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"Surfing on the old, small web."

22 years old, USA.

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Roleplaying. Seriously i've been into roleplaying ever since 2011, I mainly do Dragon Ball Z roleplaying back then. Now I broadened out my interests to be a massive multiplayer crossover type of roleplayer in the anime genre. I like roleplays with very little rules or mods that lax on the rules unless someone made a purposely bad rulebreaker, as you know I'm very pro-freedom, and very anti-censorship. I love to improve my writing during a single roleplay, and I have gotten this far throughout the years. Y2K design is the best and couldn't be toppled. That's all.


I've taken a liking towards anime OSTs and Y2K music ever since, but I don't listen to mainstream music anymore. Oh no I despise mainstream music HARD. That's why underrated/indie music artists always reign supreme in this damn age. I love Vaporwave at its finest, including Fishvapor, lo-fi, synthwave, etc. The artists I love: saki 2814 Windows 96 t e l e p a t h CMD094 Doss Infinity Frequencies and many more.


Anime Movies are the best, along with 90s iconic movies. Nuff' said.


Dragon Ball Z and other anime are my all-time favorites, and you can't prove that otherwise. How I got into DBZ was back in 2010 when I was in middle school at like 7th grade back when Toonzai aired its shitty, censored 4Kids dub shows such as Sonic X and most importantly, Dragon Ball Z Kai. It's such a long-ass story that devolves into pirated streaming sites with Falconer music (which I fucking love the American soundtrack. Also RIP RiotAnime.), roleplaying beginnings with a Goku fan page back in 2013 (it went inactive btw.), and went to see Battle of Gods in theaters. The memory I can remember that is still hilarious back then was after we got the last ticket luckily and went to the theater room, there were a lot of DBZ fans wearing Goku/Kakarot's gi cosplay. Seconds before the movie starts, I hear a guy that yelled out a half a dozen seats: "DRAGON BALL Z!" And almost immediately another guy said: "Shut up!" And some of the people laughed, including me and my sister as well. It was completely unexpected when this happens and it's hilarious to this very day that I remember it.



Kakarot. Just Kakarot- Nah just kidding. There is multiple anime heroes such as Mari and Asuka from the Rebuild of EVA series, Trunks from GT, and pretty much I've lost count on how many heroes I have. Also members of Galactic Federation of Worlds, I salute your efforts upon freeing all of humanity from the Cabal's iron grip of the world. You have my gratitude and my permission to speak to me. Intergalactic Confederation comes at a second place, but fair nonetheless.

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About me:

If you're here on my page, congratz! It means you are embraced with a welcoming aura of positive ki. Welcome to my crib of Y2K dreams, Zamasu pics, and Indie game love galore. I love to game a shitton and has a really bad habit of staying up for one and a half day straight. Came from the now trash fire Twatter as an internet refugee to get away from fat ass big tech into the alt decentralized peer to peer old ways of the internet. I've been on the internet since 2004, seen the rise of Shittube and other platforms, old 4chan, and playing some now obscure games that I missed ever since. Follow me on the Agora Road Macintosh Cafe Forums for whatever you want, I care about embracing the Y2K love and care than the soulless web design of today (fuck you NFTs). That does mean my mind is stuck in the year 2000s though. By the way, I'm currently making a roleplay in the Agora Road Forums called 'We're living in a NEO Y2K Utopia'. There is a few rules in the roleplay, so I highly suggest you check it out!

Who I'd like to meet:

All sorts of people who missed the early web of the 90s, and a chance to meet new people who had a taste for anime and manga such as Dragon Ball Z, Berserk, Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion, etc. Oh and don't forget new people who hate Twatter and social media as well as censorship. I also like to meet new starseed types of people too, in order to get a high chance of entering humanity's upcoming Golden Age. I think this would be pretty good for my matrix-breaking quest anyways. Oh and I also want to meet Indigo/crystalline people as well, since they'll be a huge helping hand for me to have.

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💕 💞

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Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?


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You're welcome. I'm interested in obscure/weird music ever since. I think this would be a go to for me if I was feeling crazy.

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It's good ANY TIME !!

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dance for us monkey

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