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everything and anything animation related - 80s goth music and 00s indie music - philosophy essay videos - movie analysis videos - true crime - drawing/animating - goth fashion - sapphic art and media


siouxsie and the banshees, she past away, bauhaus, will wood, the eunuchs, the cult, forrest day, kikuo, motionless in white, the killers, snow day, the cure, depeche mode, franz ferdinand, crystal castles, pierce the veil, scarlets remains, chakra efendi, korn, interpol, glass animals, jack stauber, aberdeen


mary and max, inglourious basterds, zodiac, cabin in the woods, as the gods will, coraline, paranorman, birdboy and the forgotten children, my life as a courgette, moonrise kingdom, the willoughbys, sword in the stone, tokyo godfathers, who frames roger rabbit, perfect blue, the orphanage, pan's labyrinth, spirited away, megamind, the lost thing, unfortunate series of events, ghostbusters, weird science, matilda, invader zim: enter the florpus


mob psycho 100, higurashi, popee the performer, ghost hunt, death note, danganrompa (first season), kaiji, invader zim, regular show, gravity falls, steven universe, lucky star, the owl house, infinity train, utopia, dhmis, over the garden wall, ruby gloom


johnny the homicidal maniac, the red wind, man in the high castle, le jour d’avant, scott pilgrim vs the world


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=+greetings traveller+= - my name is madsie but you can call me soup, or grool if youre feeling particularly insolent... i am 18 and i live in paris in a little stinky old room i like to call my humble abode. i am currently an animation student at [redacted] and as difficult as the work is, i am more than ecstatic to never go back to high school. i am a stupid autistic loner who just so happens to draw well enough to potentially work in the animation industry,, granted i didnt exactly want to cave into the 9-5 capitalist office routine of hunching over a desk and using my skills for the benefit of others but well here we are. i hope you enjoy your stay here as i do mine and have a chill old day... see ya dudes

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literally anyone whos not an asshat

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β˜… ray β˜…

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I love 'when they cry'! well I haven't finished it but from the first arc (or season or whatever you wanna call it) that i have seen, it was really really good. anyways here is the obligatory: love your page, thnx for the add!

though I do mean it genuinely

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brooo that shit was my childhoooood hahah it was one of my first entry ways into everything horror,, my 11 year old self was going nuts over it lmaooo but yea.. thanks for the add too! loving the clown themed aesthetic haha touches the hidden kidcore in me

by souprat; ; Report

oh wow! you got into horror at 11? To be fair I was incredibly sheltered and did actually have a phobia of scary films and tv (like the actual films and not the things in the films? idk I was a weird kid. still am.) until I was 13 when I forced myself to watch a couple of horror movies and ended up loving it. 11 is probably about average :D, that's so cool though! and yes I love me some clowns, maybe even a little too much.

by β˜… ray β˜…; ; Report

i mean, i think its 11-13 is a pretty decent age to start getting into horror as youre starting to remove the rose tinted glasses of childhood but youre also naive enough to still believe in things like the paranormal. albeit now im seeing a generation of pre-teens that got into real gory shit when they were like 6-7 which too me is pretty dang young,,, too young even with actual horror media bsjhkbsd i did watch coraline at that age but like thats different to something like a slasher film or psychological thriller hahah lightly creepy kids stuff is one thing, actual horror is a whole other thing.... but yea, i was also a pretty late developer so i didnt even quite understand horror until i was a little older,,, and now i much prefer studying how they make films haha

by souprat; ; Report

those kids who got into gore young scare me. well I'm not sure if that is the right way to put it. I think maybe I'm more scared for them. there is no way that is good for you developmentally. i don't blame the kids in the slightest. its just so easy to access on the internet, more than it ever has been before. knowing the right keywords (and they arent too difficult to figure out) anyone can view images of bodies and gore and nearly anything imaginable. i have a sibling who is nine. the thought of them being exposed to any of that breaks my heart. i despise the internet at times.

well that got kind of heavy, sorry lol. and yes film making is super interesting. personally, I enjoy learning about practical effects most of all though! Anyways I'll stop clogging up your comments! my pms are always open if you ever want to talk (though spacehey's im is kinda shitty haha)

by β˜… ray β˜…; ; Report