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i like sleeping, thrifting, iceberg videos, philosophy, collecting cans/bottles and dvds, monkeys, animatronics, the mall, the 90's and 2000's, internet rabbit-holes, obscure pieces of media, roller skating, gore, and mozzarella sticks. i dislike pickles, right-wings, cicadas, and creeps. i don’t put any subculture labels on myself cause I’m into everything really.


blur, the smashing pumpkins, nirvana, pearl jam, outkast, the cure, insane clown posse, weezer, radiohead, tv girl, s*icidal tendencies, gorillaz, kings of leon, dazey and the scouts, foster the people, memo boy, crystal castles, otto, lana del rey, red hot chili peppers, rina sawayama, ayesha erotica, kali uchis, old panic! at the disco, mindless self indulgence, sonic youth, the offspring, system of a down, korn, slipknot, falling in reverse, my chemical romance, mgmt, limp bizkit, lil darkie, foo fighters, the drums, eyedress, bob marley, the beatles, oingo boingo, the smiths, sublime, blink-182, deftones, depeche mode, king missile, alien f*cker, jack off jill, selena, tears for fears, wheatus


the truman show, jennifer’s body, thirteen, zero day, ghost world, happy gilmore, kill bill, killer klowns from outer space, the dark knight, 50 first dates, lolita, scott pilgrim vs. the world, bratz movies, scooby-doo, diary of a wimpy kid: rodrick rules, possibly in michigan, labyrinth, phantom of the opera, the iron giant, napoleon dynamite, superbad, ace ventura, dumb and dumber, tank girl, the nightmare before christmas


clone high, beavis and butthead, bojack horseman, batman: the animated series, mlp: fim, total drama, netflix's you, helluva boss, lucky star, kakegurui, spongebob, the simpsons, family guy, robot chicken, the office, stranger things


any junji ito, trying to get into other stuff


dave grohl

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About me:

"now playing: bored to death - blink-182"

hey, i'm hayden. i'm an intp, virgo, and 4w5. my labels include genderfluid and bisexual. i'm also agnostic. my birthday is september 16.

this is my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hayden.is.n0t.here/

Who I'd like to meet:

anybody who is cooler than these lame redneck people i go to school with lol. maybe other transmascs and rock/metal/punk listeners. i just like anyone who isn't a total piece of garbage though.

if you message me though, please don't be dry. i prefer if you'd carry the conversation at first as i am not the best at talking to people i don't know well. thanks :)

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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💕 💞

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thank you for the add.
you've got godly taste in music and movies.

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np. you too!! your profile is super cool.

by ︎hayden; ; Report


jinkies's profile picture

you seem very rad :O thanks for the add!!

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thnx u too!! and np :)

by ︎hayden; ; Report


Xxx_Kit_xxX's profile picture

you are so cool

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thnx. you seem super cool too. :)

by ︎hayden; ; Report


ratsinhats's profile picture

tysm for the friend request! i almost didn't accept it cuz u dont like pickles ( ' ^ ' ) /hj

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np! but yeah, i'm sorry but pickles make me gag. >:(

by ︎hayden; ; Report


MuTiLxtEd\\_//L0OZeR<3's profile picture

i dont wanna come off wrong but from ur pfp i assume u r the living versoin of Smells Like Teen Spirit

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i hope that's a good thing lol. thnx!!

by ︎hayden; ; Report


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hey!!! thx 4 tha add :]

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no problem man B)

by ︎hayden; ; Report


erythr0cyte 's profile picture

hiii ty 4 tha add man!! $>

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no problem!! ;) you seemed cool!

by ︎hayden; ; Report

u do 2 xP

by erythr0cyte; ; Report


✩percy/noah✩'s profile picture

hey dude! thx 4 the add! luv ur vibe and layout!!

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no problem!! you seem super cool too! :D

by ︎hayden; ; Report


Worm(They/It)'s profile picture

HIII tysm 4 the add!! Uhh idk any grunge movies other than some you've probably seen like the lost boys the crow stuff like that :]

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You’re welcome!! :)) and thanks, I actually haven’t seen those!

by ︎hayden; ; Report

:D theyre so good!! the crow is super bada@$$ and the lost boys is hot punk vampires but the cool kind

by Worm(They/It); ; Report

:D theyre so good!! the crow is super bada@$$ and the lost boys is hot punk vampires but the cool kind

by Worm(They/It); ; Report

ooooo punk vampires? i def must watch it then lol.

by ︎hayden; ; Report


vrodexia's profile picture

yo!! i love your layout, it looks sick!! and thank you for adding me back!!! :D

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thank you!! your layout is amazing too. and you're welcome, i thought you looked cool so of course!

by ︎hayden; ; Report

thanks!! :3

by vrodexia; ; Report