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Bubble div weird cooOmics ✩ books ✩ art ✩ crystals ✩ roOockhounding ✩ beachco0mbing ✩ music ✩ shiny things ✩ digital art ✩ clo0wns ✩ cats ✩ fluffy things ✩ sea creatures ✩ sharks ✩ foxes ✩ poOoetry ✩ creative writing ✩ messing aro00und with html stuff ✩ quadrOoobbics ✩ jewlery ✩ beading ✩ kandi ✩ whippits ✩ DXM ✩ fnaf ✩ dsaf ✩sallyface ✩ glaggles
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Bubble div SOAD ✩ slipknoOt ✩ k0orn ✩ gOoorillaz ✩ lem0on demoOn ✩ duster ✩ will woOod ✩ WWATTW ✩ weezer ✩ car seat headreast ✩ radi0ohead ✩ fo0o fighters ✩ paramoOre ✩ my chemical r0mance ✩ insane cloOwn p0Oosse ✩ carter c ✩ willyrodriguezwastaken, alex g ✩ 1 trait danger ✩ nirvana ✩ julie ✩ green day ✩ dazey and the sco0uts ✩ lo0ovejo0y ✩ ayesha eroOtica ✩ 6arelyhuman ✩ buzzco0cks ✩ destr0oy boOys ✩ tally hall ✩ falling in reverse ✩ dead kennedys ✩ destructo0 disk ✩ mommy l0ng legs ✩ THD ✩ suicidal tendencies ✩ descendents ✩ T.S.O.L. ✩ subhumans ✩ meth wax ✩ gum disease ✩ the oozes ✩ the chats ✩ amyl and the sniffers ✩ jack stauber ✩ cavetown ✩ mindless self indulgence ✩ mitski ✩ mccaferty ✩ miracle musical ✩ velvet pony ✩ romanceplanet ✩ mook ✩ joe Hawley crywank ✩ Julie the smiths ✩ dog park dissidents ✩ the vandals ✩ Matt Maltese ✩ bikini kill
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Bubble div enter the floOrpus ✩ soOouth park mo0vies ✩ ghOostbbusters ✩ the leg0o m0ovie ✩ po0kemon mo0vies ✩ avatar
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Bubble div soOuth park ✩ invader zim ✩ drawing hurts ✩ bbluey ✩ pocoyo ✩ the it crowd ✩ chainsaw man ✩ poOkemon ✩ gravity falls ✩ the amazing wo0rld oOf gumball ✩ adventure time ✩ inside jo0ob ✩ the midnight goOspel ✩ panty and stocking
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Bubble div jthm ✩ hoOmestuck ✩ fillerbbunny ✩i feel sick ✩ warrioOr cats ✩ percy jacksoOn ✩ vast error


Bubble div neil cicierega, will toledoO, andrew katz
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About me:

SilliestSharkboy flushed pale
ashen caliginous Bubble div Bubble div
Your name is REQUIN KENDRA but you also go by ERIDAN and FEFETA, you are fourteen human years old. You have an INTENSE interest in ROCKS AND MINERALS, as well as anything that is visibly SHINY or CUTE that you can find underwater. You are supposed to know a lot about humans because you cave CLOSE RELATIONS with several of them, but you are still CLUELESS for the most part. you absolutely REFUSE to wear shoes, you do live UNDERWATER and SWIM after all, that renders shoes soggy and useless. Your trolltag is silliestSharkboy and you speak in a very silly and bbubbly manner, yoOou tend toO sOound like yOour'e bbloOwing bbubbles underwater. YOou USE ALL CAPS for EMPHASIS, and when you are EXCITED, which is 0often. You love listening to TUNES and GROOVING out in your HIVE. You use MANY different pronouns, including HE/GLUB/GRUB/IT, and you identify as a BOY, a very GIRLY one at that.
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My discoOord is silliestSharkboy#0809 if yo0u wanna talk t0o me! I'm noOt o0n spacehey that often

glubglubs use my neos sea is home seaside healt ocean bastard cringebutfree layout freak yippee hemoequality water drinker violetblood gentle bblrap aquarius nyan whale of a time page of light duckies sea dweller cringebutfree fishy fishy daydream snorkmimiim bedime bweevils pinkboy high ms paint shark lover purple rulez meow catfish nurse shore acab goldfish watching glasses neil cicierega fine bighug gay squid rights sharks exist phormones grovy bby gay snail baby glaggle

Who I'd like to meet:

h0omestuck fans ✩ jthm fans ✩ ho0mestuck kins / fictives ✩ chill pe0ple ✩ otherkins ✩ alterhumans ✩ therians ✩ seapunk ppl ✩ beach l0vers ✩ fish ✩ anyo0ne generally kind and chill
Bubble div Bubble div requins respiteblock slim isopos yippe html sucks losyeon zigzagoon sylveon sylveon anomoloccaris cambrian diet and animals lives are more important omg guys metalbarribcage tubbs no idea tired fuck the police davesport dsaf pathetic man pathetic man hate meraca sun lazr luv stamps jegbert tab brush nepeta jesus fuk

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raven :B

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thanks for the Add ! your profile is SO COOL

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k9CANIDAE's profile picture

ur blinkies and stamps are rad!! mind if i use some of them?

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ofc!!! take as many as y0oOu want ^_^

by SilliestSharkboy; ; Report

𖤐 🦈 Jasper 🪼 𖤐

𖤐 🦈 Jasper 🪼 𖤐's profile picture


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by SilliestSharkboy; ; Report

Eeepyss !

by 𖤐 🦈 Jasper 🪼 𖤐; ; Report

Dirk & Sylvester.

Dirk & Sylvester.'s profile picture

Sick as absolute hell. -Dirk.

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XxETERNALDREAMxX [ED]'s profile picture

omg i rlly love your profile!

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DIRK✰'s profile picture

hay! points at you! twwin!! wwavves to you!

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OoOh em gee hellooO dinky dink

by SilliestSharkboy; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

💖 ✨

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       Muritt's profile picture

how did you cahnge the report comment button it's really cool

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i atually have noO idea XD. i just put randoO0m bits oOf coOde in randOo0m places till it doOes soOmefin

by SilliestSharkboy; ; Report

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞ Thom

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞   Thom's profile picture

i LOVE UR PROFILE OMG how did u get ur pronouns at the top omgggg its so CUTE

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super late reply but the cOode i have there is

div.col h1:after {
background-color: #6a0a80;
border-radius: 10%;
font-size: 12px;
margin-left: 5px;
padding: 5px;
content: "He/Glub";

by SilliestSharkboy; ; Report


by ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞ Thom; ; Report

gloomyTurtle [GT]

gloomyTurtle [GT]'s profile picture

your account is so pawsome!!! :33 it makes me want to make my acc more homestuck themed!!

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Mae_Killer's profile picture


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lucipurr's profile picture

ur page is so real!!!!!!! i <3333 sharks this is so cool

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*•`.🫧 feferi 🎀

*•`.🫧  feferi 🎀's profile picture

)(I! You seem reel-ly cool! And you also use glub prns!! M--E TOO!!! Aaa)( I love every)(hing about your page so muc)( 38)

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ROLAL !!!1!

ROLAL !!!1!'s profile picture

i luvvvv the sharks so much ur page is supes cute

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gummywermzzz's profile picture

thx 4 the add!!! ur layout iz nice!!!! ^_^

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Thank yoOOou!! :D i have been s t r u g g l i n g, to set it up XD

by SilliestSharkboy; ; Report


Kaizboy's profile picture

bulbasaur is the best starter Pokémon

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