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"i got composer's s tier in idv!!!"

read malcomstien for good fortune

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my favourite medias /ever/ (heavy emphasis on ever) are death note and chainsaw man - i could talk about them for literal hours. other, non-mentioned medias im into include the mandela catalogue!!, preatear, school rumble, identity v!!, sally face, creepypasta!!/marble hornets, scp!!, malcomstein!!!, popee the performer, hellsing, oyasumi punpun, yume nikki, eddsworld, ranfren (i do NOT support/like captainhowdie, dni if u do /gen), arcadekitten games (its not me its my basement, crowscare, cemetary mary), deltarune, undertale, wc warriors (menhera chan), ace attorney, omori, project sekai, your turn to die, needy streamer overload, the witch's house, ensemble stars, yanderella, clannad, magical girl site and doki doki literature club


kikuo/kikuohana!!!, (general) vocaloid!!, shinsei kamattechan!!, junko yagami, tv girl, kuroneko, depeche mode!!, cigarettes after sex, mazzy star!!, rammstein, malice mizer!!!, molchat doma!!, machine girl!!!, mitski, cosmo sheldrake!, pink floyd!!, alphaville!!, of montreal, modern talking, the sisters of mercy!!, rasputina, jun towaga, ghost!!, BABYMETAL, london after midnight, moi dix mois!!, kozi!!, isaur, infected mushroom, rob zombie, the dresden dolls, evelyn evelyn!!, amanda palmer, the cranberries, deftones, boa!!, the smiths, mgmt, gorillaz, blur, you love her 'coz she's dead, plenka, maximum the hormone!!, ex-lyd!!, melanie martinez, goreshit, sewerslvt, crystal castles!, candye syrup!, kyaru kyaru pamyu!!, mafumafu!!, soraru!, marina and the diamonds, queen, millionaires!!!, deftones, radiohead, insane clown posse, ex-lyd, inabakumori, rebzyyx, hoshie star, nijiura maids fan themes! + a ton more, but these are from the top of my head.


howl's moving castle!!, kiki's delivery service!!, my neighbour totoro!!, spirited away!!, princess monoke!, bungou stray dogs: dead apple, unico, coraline, a whisker away, perfect blue, kubo and the two strings, air


death note!!!, chainsaw man!!!, soul eater!!, bungou stray dogs, batman, rick and morty, black lagoon, cowboy bebop!!, great pretender, pokemon indigo league, pokemon xy&z, wonder egg priority, sk8 the infinity, bludgeoning angel dokuro-chan, lucky star, the disastrous life of saiki k, devilman crybaby, invader zim, adventure time, cardcaptor sakura, toilet bound hanako-kun, gravity falls, sailor moon, steven universe, star vs the forces of evil, alice in borderland, nana, junji ito collection, neighbourhood story, mob psycho 100, madoka magica!!, all of us are dead, watamote, serial experiments lain, my little pony, the dragon prince, voltron, seraph of the end, avatar: the last airbender!!, the legend of korra, black butler, chobits!!, tokyo mew mew!!, di gi charat, shugo chara!, nurse witch komugi!, pita-ten, my little pony!, higurashi when they cry!!


exquisite corpse, the tenant of wildfell hall, no longer human, the song of achilles, dracula, the raven, the black cat, the masque of red death, jane eyre, the phantom of the opera, the tell-tale heart, the bells, eureka, the castle of otranto, the haunted palace, tales of terror, wuthering heights, a valentine, tales of mystery & imagination, the sphinx


aki hayakawa's big dumpy :3

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credit Knife hi, i'm angel, edmund, edgar or achilles [ i go by scaramouch / scaramouche as well - i'm a name hoarder.. ]. i'm 14, transmasc, ambiamory, potentially on the aromantic spectrum & gay. my favourite pastime is reading; i mainly read gothic horror, classic & splatterpunk literature. some of my interests are romanian/european folklore/mythology, general history & so on. i like 2000s/horror medias, ranging from games to animanga.

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aki hayakawa

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β˜…DONNIEβ˜…'s profile picture

omg tysm for the add I love your layout sm it's so cute /gen

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thank u !! yours is neat too

by angel; ; Report

tyty, you seem so cool lol

by β˜…DONNIEβ˜…; ; Report

so do u!

by angel; ; Report


dave's profile picture

ty for the add! you see rlly cool! :D

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CANDY CORN VAMPIRE!'s profile picture

tysm for the add!!! love ur profile!!!

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thanku !! urs is super neat

by angel; ; Report


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thanks for the add :D

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Loser Apollo β˜†

Loser Apollo β˜†'s profile picture

Thanks for the add!! ^_^

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hi voldemort

by angel; ; Report

Victor B

Victor B's profile picture

nice profile, maybe we could play idv some time

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thank you, and real

by angel; ; Report


β₯marumaru's profile picture

thanks for the add! i love ur profile, you seem really cool :^)

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i ️ LILY ! ⚝⌁

i ❀️ LILY !   ⚝⌁'s profile picture

I too, would like to meet aki hayakawa

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ure so real 4 that

by angel; ; Report


Bodie!'s profile picture

HI!!!! thanks 4 the add :D!!

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Perty The Virtual Singer

Perty The Virtual Singer's profile picture

πŸ’– ✨

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woah u r so cool

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by angel; ; Report

xander xeniaβœͺβ˜†

xander xeniaβœͺβ˜†'s profile picture

thanks for the add, i love your layoutβ˜† i like uzumaki and death note too

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thank you ! and so true, death note outsells. (so does uzumaki)

by angel; ; Report


milo's profile picture

HII!! thank you SO much for the add!! and you like identity v?! i used to play it all the time!!

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yeah same !! its fun

by angel; ; Report


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your profile goes hard as hell

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thanks man !!

by angel; ; Report

🌠 #1 sleepyhead β‚ŠΛšΚš α—’β‚ŠΛšβœ§

🌠 #1 sleepyhead β‚ŠΛšΚš α—’β‚ŠΛšβœ§'s profile picture

HIII TY FOR THE ADD ^^ I love meeting other mazzy star enjoyers omg u seem very cool :DD

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xº•Suku-Chan•ºx's profile picture

Thank you for the add!!! I am OBSESSED with your layout! (*^β–½^*)

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thank you, i like your layout too!!

by angel; ; Report

aww thanks ur sweet

by xº•Suku-Chan•ºx; ; Report

⦻ addi ⦻

⦻ addi ⦻'s profile picture


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thank you !!

by angel; ; Report


a's profile picture

jhefhfb jerma blinkie omg

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yes... so jermapilled

by angel; ; Report


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You are so cool dude

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thank u !! :D so r u!

by angel; ; Report


by Mayo; ; Report


by angel; ; Report