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Dungeons and Dragons, books, occult stuff, fantasy stuff, tarot cards, philosophy, astronomy, random crap knowledge that accidentally makes me sound like a smart jackass (disclaimer, I am one). Some games: RoR2, Hollow Knight, Nuclear Throne, Atomicrops, Pokemon, Celeste


I like a lot of different kinds of music... rock, punk, metal, jazz, indie, some pop (only some). What do I actually listen to tho? whatever is playing, whatever I happen to obsess over. Music fits my mood, and since im a gloomy guy my music makes me feel like shit (tastefully).


Thrillers, Psychological Horrors. Im not a big fan of gore and jumscares, but a good psychological horror keeps me gripped and entertained. Action movies with good choreography and story can go a long way. Current Favorite Movie: Everything Everywhere All at Once


Anime is pretty nice, but I also watch other tv shows. I dont watch a lot of TV shows, but when I do I tend to get very gripped. A recent favorite of mine was Severance, but I've liked The Good Place, Lost, and Smiling Friends.


Big book fan here. Im a fan of Fantasy, Thriller/Horror, Romance, and Slice of Life. I like a book that makes me feel immersed and invested.


Don't know really. Theres a lot of flawed figures... sometimes I feel like everyone has a bit of blood on their hands. Not trying to blame anyone, I've just became some sort of pessimist.

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About me:

Upside Down Cross - Orange heya. You can call me Diogenes or Dio if you wish. welcome to my outlet for thoughts and rants. troubled teen. he/them are cool pronouns for me. Iโ€™m active here often, and mostly post on my blog and try make new friends. If your interested in blogging or moody rants in a decently dry fashion, take a peak there perhaps. Not a huge fan of politics and drama; I'm a pretty chill guy here to calm down and ignore my problems. Layout created by CammysNotOkay, pfp by BugSmacks

Who I'd like to meet:

cool people. nice people. people who wanna chill and talk about videogames, or perhaps sample my occasional gloomy blog entries, or listen to edgy rants, or my optimistic highs and lows. You're a charmer my friend, flash a smile and you'll take my breath away.

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๐ŸŒป!! basil !!๐ŸŒป

๐ŸŒป!! basil !!๐ŸŒป's profile picture

hi! ty for the add! ใƒฝ(*โŒ’โ–ฝโŒ’*)๏พ‰

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heya! no problem, glad to meet you :)

by diogenes; ; Report


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im chillin rn, playing some Enter the Gungeon. Do you play games on Steam?

by diogenes; ; Report

I do but I'm sick right now so I've been kind of inactive for the past week

by bonkmaykr; ; Report

aw im sorry you are sick. But hey, if you ever want someone to play with sometime... IM me your steam username!

by diogenes; ; Report


by bonkmaykr; ; Report

bell zzz

bell zzz's profile picture

hi! thank u for befriending meเซฎ หถแต” แต• แต”หถ แƒ i think your page is super fun!

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by diogenes; ; Report


Sage's profile picture

i love icp so as a fellow jugglao i added you lol

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oh sorry, im not a juggalo, and havnt listened to ICP. thanks for the add tho, nice to meet you!

by diogenes; ; Report

๐”ป๐•„๐•‹ โ„๐•’

๐”ป๐•„๐•‹ โ„๐•’'s profile picture

Thanks for the add! Your page is awesome!

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aw ty

by diogenes; ; Report

โ™ก Killjoy โ™ก

โ™ก  Killjoy  โ™ก's profile picture

hey thx 4 the add!!

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no problem!

by diogenes; ; Report

voz cantido

voz cantido's profile picture

thank you for the add!

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by diogenes; ; Report


JudasThyDudas's profile picture

thank you for adding me ^^
you seem really cool

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ty ty! you are cool too!

by diogenes; ; Report


MIKA's profile picture

TY 4 THE ADD !!! :)

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np! :3

by diogenes; ; Report


Krystal's profile picture

you are a really cool dude, dio <3

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aw ty ty

by diogenes; ; Report


merlin's profile picture

thank you for the add! :) you seem really cool !!

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aw ty! you seem cool too :)

by diogenes; ; Report

Malik โ™ก

Malik โ™ก's profile picture

Thanks So Much For The Add Dio! You're Awesome :))

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ty, you are awesome too!

by diogenes; ; Report


Liana's profile picture

Hi, thanks for the add :)

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no problem!

by diogenes; ; Report

Deimi โ™ก

Deimi โ™ก's profile picture

thanks for the add! U have good taste lol

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thanks hehe

by diogenes; ; Report


toby/will/box's profile picture

thanks for the add!! u look superr cool :D

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aw thanks! happy to friend you :)

by diogenes; ; Report

awwe thanks ^^!!

by toby/will/box; ; Report


Krystal's profile picture

thx for the add! (* ^ ฯ‰ ^)

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np !

by diogenes; ; Report


zerobrainz's profile picture

Thanx for the add!

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np :)

by diogenes; ; Report


ToasT_HoE's profile picture

You have an exquisite taste in music since it's basically mine lol, thx for the add!!

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np! i bet your taste in music is great too, if ours are similar haha

by diogenes; ; Report

It's like the same range from heavy metal to emo shit to rave & edm

by ToasT_HoE; ; Report


gamerpup1's profile picture

holy cats!!!! you go by the name dio?? that's SOOOOO fuckin cool!!!!!!

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aw thanks! Yeah, i go by Dio, nice to meet ya!

by diogenes; ; Report


Tess's profile picture

Thank you for the request.
All the Best!

Take care!

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you take care too!

by diogenes; ; Report