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"I'm @ bergur king w my bergur qween"

infp || I'm half black, dmv

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3teen !! ☆ ( 4teen in may yippie !!) I love creepypasta, undertale, Sally face, Fran bow, corpse party, fnaf, panty and stocking, needy streamer overload, obey me, mystic messenger, COD, OMORI, marble hornets, slenderverse, sonic, the walten files, the legend of zelda, south park, little nightmares, resident evil, among the sleep, tattletail, mortal kombat, life is strange, deadplate, the last of us, warrior cats, BATIM, popee the performer, underverse, (i actually like to play fortnite.. dont judge me >:3) honkai star rail, doki doki literature club, class of 09, crush crush, pjsk, erm i also like paranormal stuffs, greek mythology n spiritualism! :3


Gloomy bear


Conan gray , faye webster, laufey, mitski , melanie martinez, the smiths, korn , peirce the veil, slipknot, cannibal corpse, lorna shore, suicide silence, spite, angelmaker, paleface swiss, motionless in white, slaughter to prevail, insane clown posse, silvia palth, kets4eki, 6arelyhuman, d3r, odetari, asteria, jnhygs, chase atlantic, evanescence, avril lavigne, lady gaga, waterparks, paramore, jack stauber, flyleaf, enhypen, stray kids, ateez, vocaloid, mmj, n25, wxs, random encounters, rebyxxz and violent vira, tv girl, alex g, lil peep, the neighborhood, cigarettes after sex, megan thee stallion, summer walker, n jhene aiko! I luv the zombie song more than anyone can manage to explain. >:3 yui-yui-hirasawa bmoo bounce


IT, the ring, scott pilgrim vs the world, fear street, suicide squad, jujutsu kaisen movie, given the movie, rise of the guardians, sharkboy and lavagirl, waves, mitchells and the machines, a dogs purpose, enchanted, balto, coraline, monster high, all dogs go to heaven, and doukyuusei ! DA TINKERBELL MOVIESS


shameless, the good place, school spirits, my little pony, iCarly, the midnight gospel, it's okay to not be okay, supernatural, tmnt, business proposal, sonic boom, kamisama kiss, nana, fruits basket, lovely complex, bungo stray dogs, heartbreak high, neon genesis evangelion, jujutsu kaisen, madoka magica, chainsaw man, blue lock, your lie in april, card captor sakura, given, sk8, black butler, family guy, the office, south park, ninjago, hello kitty, spongebob, invader zim, the untamed/mo dao zu shi, heaven officials blessing, garfield, star vs the forces of evil, gravity falls, thirteen reasons why, DHMIS, this is technically youtube but I'll say it counts, talking kitty cat and sonic fandubs >w< leafeon


I read a lot of manga (I luv oyasumi punpun n deathnote a lot) :P warrior cats, fnaf books, percy jackson, thirteen reasons why, no longer human, and diary of a whimpy kid !! LITC ^w^ (cirrus ml), payback n shutline (NEW CHAPS WHENNN), I luv bl in general I'm a little gay..


personally a lot of vtubers really saved me when I was at my lowest ! such as petra gurin, luca kaneshiro, mysta rias, kyo kaneko, fuwamoco, and especially uki violeta ! :0 a lot of my childhood mcyts saved me as well such as ldshadowlady, ihascupquake, stacyplays, aphmau, and graser!! jschlatt. the game sally face dudeee I was so obsessed This may contain: an anime character with pink hair and dress

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About me:

ermm bouta be 14, EIGHTEEN DAYS PAL. he/him for the most part anddd u can call me either danny, kaiyana, or niko

Who I'd like to meet:

vic fuentes, sturniolo triplets, coryxkenshin , vira, and sam and colby ! :3 NANAMI MY BABY DADDY FROM JUJUTSU KAISEN !! >w<

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‧₊˚⊹ ꒰ nene ꒱ ⊹˚₊‧

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Ur page is too adorbs <3 ty for the add!

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꒰ stan୧ (#1 BLOODWITCH CO...'s profile picture

I’m at burger king with my burger queen.
Can I get a large fry?
She’s vegan please so don’t put no cheese with some honey mustard on the side.
Got my burger queen her burger queen,
Got my burger queen her burger crown.

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YAYAYA YIPPIE I luv that song !!

by 222rikyo☆ 🍼🎀; ; Report

Folenn ໒꒱ ‧₊˚

Folenn  ໒꒱ ‧₊˚'s profile picture

Love your profile, you seem super cool !! ^^

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thank u smmm I luv ur profile as well! ^^

by 222rikyo☆ 🍼🎀; ; Report

lucy angel xoxo

lucy angel xoxo's profile picture

ur page is so cute i lov it :3

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thank u, urs is rlly cute too! :D

by 222rikyo☆ 🍼🎀; ; Report

tysmm :DD

by lucy angel xoxo; ; Report

AALIYAH ( ̄ω ̄)

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u r so cool oh em gee..

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tysmm! ur rlly cool too! :3

by 222rikyo☆ 🍼🎀; ; Report


✩kitsubii✩'s profile picture

you seem cool asf

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thank u sm! u seem pretty cool too! :3

by 222rikyo☆ 🍼🎀; ; Report