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too many to list here... my top listened to artists as of february 2024 are deftones, KoRn, cattle decapitation, machine girl, system of a down, and TOOL. check my spotify my main pl is 23 hours long


angel's egg, escape from LA, cat soup, ringing bell, paprika, house (1977)... this is mostly anime i don't watch normal movies too often LOL


berserk (1997), azumanga daioh, nichijou, clannad, serial experiments lain, habane renmei... etc. i forgor


devilman, berserk (the manga this time), junji ito, hunter X hunter, JJBA (sorry), warrior cats, haunted


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About me:

Tiny Skull Crossbones

hello and welcome to my profile! my name is walter, but you can call me walt for short if you wanna. i'm 18 years old, male, and halfrican. gay metalhead. in a loving marriage with KAITO... back off girls i'm psycho

add me on discord @deathatwas! but if you're shy you can PM me on here also :D
i have no dni because i get along with pretty much everyone, but i dislike people who look at irl gore (you're gross!) and people who are chronically online and concern themselves over stupid stuff. 16+ account some of y'alls make me feel like a fucking fossil

Who I'd like to meet:

alternatively...if you aren't KAITO:

  • local friends! (:
  • people with similar interests or music taste as to me
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    LOVE UR PROFILE! I like Vocaloid too yayyy

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    thank u so much!!!! i'm fixated on it rn i've been playing project diva nonstop for the past 2 months since i got my switch fixed... P:

    by walturr (^q^); ; Report


    by Popsicle!✩; ; Report

    it's so fun!!! i need to get X on my ps4 bcs there's minigames and gifts you can give the vocaloids and shit and it's so CUTE. i need every console ever and i need to own ever game or i'm gonna die fr

    by walturr (^q^); ; Report


    by walturr (^q^); ; Report

    Omgg i need it, i always wanted at least one synthesizer

    by Popsicle!✩; ; Report

    i'd get one but i think i'd go mad with power (i'm just playing i don't know japanese and i don't like english vocaloid songs. maybe that's just me just being a massive dweeb idk)

    by walturr (^q^); ; Report

    Real, I will need to learn japenese too , i always wanted to be like kikuo frfr

    by Popsicle!✩; ; Report

    i might start learning i'm getting too many gakukai talkloid videos recommended to me on youtube and it's giving me psychic damage bcs idk what they're saying 3

    by walturr (^q^); ; Report