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"Most likely sleeping"

(This is an Rp account kind of ig lmao)

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Splatfests, turfwar, food, and hanging out near the General store with my friends!! :)


Off the Hook and Deep Cut!!!


Haven't watched any recently... any suggestions?


Same here... any suggestions?


Only book I've read in the past few years is the Employee hand book... ¬_¬"


Marina from Off the Hook!

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About me:

Hi! I'm Violet, I used to live in Inkopolis, but back in September of 2022, I moved to Splatsville! I'm a full-time Employee at, although I do have my own business; a Paranormal investigation company called Parasquid! (Haha.. get it? Squid? ... yeah I'll see myself out now..) I started this page to make some new friends and keep tabs on what's going on in my life. I hope we can get to know each other better, and in order to do that, here's a list of my likes and dislikes: Likes - food (any kind!), music (mainly bgm from video games), video games, photography, spooky stuff, and cats! Dislikes - Spiders, needles, losing turfwars, and being put on shift for Saturdays. (Mr.Grizz if you see this take me off the Saturday scheduling please I beg of you.) So, whacha say? Wanna be friends? :)

Who I'd like to meet:

Deep cut!! They're such an awesome group I swear!!

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vampz ✭

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Thx for accepting my request!

Cool layout too - I love Splatoon!

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(Ooc) Thank you!!! And I agree, Splatoon is awesome!! :D

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report


Tenshi's profile picture

Love the layout of your profile, and I agree, splatsvill is such a nice place along with that Mr. Grizz fellow, enthusiastic one he is

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Thank you!! I have to admit, it was kinda tricky figuring out the layout, but my friend helped me pull through it! Mr.Grizz is pretty enthusiastic whenever I clock into my shifts, I just really wish I wasn't scheduled on Saturdays, those are like the worst days to work cuz all my friends are free and I'm stuck on the clock. But hey, at least I have Fridays and Sundays off!

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report

good thing to hear that, the last I talked to that fellow, he kept going on about how the end of the employment schedule was close, not sure what he meant but he was fuzzy about it, pun literal too

by Tenshi; ; Report

Really?! He hasn't said anything to me about that, I'll have to ask him.. geez you'd think after the many years I worked for this place that Grizz would at least let me know if he was planning on closing up shop!! Very inconsiderate of him.. |:^

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report

Well he was in the middle of some late night counting by the looks of things, so he most likely was talking with little effort in his wording, so he most likely wasn't serious, but said what he had at the moment from the top of his head

by Tenshi; ; Report

Ah, maybe it was just a tired comment.. I say random stuff late at night too. I'm sure he's not really thinking of closing the business down... I hope he isn't anyways haha..

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report

I don't think he will, he seems passionate about his work, besides, who's gonna defend the town from salmonids?

by Tenshi; ; Report

True that! Remember when they took over Wahooworld??? I'd hate to think what'd happen if didn't respond as fast as we did!

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report

yeesh, never was there for it, but I heard about it, wasn't fun by the looks of it, but at least its back

by Tenshi; ; Report

Yeah, it wasn't pretty. That one Rollercoaster "Deep dive" is still out of service from it, which sucks because that one was my favorite! :(

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report

Ah dang, hope it gets fixed soon

by Tenshi; ; Report

Me too :( it was such a fun ride!!

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report

yeah it looked fun

by Tenshi; ; Report

A piece of engineering mastery, gone with the wind... 3

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report

it'll be back, I see it now, just some more time and you'll be able to give the ride a go again

by Tenshi; ; Report

I sure hope it comes back!! Wahooworld wouldn't be the same without it!

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report

it sure wouldn't now that you mention it, where would the next big run take place? Since they failed at Wahoo World, then surely they'll try someplace else no?

by Tenshi; ; Report

My guess is probably the Sturgeon Shipyard or the Hammerhead Bridge, those places are already somewhat of a safety hazard, so I wouldn't be too surprised if it were easier to take them over.

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report

I see what you mean, doesn't surprise me either

by Tenshi; ; Report

I've heard that people have seen them lurking around those parts too

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report

I'd be cautious next time I go there

by Tenshi; ; Report


Theylovemichi's profile picture

thx 4 the add!!

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Np!! ^^

by Violet (or Bella); ; Report