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I play the bass guitar- Tarot cards, Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology- Dark academia, Ouji, and Victorian fashion- Cassette tapes, crochet- I have a cat who is an adorable jerk-


Type O-Negative- Aerosmith- Whitesnake- The arcadian wild- Classical- I'm open to almost any genre and am open to suggestions-


The Labyrinth- Fast & Furious- The lost boys- The Nightmare Before Christmas- The Hobbit trilogy- The Narnia Trilogy- And The Breakfast Club-


Batman... Anything with Batman-


Percy Jackson series- Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children series- And The Vampire Chronicles- Poetry-


nanananana batman-

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About me:

"You, my dear, are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain."

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone is welcome I just ask that you are a considerate being.

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RABBIT 𖤐's profile picture

Thanks for the add!! You seem super cool!
Feel free to message me anytime if you want a new friend!
(btw- I also love everything Batman related ^^)

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Thank you :) you seem super cool as well, I'd love to be friends!

by Nico; ; Report

awesome!! should i shoot a message your way then??

by RABBIT 𖤐; ; Report

feel free to :)

by Nico; ; Report

♰ Princess ♰

♰ Princess ♰'s profile picture

I saw Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children and immediately friend requested u

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I love the move and the books, have you read them?

by Nico; ; Report

Not yet!!

by ♰ Princess ♰; ; Report

They are amazing! The pictures really add to the experience!

by Nico; ; Report


♠Adrian♠'s profile picture

Ty for the add I see you like The Lost Boy, The Laberinth, and The Breakfast club their all my favoire movies as well :D

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Yes, they are some of my favorites! I also love Batman.

by Nico; ; Report

xX_SceneKing_Xx 🖤⛓️

xX_SceneKing_Xx  🖤⛓️'s profile picture

thx for the add!

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valentine's profile picture

ty for the add!! i love ur layout and u have very good taste :)

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Thank you :)

by Nico; ; Report


YouVVitch's profile picture

Thnx for the add, you've got killer taste in media

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You as well, it's not often I come across another Vampire fan.

by Nico; ; Report

spencer / andres

spencer / andres's profile picture

yoo thanks for the add !! love the layout :) .

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Thank you (: I like your layout aswell.

by Nico; ; Report

no problem !! and why thank you .

by spencer / andres; ; Report


*~VIKTOR_FL0RES~*'s profile picture

ty for the add! you seem very nice!! :))

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No problem. You seem nice as well.

by Nico; ; Report


Leaf's profile picture

Thanks for the add, your music taste/profile is rad!
(Not meant to rhyme)

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Thanks! I like your profile as well (:

by Nico; ; Report

Thank you ^-^

by Leaf; ; Report

Fr!3πd1¥ N3ighb0rh00d Gh0$t¥ βvππ¥ β0¥

Fr!3πd1¥ N3ighb0rh00d Gh0...'s profile picture


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YES!!!! I love PJO!

by Nico; ; Report

i keep meeting pjo fans on here it makes my brain happy omggg

by Fr!3πd1¥ N3ighb0rh00d Gh0$t¥ βvππ¥ β0¥; ; Report

you're the first one I've really talked to but I'm happy I found you!!

by Nico; ; Report

abxsihhfvrgadsnasdbvrgsnbfigrnj aww thank you TTvTT

by Fr!3πd1¥ N3ighb0rh00d Gh0$t¥ βvππ¥ β0¥; ; Report

I hope we can be good friends:) feel free to message me anytime!

by Nico; ; Report

I'm too anxious to actually start conversations normally but if I get a random burst of confidence, I will totally message you lmaoo

by Fr!3πd1¥ N3ighb0rh00d Gh0$t¥ βvππ¥ β0¥; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Singer

Perty The Virtual Singer's profile picture

💕 💞

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Perty The Virtual Singer

Perty The Virtual Singer's profile picture

💖 ✨

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zombehh coreyy

zombehh coreyy 's profile picture

thx for the add!! =D

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np you look really awesome

by Nico; ; Report


asmodeus 's profile picture

THX SO MUCH FOR THE ADD!!!1! Your layout is so cool! its great that we both like batman :))

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thanks mate... hell yeah i love batman and the whole dc universe!

by Nico; ; Report

yey!! same!!

by asmodeus; ; Report


Puppeteer 's profile picture

Thanks for the add, mate!

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Np thank you for the add :)

by Nico; ; Report