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🐀 Homestuck obv, science, insects, The Magnus Archives, Camp Here and There, art, reading, writing, Garfield, video games


🐁 Lemon Demon, The Mountain Goats, AJJ, The Taxpayers, Kimya Dawson, Car Seat Headrest, Modest Mouse


🐁 Jurassic Park, The Batman, Across and Into the Spider-Verse, most movies starring Nic Cage, horror movies. Anything by Jonni Philips, she's my favorite animator ever


🐀 Bobs Burgers :3 (I only watch like 4 shows)


🐁 Warrior Cats, Wings of Fire, Homestuck I guess, Catfishing on Catnet, and whatever nonfiction books I find in my town's library.


🐀 Not sure but I think this guy is pretty cool

Video games

🐁 Smile for Me!!!!! Slime Rancher, Wobbledogs, Hollow Knight, A Hat in Time, Minecraft, Animal Jam(???)

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About me:

Hi there! I'm Juniper! Please excuse the mess I'm doing some updating :,)!! I really love science and I want to be an entomologist!!!! I also love horror movies, reading sci-fi stories, and listening to music. I collect things related to my interests (PLEASE ASK ME ABOUT MY GARFIELD STUFF). I enjoy using emoticons, caps, and a lot of exclamation marks!!!! :)
If you want my discord feel free to ask and I'll give it to you :D

Now playing: Trent "Trogg" West - Jade Aubade

Who I'd like to meet:

Other Homestuck fans + anyone that has similar interests to me :o). I've read all of Homestuck but I haven't read the epilogues/HS^2 yet
I gotta confess this SBaHJ gif is my favorite part of my profile

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dude omgg pls teach me how to add those stamps/blinkiess!! soo cool!!1!!1!

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!!! :D It's super easy, you just have to use ""

by Juniper; ; Report

Oh sorry I guess since I typed the html it didn't appear in the comment

by Juniper; ; Report

I put it in a bulletin so it should work now :D

by Juniper; ; Report

it workedd!! tysm ur a life saverr!

by domino; ; Report


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Posting updates here because I don't have anything better to do:
Since all my Imgur links broke I'm having to redo a LOT on my profile >:( but it's ok because my profile REALLY needed an update and I'm using a different image hosting site! :)

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HALF MY IMAGES ARE GONE AAAAAAA I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO FIX THIS (It's fine my profile was in need of an update)

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They weren't loading but after 4 refreshes the images came back? I have no clue what I'm doing

by Juniper; ; Report


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common jade and sbahj fan W

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Real, also your profile is so cool thanks for the add

by Juniper; ; Report


Xx_mYColOGicalZOmBIe_xX's profile picture

Omg i love garfield, science n' bugs :0000

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whao i didnt expect to get friend requests already, but hey thanks for adding me!!!!! fellow homestuckie mwehehehehe

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Hi! :D Thanks for the add I thought your profile pic looked really cool

by Juniper; ; Report

hehehe tyty!!! i drew it myself, you can see the full image on my tumblr!!

by gopsnippers; ; Report


XxETERNALDREAMxX [ED]'s profile picture

i love the gifs of your profile XD

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and ty for add me!

by XxETERNALDREAMxX [ED]; ; Report

Thank you!

by Juniper; ; Report