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I enjoy drawing a lot, especially fanart of media I enjoy and ocs!! Speaking of ocs, I love info dumping about them to anyone (rip my friends) I enjoy cute things and love to collect. I have a small Kaito collection going on and I hope to get all the Kaito merch in the world!!!! I'd also like to get back into collecting mlp g4... I really need more friends who enjoy rhythm games like Muse Dash, Taiko, Groove coaster, Project Diva and so on...

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eurobeat, 2000-2010 techno, vocaloid, those 2010 brony songs lol, nightcore, Cosmo@bosou-P & SLAVE.V-V-R, SukoyaCathedral my favorite vocaloid producers, S3RL, Odyssey Eurobeat, Kanye West, T+pazolite, Ryu☆, EBIMAYO


puss in boots the last wish, across the spider verse, Five Nights at Freddy’s, The bad guys


🩷My Little Pony💜, Panty and Stocking, BFDI/bfb/bfdia, Inanimate Insanity, ok ko, Steven Universe, Gabriel Dropout, 





💙Kaito my hero💙


Taiko no Tatsujin, Muse Dash, Groove coaster, OSU, Pony town, Project Diva, Project Sekai, Genshin Impact, MaiMai, DDR, Jubeat, Wacca, Project mirai, tettote x connect, musynx, Rhythm Heaven, DJ max respect, Beat Mania IDX DDLC, NSO

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About me:

I’m from America! Massive Kaito fan. I love other things like Sanrio, mlp, Genshin and much more! I love rhythm games and I dream of the day I get to own my own cabs haha.....

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Who I'd like to meet:

people who enjoy art, ponies, vocaloid, ocs, Genshin Impact, and rhythm games!!!!! and is willing to listen to me info dump about things I like(like ocs hhhnnngggg-)

sailor buro stamp !!! muse dash the girl in black marija stamp !!!! MUSE DASH marija stamp - MUSE DASH !!!!!!!! ^_^ sister marija stamp !!! muse dash cyber buro stamp !!! muse dash Herb Cookie Stamp Sparkling Cookie Stamp Kangel And Ame Chan Stamp My Little Pony Stamp Starlight Glimmer Stamp Caramelldansen Megpoid Self Taught

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