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I like history (specifically cold war history, my bad u_u; but i dont mind talking about other time and area periods so please do!) and literature(i dont have a particularly favourite genre or era so basically almost everything aside sci-fi and YA novels but i do have a preference towards the classics so ummm my bad u_u;)^_^ i also like anatomy and pathology so expect those topics to come up here and there(`・ω・´) Since spacehey has no videogames interest corner ill just write em here: -fgo -alchemy stars (less nowdays because the story is a bit slow but anything year one im up to date ^_^) -the binding of isaac -cod: world at war (im not done yet since uni is kicking my ass (ㆆ_ㆆ)) -darkest dungeons -doom -tf2


honestly almost everything and anything but according to Spotify and how bad is your spotify my favorites are: -Lady Gaga -Beyoncé -Weezer -London after midnight -IAMX -MSI -the neighborhood -nine inch nails -ridiculon -ocean grove -have a nice life -tame impala -Babuchan


regular: -fightclub -The batman (2022) -1917 -winter journey (2013) - silence of the lambs -american psycho -stalag 17 -the talented Mr. rippley -whiplash animated: -Angel's egg -Tokyo godfathers -its such a beautiful day - bubble bath (1980) -the penguins of Madagascar (don't ask it just lives there)


regular: -Hannibal (only at the start of season 3 no spoilers pls) -breaking bad (season 3 so pls no spoilers for the later seasons >_<) anime (most of these are more me just reading the manga, if you're curious just ask me ill an ill tell you if Ive seen the anime): -JoJo's bizarre adventures -Golden Kamuy -Hetalia(dont ask) -berserk -witch hat atelier -sayonara zetsubou sensei -flowers of evil -hellsing -vasalord -girls last tour (dropped it in the middle because all the websites ive read it on were poopoo but im illing to pick it up again ^_^) -odd taxi -pop team epic



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About me:

About me: I like older men! I like older women! I like muscle but I don't mind more lithe figures ^_^ I like monsters! I might post odd things here and there so please be mindful. Occasionally might say some disturbing things but don't worry ^_^ its a temporary mood that comes and goes, don't worry (ㆆ_ㆆ).

Who I'd like to meet:

Who I'd like to meet: Strange people that aren't overly clingy and aren't invasive in their questions (step by step, don't overstep your boundaries (ㆆ_ㆆ) if you're unsure just ask really :p) Fgo fans of the following characters: jinako, arjuna, xiang yu, Ivan, and David. Anyone whos interested in what's going to be mentioned down bellow.

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your page is really cool ! and we have quite a bit in common so hello !

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Hi hi ^_^ your page looks really awesome as well ^_^ always glad to find have a nice life fans and people who appreciate the human body as well.
Please treat me well (´▽`)y-~~

by Cannico; ; Report

of course !! im rather new so i hope we get to talk often ! ^.^

by hil; ; Report

Likewise (`・ω・´)

by Cannico; ; Report