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- art - 3D modeling (a little. i am not a pro) - ipad gaming - anime - oc making machine - roleplayer -


- pierce the veil - mitski - the crane wives - gorillaz - ricky montgomery - ethan bortnick -


- everything everywhere all at once (LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! FAV) - into the spiderverse - the fnaf movie (when it comes out) -


- fairy tail - puella magi madoka magica - toilet bound hanako kun - demon slayer - acca 13 - jujutsu kaisen - banana fish - bungo stray dogs - chainsaw man - THE WALTEN FILES -


[I AM USING THIS FOR GAMES I PLAY!!!!!!!!] - genshin impact - tears of themis - tower of fantasy - alchemy stars - paradise killer - hades - minecraft - roblox - mystic messenger - loveunholyc - ddlc - homestuck (i know it's not a game i just didn't know where else to put it v.v) - any fnaf game - danganronpa. kind of. a little - pjsk -


every woman from genshin impact can step on me.

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indian | lesbian | agender

hi !!! i would love to make friends on here 🤭 feel free to message me whenever! i also draw sometimes, maybe i'll post some art on here :D

i'm slowly starting to collect neopronouns so if anyone wants to use them then::


Who I'd like to meet:


► anyone under 14! i'm 19 and i just don't feel comfortable talking to anyone who's like really young online [IF YOU ARE UNDER 16 OR DO NOT HAVE YOUR AGE ON YOUR PAGE I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR FRIEND REQUEST]

► proshippers

► bi/pan lesbians or supporters

► anyone who actively hates on something i'm into (homestuck and harry potter hate is fine tho idc)


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This is a cool page!

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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Juli ☆ Rivera

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ty for adding me back youre so cooll!! I'd love to be friends ><

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AHHHH thank you!!!! i'd love to be friends too!!!!!!!! :D

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being a dumb goober means i've still yet to go through Paradise Killer - it sits, much like a whole bunch'a other games, somewhere in my backlog - but i have mostly played Suda51's Flower, Sun and Rain which was one of its primary sources of inspiration, so there's that. 's gotta count for something, right? :v

jest aside, is there anythin' about it that you'd specifically highlight / elevate / consider unique compared to other games in the genre?

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OMG i could talk about this for hours :>

keep in mind i haven’t played a whole lot of games (i’m so picky with what i spend my money on ) BUT i will indeed list off a bunch of cool things about it !!!!

1. the game doesn’t lead you through each clue you find!! it’s completely up to you to investigate and even though you’ll have a journal (basically) of clues you’ve found and motives and alibis you get to choose when you’re done with your investigation!! if you wanted you could totally just skip to the trial at the very beginning of the game, but you wont have any evidence to back up any claims so it might not be that fun

2. going along with the first one, you get to choose who you think is guilty for each crime!! there are maybe two or three suspects for each one, and if you choose someone outside of those or present the wrong evidence (i think) itll default to the scapegoat but i mean ,

3. the open world and universe lore is rly fun!!!! it’s such a shame there isn’t enough fan content out there for this game bc the worldbuilding is so fascinating to me
like i dont wanna explain too much and spoil stuff but AUGH its all so cool. there are collectibles everywhere (some are blood crystals (i think???? i dont remember) and those are the main currency) and others are clues or little relics from people who lived on the island previously or just artifacts from previous islands
on top of that you can also collect little wallpaper designs for the computer you use to collect evidence which is rly cool!!!!

4. the soundtrack oh my GOOOOOOOD oh my god 🙏🙏🙏 most of it is just instrumentals but its literally so good i love it so much
its like stuff i can actually listen to (im comparing this to danganronpa where the music is cool but i cannot listen to that like normal music . i cant)

5. the character designs are really cool too!!! like most of them are human but then you have a red skeleton bartender and a guy who i think looks like a robot . they all have funky names too ☝️

6. this game has settings for ppl who are color blind i think!!! i think that’s what it is at least, i havent played the game with it but there are multiple options for that ☝️

7. there’s a funny little demon guy named shinji who shows up time to time and u can talk to him,
when you get close enough tou can hear his laugh and it sounds like a cackle

i think the one of the only cons would be that itll take a lot of walking if you dont unlock the fast travel spots, and even then there are some places (im thinking of one in particular bc that took me an hour to get to) that require a little parkouring

either way i do hope you play the game eventually!!! i might just be easily impressed but i rly loved it and it’s so fun to see other people enjoy it too,

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> one of the only cons would be that itll take a lot of walking
this was, funnily enough, also one of the major gripes that people had with FSR (to the point where its DS port smugly included a counter for all metres walked; it was dreadful). glad to see they were inspired where it mattered most, lmao.
cheers for the rundown! presently struggling with some other vidya, but i'll be sure to holler if/when i get around to it :p

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you’re welcome!!!!!!! maybe i’ll check out FSR if i can get my hands on a DS copy that isn’t insanely expensive 🤞🤞🤞 mystery games are so fun

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omg fellow hades enjoyer !!!!

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YEAHHHHHHHH ‼️‼️‼️‼️ it’s such a fun game,
i cant wait for the second one to come out

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