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Psych, education, mental health, education, exercise.


Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, 80s rock, 90s rap, RandB, Grunge, etc.


LoTR, Harry Potter, Predator, The Empty Man


GoT, X Files, The Expanse, The Sinner, Squid Game, too many idk


Harry Potter, Foundation, many others


Silver Surfer

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Iโ€™m in grad school researching psychology, education, and organizations. Here for fun.

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?



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Thank YOU!!!

by Victa; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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Vegan Prepper

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Which country has the best education system in your opinion. Thanks for the add btw!

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Hi and oh wow!

Great question. The best k-12 schools seem to be in Finland/Denmark/Netherlands if you're looking at the "whole child." China, Singapore, and Japan are great but also have very challenging regimens for students to deal with, so maybe not so healthy.

The US probably has the best University Education as we are good at drawing the best students from everywhere and have the funding to create and sustain "MRUs" (major research universities).

by Victa; ; Report

Thank you for the in depth response! Yes, my coworker's children and grandchildren live in Japan and she took shit loads of pictures of the facility. Everything seems so perfect for them, I would love to be able to go see them for myself, no t only that but the food seems so insanely mouth watering.

It would be nice to see all of the different schools in person, take notes, and really see what works. I am training my 4 and 5 year old's Spanish, reading 3 letter words, drawing (they LOVE to draw their favorite cartoon characters and practice everyday=) ), cooking, and a bunch of other skills.

I did use the NAEYC curriculum in the past, I basically had to write the book on it to make accreditation, and I found the actually schooling part, the test to see how many letters they know, numbers, etc., was actually a lot worse and I was far less interactive with the children.

by Vegan Prepper; ; Report


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How long has it been for you???

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How long has it been for me meaning being on here? Just a few days but loving it! Hate Facebook feeds and algorithms. And always missed MySpace :) how about you ? And howโ€™s your night going ??

by Victa; ; Report

Oh if you mean how long Iโ€™ve been vegan, itโ€™ll be 14 years next February!

by Victa; ; Report

Iโ€™ve been here for about 6-7 months and Iโ€™m relieving all my MySpace & vampire freaks nostalgia! I canโ€™t wait to release my ep on here Itโ€™s been 6 years since Iโ€™ve been vegan! I havenโ€™t ate meat for 8 though! I feel a lot better personally ๏ธ๏ธ๏ธ

by SADGURL™; ; Report

Also thanks for following & showing love on my TikTok btw

by SADGURL™; ; Report

Oh happy to share the love on you TikTok and other sites! Love your pics and vidโ€™s and happy you are reliving your vampire etc days :) My goal here is similar: return to my roots and just have fun!

by Victa; ; Report

Same! I hope youโ€™re having a goodnight

by SADGURL™; ; Report


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Thanks for the add hun & I hope you have a goodnight ๐Ÿ•ธ๏ธ

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Youโ€™re welcome and thank YOU

by Victa; ; Report