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Not only then did the alchemist ask the devil a series of questions but the alchemist ask a very important thing to both and all the multiple wolf heads a question which the devil reflected upon the beast mask. What is beautiful about me? Can you tell me the alchemy number that I'm? Tell me what is pure alchemy to you?


"Only two kinds of people exist in this world, those who steal and those who are stolen from."


''May the odds be ever in your favor.’'


"Always skillfully manipulate your pieces, that's how you survive. Use me and madam red, any piece within your reach. Even if the bodies of your pawns pile up in front of your thrown. Because if the king falls - this game is over."


β€œHumans cannot reject temptation. When they are plunged into the depths of despair, likened to hell, they will hold on to anything that may help them escape from the situation they are in, even if it’s merely a spider’s thread, no matter what sort of humans they are.” 


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Might not be on often. I'm really getting tired of people asking me ''tell me more about yourself'' and I'm sitting here thinking ''can you not see my blog list? I mean you really can't miss my blogs in fine big bold print and speaking of which I understand if you've some kind of disability where reading is hard for you but if you're going to whine and complain that you won't read such long nonsense I will just block you and not tolerate your $hit. Also if you added me on my IG link or my other contacts and no response that's because I don't wake up till 11-1 P.M. * I need about and hour or so to wake up sometimes and if you're a type of person that stays up till 3-5 a.m. * well I guess you've someone to text then because that's when I normally go into the furs and sleep like a gigantic rock anyways LMAO. But some people on here make no sense man like the three people I saw on here once all had a fake Scene Queen photos. How do I know? Uh not hard to type in Scene Queen images and there you go but also doesn't take common sense to see if a photo is fake or not. I'm thinking I'm sure all the people adding you should know you're so fake just like a few people on here want to claim they're into black magic and a warlock. Like please. Can you just like lay off the drugs for once? However let's go back on subject about my blogs or asking me questions about learning about me and who I'm as a person. However I don't know how many times I can seriously take about continuously hearing about this? I understand there is people out there that like too learn people natural and organically but that's not me. I already typed out what I wanted too share the world of online users and I really don't feel obligated too retype out what I already did. If you find the length of my profile offensive then leave that's all I can say. Also if you don't plan on texting with me on social media then that's a bummer because I like talking on social media than here. So whatever choice you make suit yourself and I really don't care but I wish I did. Call that vain or selfish or arrogant or fragile egoistical. I really don't care. I'm a rarity. I'm not here for your credit card information and Only Fans is really dumb beyond belief. Read my blogs or pick a catalog order for the day and pick up another article the next day :) I hope while I'm offline and people are accepting my friend request on Space πŸͺ that you will reach out to me one of my contacts. I sound like a broken record by now but you can always link me your Space πŸͺ account and would save me time not having to not log in because I currently don't want to log in and either A play Skyrim or on YT. For people asking on my age yes I'm about to be 28 in 11 days as I already said and secondary I've the brains to read a profile which is a rarity and I rarely age and me and my sis has different height and weight and body shape style and age but that's none of your business. Yes that's my age why would I lie about that? Yes I love to use lots of emoji stickers on my phone sue me but I'm not to overboard with using emojis. I also use the shark emoji stickers that are on the iPhone phones. I'm not sure if android users can get them. Another thing is my Birthday is in 11 days πŸŽ‚ so make sure you tell me Happy Birthday! I would love a small clip or a selfie for my πŸŽ‚ and yes I still celebrate my Birthday I just don't like to ''sit around and do nothing for my Birthday or πŸŽ„ and the only person that understands this is my Sisters. My aunts believe that people that are adults don't need gifts and they either put a πŸŽ„ out or they don't depends on how they feel. Sorry but that's not me. They also say that they don't have money to get everyone gifts and they can't do feast anymore because of money restraints. Uh how? You guys don't have only pay for school taxes and your electric bill and other bills along those lines and all my aunts are retried except for one. One of my aunts said that each aunt has to spend $25 on each person on πŸŽ„ and I'm like uh? Thinking to myself no you don't have to spend that type of money on each family member. Whoops I ranted to long my bad! The only accounts I don't follow on IG is. BLM matters supporters and showing protesting violence or rioting etc. Police violence such as a police beating someone up or shooing them etc and political protests. Meme accounts are the most stupidest thing ever to exist for a IG account. You showing yourself stoned or high or anything. If you're doing that then you're attention seeking and end of the story. Speaking of smoking. I don't trust people that smoke weed due to many smokers I came across effected me negativity. You can read this in my GW account which the record is breaking even more. You don't need a GW account to view my information. You just click info. I'm not sure how the site works on mobile. But I can give you a hint of why weed ruined me. Guys were treating weed as their temple. Worshiping weed. Couldn't live off of weed and WASN'T used for medical purpose. I legit had one guy on one of the websites I linked in my profile said ''sorry I can't buy you a πŸŽ„ gift because I spent that on weed and now I've to pay my bills'' now this was down right sad. Because he was my friend for a few months I wanted to buy him a cheap πŸŽ„ but I'm not surprised normally people show their true colors within a few months of a given timeframe or a year etc by the way this happened a year and a half ago and not on here as I'm recently new duh. Drugs are a instant block and you should block me to. Read my GW on my story on why that is a problem. Smoking cigs is terrible and I will not date someone that smokes cigs. Why? Because out of my three aunts one of them smokes and what happened? She had gum disease at age 60 and her teeth were starting to fall out and she had to get them removed the doctor told her that she only had three good teeth on the bottom. She went to the doctors because her teeth were hurting unbearable every single day. Well come to find out her teeth were falling out of her gums and her gums were saggy what her doctor told her. My aunt just didn't have the courage to tell me she had gum disease. I think that's funny she told me that she feels sad she is the only one in the family that has false teeth. I'm thinking inside my mind ''well too late to say you wish you would've stopped smoking right?'' I remember one time to she was complaining in the car her skin was very dry. Uh thinking in my had again ''duh that what smoking does to you'' and nothing was more funnier than one time she asked me a stupid question ''why are your eyes so red and puffy'' because she forgot to roll the car window down and I just go ''I'm tired'' when I really wanted to tell her ''your cigs are making my eyes irritated'' and the smell is down right disgusting and embarrassing. As soon as I get home I've to take a shower right away and put a detox anti stress clay mask on my face. Ugh just plain awful! Remember my blogs are a catalog again I think the record player is now broken how many times I repeated myself already for the millionth time. You pick out a blog to read each day so in total everything should take you almost a week and three days or something like to read. Why do I do this? I don't like repeating myself and I'm not going to repeat the same question over and over again to a different person and that would get on my last nerves for sure. Because if things are already typed out? Easier said than done right? My IG is NeoSuitBahamut and yes I'm the only account with all the number saga on there. I gave you the short ver because you can still pull me up without needing all the numbers πŸ‘» beelzebubpants and my last and least favorite Kik which is GearSuitOfBahamut

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Thanks for the add n.n

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Thank you for the Add. Haven't read all your profile yet but, seems pretty interesting. Hope you are having an amazing week.

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Thanks for the add! I cracked up at your status, "making people mad every day" πŸ˜‚

Have a good day!

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Hello. Thanks for adding me.

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Thanks for the friend request! You seem pretty interesting.

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