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"..procrastinating rn"

20 - Any pronouns ^-^ - please talk about monkie kid with me plz

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Autism creature (me) I am a silly little beast with many silly little interests!! Quite honestly hard to pin down what my interests are haha

Angel of Love ►Cham!


♥ Marina (and the diamonds) 

♥ AJJ 

♥ The Happy Fits 

♥ Drive 45 

♥ Aurelio Voltaire 

♥ Crazy frog 

♥ Mother Mother 

♥ Go Hang Music 

♥ Gorillaz

♥ Tally hall

♥ Folk punk in general

♥ Or whatever song i feel grooves, not too picky


♥ Grave of the fireflies 

♥ Over the moon 

♥ Ne Zha reborn 

♥ Perfect Blue 

♥ Puss in boots

♥ Definitely more, cant think of em



♥ Scavengers Reign 

♥ 1996 Journey to the west 

♥ Final space 

♥ TMNT 2012 


♥ Chainsaw Man 

♥ Moongirl and devil dinosaur 


♥ Gravity falls

♥ ... Osomatsu san i guess

, and more!! Can't think of any right now


I don't read a lot although I am planning to! I do have Journey to the west brainrot rn and recently finished the Avatar Kyoshi books!!!!


flipnote hatena frog ♥♥♥

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ur mom x3 Jk but i generally don't care for celebrities!!! But if i REALLY had to choose someone to meet, it'd be James Baxter, Miyazaki and Kekeflipnote (apparently my friend met him and he showed him my animations ;w; WAA)

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Emmet ! ( 1# lego movie fan )

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lmk fan spotted... holy karp,,, /vpos

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HELL YEAH saw ur acc and i can't NOT send a frq <33

by w1ms3r_rxt; ; Report


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Sweet profile!

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by w1ms3r_rxt; ; Report


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your layout is lagging the hell out of my computer but its still so incredibly sick /pos

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LMAO SORRY ToT BUT THANK U!!!! obsessed with urs as well

by w1ms3r_rxt; ; Report


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You are so stinky and jealous of my milk

by Xx69littethtitteth420xX; ; Report

i have my own milk

by w1ms3r_rxt; ; Report