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two steps ahead. I am always two steps ahead.

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Hotline Miami, JJBA!!, Chainsaw man, Portal 2…, Omori, Deltarune, Portal, Jump academy I love jump academy it’s my favorite I spent 12 hours on jump academy in one sitting god I love jump a,, Jerma (985), ENA, tf2, The Stanley Parable, Deltarune addisons, Yoshikage Kira too I think he counts as an interest


Them Yorke and the Radioheads, Roar!!, Night club, Lemon Demon, Hotline Miami ost,, Jojo ost, Tally Hall, Tv Girl, Jack Stauber, That Handsome Devil, bo en, Mili, Vocaloid in general, Gorillaz, Will Wood, Cyriak.. meeoww.., Oingo Boingo!!, Atoms for Peace, The Smile


American Psycho he’s just like me fr he’s just like me, Midsommar, Silence of the Lambs, Meeting People is Easy, The Menu.. it’s so silly, That one jjba part 4 movie it was soooo crazy, THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE, the spongebo


Hahaha Hannibal, JJBA, Gumball, Over the Garden Wall, and I’ll probably watch succession soon or something


Frank and stein! Wowie!, the secret history, American psycho, Chainsaw man, other things I guess🙄🙄


Patrick Bateman, Yoshikage Kira..


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Heyyyyy hiiii hellooo We get a little silly ^_^

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people with similar interests maybe

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What the fart

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two steps ahead, i am always two steps ahead. this has been the greatest social experiment i’ve come to known, certainly the greatest social experiment of my current life. its alluring, its compelling, its gripping. to bear witness, to observe all of these unwell, unbalanced disoriented beings roam the internet in search of stories, in search of ideas, of conflicts, of rivalries. where people develop a distinctive desire for direct engagement. where people feel involved with the stories and therefore become product of influence. thirsty for distraction. from time unspent from lackluster lifestyles, spoiling their minds while stimulating them at the exact same time. its brilliant, but its also dangerous. its dangerous. i feel as if my life has been positioned to where im monitoring ants on an ant farm. one follows another, follows another, follows another. its mesmerizing, its enthralling, its spellbinding. just look at all these consumers, all of these lost and bored people consuming anything that they’re told to consume. i am the villain if i make myself on, and people will consume these stories year, after year, after year. stories that, stories that shock, that confuse, stories that are deliberately made to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction. stories that permeate, infect, and linger in the minds of the ants. influence the ants, brainwash the ants. you are the ant. i woke up this morning to money deposited into my account for simply not doing something, for simply not going through with something. people are the most fucked up creatures on this planet, and you will continue to consume and ill continue to be two steps ahead. today i thought it would be a splendid idea to go out and get some food and film it for you. gee, are you surprised? have you forgotten this story? are you not paying attention? after all, you’re here to consume, or are you not?

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what if I killed you?

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try it go on

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I will I wiil just you wait

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