeting new ppl and seeing others profiles!

Who I'd like to meet:

Bsd fans, hazbin hotel fans, pjo fans, assassination classroom fans, helluva boss fans, Madoka magica fans, needy streamer overload fans, LGBTQ+ ppl, xenogender/neopronoun users, neurodivergent ppls, alt ppl (especially scene, emo, and goth ppl!!), rare pair enjoyers (this includes selfcest shippers), and fellow alterhumans!

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Cool page!

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ur profile helped me overcome my fear of spiders/spiderwebs!!!!!!!!! (VERY epic profile btw)

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i luv ur profile, is so silly /pos

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Rain <3

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by :3> CorvidzCrowz *+°; ; Report

Alchoholic Cherries

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cute profile ^^

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