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music production | playing violin + bass guitar | singing | photography | art | overwatch | animal crossing | console modding | splatoon | comics + manga | marvel | music based subcultures | resident evil | silent hill | legend of zelda | style savy | tomogachi live | vocaloid | pokemon | i collect tomodachi pets, cds, vinyl, pokemon cards, funko pops, and can tabs | un jammer lammy | parappa the rapper| upcycling clothes and diy !!


music is one of my favorite things in the world so i listen to many genres. some of my favorite genres are: nu-metal, post-punk, new-wave, v-kei, kpop, neo-soul, darkwave, shoegaze, pop-punk, metal, rabm, post hardcore, midwest emo, folk, new york drill and more idek atp


so so many movies that i like i have a list of it lolol, but my most favorite genres are animation and horror. some movies; spiderman into the spiderverse (17), the color purple (83), athena (22), your name engraved herin (20), princess mononoke (97), and the handmaiden (18).


like mentioned i like animation but i also enjoy a lot of international dramas some include; tokyo ghoul, demon slayer, tomorrow (k-drama), ruby gloom, adventure time, death note, avatar the last airbender, legend of korra, soul eater, chainsaw man, adventure time, steven universe, and i am not okay with this i've been trying to watch twd since like 2018 and I'm only on like season 5 :/


punching the air, tokyo ghoul, demon slayer, toilet bound Hanako kun, the guy she was intrested in wasn't a guy at all, we set the dark on fire, ballad of songbirds and snakes, on a sunbeam some poets/authors: stephen king, sylvia plath, edger alan poe,


my bearded dragon, atsushi sakurai

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About me:

queer | enby | all pronouns | 15 | mixed dominican | eng + esp + learning portugese | nuerodivergent | infp i either over-explain or give not enough context, sorry!

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone else intrested in music, alternative subcultures, art, videogames, comics, poetry, and system modding! pls talk to me im bad at starting convos but im friendly! ^-^

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Super cool page!

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by possibly_raccoon; ; Report

꧁•βŠΉΩ­πš–πšŠπš‘ πšžπš›πšœπšžπš•πšŠΩ­βŠΉ•κ§‚

꧁•βŠΉΩ­πš–πšŠπš‘ πšžπš›πšœπšžπš•πšŠΩ­βŠΉ•κ§‚'s profile picture

Thx for friending me!! U seem v cool<3

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ofc ( Β΄ β–½ ` )οΎ‰

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report


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Ty for the addsies πŸ“

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ofcc β‚ŠΒ·*β—Ÿ(βŒ―Λ‡- Λ‡βŒ―)β—œβ€§*ο½₯

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report


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thx for the add!! ur layout is supr epic!! i love the whole vibe of it and u seem supr cool!!

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tysm i really love your layout too its super studio ghibli vibes! you seem cool too ^^

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report


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Th!s !$ my v!b3 but purpl3 l0v3 !t XD

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tysm it was a struggle ngl i definitely look inspiration from others pages lol οΌΌ(Β΄ βˆ‡`)γƒŽ

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report

! d!d t00 urs tun3d 0ut gr3at :3

by Astrid_xd; ; Report


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AAHH! thank you for the add! i lovee your profile and yiu seenm v coiol!

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ofcc you seem cool too ^^

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report

THANK YOU! Also i apologize about misspelling so much i dont know how i managed to do that

by Sterling; ; Report

bro its good i cannot spell at all

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report


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YOU LIKE RESIDENT EVIL? You're so cool! Do you also like TWDG by any chance?

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omg i doo youre really cool too! (ΰΈ‡ ‒̀ㅁ‒́)ΰΈ‡βœ§

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report


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omg love ur choice in webtoons ahahha Ω©(Λ΅ΛƒΜΆΟ‰Λ‚ΜΆΛ΅)β—ž*

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tysmm ^-^

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report


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eep tysm for adding me!! u seem awesome!! :DD

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you too ^^ i love splatoon sm we should play sometime!

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report

my fc is 1657-2851-9206! i mostly do turf war and salmon run bc ranked is scary shbshfshdf

by CALLIE/MEG 🍟; ; Report

so real i dont play enough to maintain ranked tbh

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report

At0mic CyAnIdEX

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Ty for the add!:) u seem rlly cool!

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ofc tysm for added me back, i love your profile ^^

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report


by At0mic CyAnIdEX; ; Report


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yoyo! thanks for the friend request :D i luv ur layout! feel free to message me anytime!

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tysm ^^ your layout is so cool as well

by possibly_raccoon; ; Report


by Shil0h; ; Report