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"The best views come after the hardest climbs."

32, Sommelier NYC

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I have eclectic taste in music. I can talk with anyone about any music from anytime. Top 5 genres in no particular order Hip hop Screamo/emo Deep house Classic RNB


Top 5 in no particular order She's all that. The wedding singer. Zoolander The last samurai Jerry maguire


Game of thrones All anime Survival shows Wednesday Pawn Stars Food network


Anything about wine


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I'm a Sommelier (that means I work with wine!) In New York City. Needless to say Wine , spirits beverage and hospitality in general gets me fired up. I'm a free spirit and like to talk to strangers. I'm mostly here for nostalgia endorphins. 😁

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Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add!

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Steves Peeps

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Thank you so much :)

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sarah ♡

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ty for the add love!

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Of course! I like your profile. How are you doing on this Saturday, any plans?

by TravWavey; ; Report

i massively overslept haha!
work to catch up on & then hopefully taking it easy - you?

by sarah ♡; ; Report

What do you do for work?

I just left my job just week so I could work the spring wine portfolio tastings.

I'm a sommelier.

Also how do you save space with your physical media collection?

by TravWavey; ; Report

omg what a dream job T_T
how do you get started in something like that?

i'm actually staying home currently so 'work' for me is mostly working on a podcast that my friend & i are starting and doing some writing haha. not super structured but time consuming for sure.

also i very much don't save space, haha. currently most of my movie collection is in storage waiting to be shipped to me and what i have at home now is just from the last 3 years so its basically just spilling over onto the shelving that i currently have. once everything is here & in one spot together, though, i have some plans for a uniform shelving system

by sarah ♡; ; Report

I originally worked in night clubs and managed bottle service for Tao and Lavo.

I realized I had a knack for champagne and was curious about other styles of wine.

I signed up for school quit the clubs and got jobs at some of the best resraurants and wine bars in NYC.

I love podcast, have you started it yet? Lmk I'll give it a listen for sure and what is it about?

You have some really unique hobbies. it's tough finding space in nyc!

by TravWavey; ; Report

i love that!
i always really admired that skill!!

its about horror movies, basically! i will definitely let you know! we had to delay a little bit but hopefully in the next month or so we will be able to start publishing!!

also SO TRUE.
i always look around and feel like i have SO much space available to us untll i start actually taking out the measuring tape and realizing how quickly all of that 'open space' fills up :')

by sarah ♡; ; Report

Aw , thanks!

Sounds dope, there's not alot of content like that. I'm looking forward to checking in out.

As long as it gets done!

:') there used to be a horror movie themed restaurant and mixology bar called jekel and hyde..

You would've loved it.

by TravWavey; ; Report

yes!! i never went, but have you?

by sarah ♡; ; Report

I got to go one time, it was pretty awesome, they had life size statues every where, foggy drinks before it was trendy.

the best part was having to pull books out of shelves to get to the hidden rest rooms. lol

by TravWavey; ; Report

that sounds so sick! its too bad i never got to check it out haha

by sarah ♡; ; Report

NT ☆

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new friends
thank you for the request.
sending positive vibes & good energy to your page 💞👁‍🗨

Sha 💕

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Hey Sha whatsup ! Thank you for the love . Don't be a stranger.

by TravWavey; ; Report

hi 👋🏾
nothing much just trying to calm my mind.

by NT ☆; ; Report


🎀🧸✨ILANIT✨🧸🎀 's profile picture

showing your page luv

______$¦$¦$¦$ ____ $¦$¦$¦$
__ $¦$___________________$¦$
(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)$¦$_______$¦$(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_(_.^._)____$¦$___$¦$____ (_.^._)
_____(¯`.´¯) __$¦$__ (¯`.´¯)
___ (¯≻ ✦ ≺¯) _ $_ (¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_____(_.^._) (¯`.´¯)_(_.^._)
__________(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_____(¯`.´¯) (_.^._) (¯`.´¯)
___ (¯≻ ✦ ≺¯) ____(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_____(_.^._) ______ (_.^._)

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🎀🧸✨ILANIT✨🧸🎀 's profile picture

Hey love don’t be shy don’t be scared spread the love back💋️💯

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