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Animals; Dogs, puppies, cats, pigs ,bears, spiders, rats ,snakes, zebras, elephants, giraffes, red pandas, opossums, raccoons. Cartoons; Pound puppies (2010), Regular show, Craig of the creek, Adventure time, Gravity falls, Amphibia,Steven universe, The owl house, We bare bears, The amazing world of gumball, Clarence, Bluey, Word girl, more… I have a big interest in the paranormal and supernatural! I believe in ghosts, aliens and Bigfoot, all those guys, idc if you don’t believe but don’t make fun my my beliefs.


Mort Garson, Jack Stauber, Classical music, jazz, Idk I don’t really listen to music


Ghostbusters, Puss in boots TLW, Retro Star Wars, Studio Ghibli movies, Coralline, Boss baby (yes stfu), Soul, Turning red, pixar in general, Napoleon Dynamite, all of the movies w Clifford the big red dog, the Angry birds movies, Flushed away, The pirates: band of misfits


PBS kids stuff from the 2000s, Sprout from the 2000s, The Voice, Jeopardy, Wheel of fortune, literally all the stuff listed in general…


Lord of the rings/Hobbit, Jane Austin


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About me:

Yo! I’m pupi! I’m an ND, queer, 17yr located in the US! only close friends get to know which state :) My dream is to become an animator, it’s a dream to someday see one of my stories as an animated show. With that said I’m obviously an artist, writer, someone who was a cartoonist… and as stated I wanna make animations but idfk how. Im probably seen as annoying, hyper or repetitive, I’m sorry being ND isn’t fun/lh I probably don’t understand a lot of stuff so. Understand pleaseeeeeeeeee. I'm currently living with OCD (undiagnosed, trust me tho, smth is goin on...) intrusive thoughts get mighty bad sometimes, and this genuinely causes me just to act negatively, if I'm snappy, or just seem way more dry than usual, forgive me. PLEASE, make sure to go over triggers too :) I’ll friend ya if we share common interests, I hope it’ll lead to friendship, I’m not trying to be one of those people who adds everyone on site I’d love to get to know everyone on my friends more! Please message me here or we could talk on discord; airman.arren#2932 Please read my DNI/BYI tho (under the globe icon, it says smol pupi carrrd) there’s important things there.

Who I'd like to meet:

People with my likes, think they might relate, and people who I can play Minecraft with (I am a mobile bedrock user)! Preferably people ages 15-23, like, I can be friends with people a bit younger (13 is the limit) but I just have problems with younger people, plus it kinda feels weird being a hella lot older. Older then 23- we don’t need to explain, it’s weird too. Please be sure to look through my DNI, thank you :D some things like ‘blacklist’ probably don’t apply to here, it’s for only toyhouse and other socials.

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I love all ur stamps + blinkies!!

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Thanks sm!! They’re like all my fave stuff and quotes/little things I stand by! :D

by Sm0lpupi; ; Report

definitely!! im borrowing some for my own blog !!! hope thats cool :D

by Frankie☆; ; Report

Np!! I’ve got a lot from other people so no biggie!

by Sm0lpupi; ; Report

ronnie !!!

ronnie !!!'s profile picture

AAAAA POUND PUPPIES!!! i loved that show sm :DD

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by Sm0lpupi; ; Report


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It’s dead here

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Then you should watch Over The Garden Wall to pass the time!

by kiwi; ; Report

I have actually! It was really cool! :0

by Sm0lpupi; ; Report

Not me basically basing my entire profile over the show LOL

by kiwi; ; Report

No, Lmao felt, hyperfixations go hard sometimes I’ve done that sm on other socials and I know I’m annoying others but like- I just feel so swag being decked out in my favorite show/content creator

by Sm0lpupi; ; Report

hey hey hey, youre not annoying anybody! And if you are, then its their problem and not yours.

by kiwi; ; Report

Like I’ll make it my whole personalityyy, but yeah fr it’s others deal not mine

by Sm0lpupi; ; Report