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"TLDR: It's me."

She/her. Y'all inclusive. Four decades in.

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I have active interest in watercolor, drawing, and traditional printmaking. I am open to other art forms, mostly in the viewpoint of appreciation.

If health permits, I enjoy flatwater kayaking, casual trail hikes, and cooking outside. Working on that last one.

I am more of a watcher. and don't play all that well. I tend to pick a puzzle type these days.


If we're talking radio, I listen to local mix and public radio stations. Makes sense. Classical was my earliest exposure, both live and recorded, later to learn and perform in school band through college.


I would watch your grandpa's movies or your toddler's movies.


I tend to stream clips and episodes, but if I am to sit and watch, the choice is usually some sort of nature documentary or any sort of animation. I used to be a big anime fan earlier on, but I don't watch it that often these days.


A combination of school, vision problems, and IRL responsibility has destroyed my want of recreational reading. When I do, it's cooking blogs for research, short articles, or other absurd content. When I read more avidly, it was mostly fantasy novels.


None right now. Mostly about scolding myself for not doing the work to be my own hero. I can say there are many who I admire.

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About me:

To start, I am no one's scene. Most of my life has been existing on the edge of friends, family, fandom, collective interests...all without truly being a part of anything. It's taught me to cultivate an appreciation for reflection, quiet spaces, and to turn my inward strangeness into something interesting to look at, whether folks get it or not.

I like to make art, play music on a musical instrument, and hang with my dogs when I'm not doing "fun" old people things. I like to write on and off, a bit less these days. My tendency is to be quite long winded once I get going. That will hopefully be contained to the blogs and bulletins, unless it's part of the interaction.

By trade, I make trash cakes at the grocery store, and it is a full time job. Between that and other responsibilities, I may not be so active or present to allow time for the activities I find fulfilling or even just taking time to recover from life as it is. I'll still pop up for the occasional share.

Other than all that, I'm just an aging, average looking brunette, a little bummed that more gray hairs are brushed out than those of my original color.
I come from Texas, from the sort of folk that throws around y'all'd've, ustacould, and a metal star somewhere on or inside the house. Mine's in the kitchen.


Who I'd like to meet:

Visitors are welcome to engage. I'm not expecting much more than the interaction of passersby. That's really why I'm here, for a more unjunked, relaxed social media experience.

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This is a cool profile!

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