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-Chinese characters 漢字
-Men's wallets




-5 Centimeters per Second
-The Animatrix
-The Girl Who Leapt through Time
-Howl's Moving Castle


-Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
-Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
-Lucky Star
-My Life as a Teenage Robot
-My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
-Serial Experiments Lain
-Umamusume: Pretty Derby


-Selections from the Federalist (ed. Henry Commager)
-Spice and Wolf
-The Study Qur'an


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About me:

I joined up after learning about this place because I've been feeling nostalgic these days. I'm a Linux enthusiast, a Muslim, and an otaku. I'm interested in linguistics and a whole host of other things, such as wallets and carbon fiber.

I study German, Chinese, and Japanese and work as a freelance JP > ENG translator on the side as I continue putting time into the scam that is graduate school. I won't blog often about my life, since it's not very interesting; instead, I'll share things that I find which I think are interesting and/or useful to people who also like what I like.

My profile layout is the one created by Bela (https://layouts.spacehey.com/layout?id=2719). I love the cleanness of it and the comments throughout the code. I changed the background and font.

Who I'd like to meet:

Otaku brethren, Mu'minoon & mu'minaat, Linux/FOSS enthusiasts

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Good to be a a lil covert, like in the old days. I remember back when I watched "The Great Happiness Space", host club culture seemed kinda depressing. But a chance to learn more about culture and vocab is always great... it sounds like a fun job...

I have a lot of fondness for translators in the industry; I hear wages are not always great. But like you say, it's an art and a good translation really adds to the enjoyment of a piece. From context I would have to say I like your choice of kuni 国 as "state", it sounds... fresher. From my limited knowledge 国 "kingdom" is used so often in fantasy JRPGs that it comes over as kinda bland.

And thanks for taking the time to reply so elaborately! Here's to a good time on this retro space.

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Ty for accepting my friend request meow 🐈‍⬛
What kinda JPN media have you been translating?
Is it related to studies or a personal passion project?

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Heya, thanks for taking interest in me in turn. I translate whatever comes down the pipeline at work for me to translate, haha. The company I work for translates independently produced projects, and so far I've done ASMR dramas and RPG Maker games.

by KuLeiV; ; Report

Probably it makes me sound out of the loop, but I didn't know asmr dramas were a thing lol. I will have to look it up! Perhaps you are not allowed to mention specifics but do you have any specific fave or difficult project?

by gomamochi; ; Report

I could mention specifics, but I'd rather not just to make sure there's as low a chance as possible of my profile being tied to me. That way I can give you the inside scoop! The most difficult project I've had so far was a voice work that took place at a host club, because it used some vocabulary relating to that scene that I just wasn't familiar with. It was interesting, though, to have to look up and learn about that culture's vocabulary.

Very rarely do I have trouble just because I don't understand the text, however, and instead the main difficulty comes from having to cooperate with my editor. That sounds mean, but what I mean is that because translation is more an art than a science, often times the "best" translation is just the preference of whoever is looking at the text. So my editor and I often clash over how I translate specific words, because he feels my translations are less than ideal. For example, in a fantasy RPG I was given, I translated kuni 国 as "state," but he felt this was too modern a word and wanted me to translate it as "kingdom" instead, so I had to argue for why I prefer my translation over his.

by KuLeiV; ; Report


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added bc i saw Linux in bio haha
what distro do u mainly use? im on Arch btw

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I'm on Manjaro, because I want the freedom of Arch but with some handholding to simplify my life. I went with the Architect version, though, so I could put what I want on the system and learn how to get a Linux install up and running when you don't get anything out of the box. I kneel before you, Arch user. What desktop/window manager are you running? I've been on Spectrwm for a while now and love it!

by KuLeiV; ; Report

currently im back on KDE just cause having a full DE is convenient for some things. but my all time fav is i3wm, used to use it all the time.

by jaykstah; ; Report

Ooh, I see i3 around a lot. It seems to be one of the most popular WMs. I never tried it myself. I was on Awesome before and thought I'd stick to it forever until I started wanting something more minimalist like DWM but sanely put together, haha. From what I've seen of KDE recently, if I were to use a DE, that'd be the one I'd pick. It seems to be a wonderful all-in-one package providing both looks and functionality out of the box.

by KuLeiV; ; Report