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"eat yr heart" by htrk

6lack, a perfect circle, alanis morissette, alessia cara, alex clare, alien ant farm, all time low, alt-j, avicii, avril lavigne, awolnation, bea miller, benny benassi, billie eilish, blackbear, blink-182, bohnes, celldweller, chase & status, creature feature, die antwoord, dirty heads, disturbed, dope stars inc, elvis, evanescence, example, excision, flatbush zombies, flyleaf, frank sinatra, glass animals, godsmack, good charlotte, grandson, halsey, hed pe, hollywood undead, illenium, jack off jill, jakwob, janis joplin, jt music, korn, kottonmouth kings, lil dicky, lil wyte, linkin park, mindless self indulgence, missio, poppy, sir sly, sub urban, the all-american rejects, the beach boys, the beatles, the birthday massacre, tool, we are pigs, yelawolf, zombie girl...


12 monkeys, 30 days of night, breakfast club, candyman, childs play/chucky series, clerks series, coneheads, dazed and confused, disturbia, Dude, Where's My Car?, donnie darko, edward scissorhands, hard candy, hellraiser series, invader zim: enter the florpus, i know what you did last summer series, jeepers creepers, jumper, nightmare on elmstreet series, party monster, practical magic, requiem for a dream, scream series, silence of the lambs, spirited away, straight up, the cell, the craft, the emperor's new groove, the fifth element, the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, the lost boys trilogy, the island...

give me todd & rory love.


atypical, are you afraid of the dark, big mouth, black mirror, bonding, charmed, cosmos, deathnote series, disjointed, locke and key, parasyte, santa clarita diet, sex education, shameless, the magicians, the orville, the secret circle, the tomorrow people, will & grace...

I also have a huge love for cartoons, i watch them more than "normal" tv shows...

aaahh!!! real monsters, aeon flux, animaniacs, avatar the last airbender, captain planet and the planeteers, chalk zone, courage the cowardly dog, danny phantom, daria, dexters laboratory, invader zim, doug, gargoyles, hey arnold, johnny bravo, kim possible, my life as a teenage robot, original inspector gadget series, pinky & the brain, powerpuff girls, ren & stimpy, rocko's modern life, rugrats, sailor moon, the grim adventures of billy and mandy, the jetsons, the original pokemon, the original scooby doo, steven universe, the original teen titans, the original xmen series, the wild thornberrys, thundercats...


the list is endless.

currently reading: dragon's egg
by Robert L. Forward

"Harry, there is never a perfect answer in this messy, emotional world. perfection is beyond the reach of humankind, beyond the reach of magic. in every shining moment of happiness is that drop of poison: the knowledge that pain will come again. be honest to those you love, show your pain. to suffer is as human as to breathe."

- albus dumbledore


─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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About me:

chronically online & lonely.

im just a big geek. like a lot of you, i was an original myspace user. along with livejournal, msn messenger, friendster, vampirefreaks, geocities, and all those other early internet diamonds. seeing this site for the first time brought back such wonderful nostalgia. Since signing up, I have already spent way to much time on here just tinkering with the html and allowing myself to get lost in it. i live out in the middle of nowhere in a great country house. most of my time is spent working, reading, going out to the lakes, lazing about and playing with my wonderful cats. i'm quiet, introverted, introspective, and would much rather spend my time alone than around people. but that's the beauty of the internet, no? Interaction without the interaction.

click here to see my layouts!

check out the html website for layout codes and more!

post in html group if you have any questions!

telegram: @hessostrange
threads: @hessostrange

Who I'd like to meet:

you, holly marie combs, fairuza balk.

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Thanks! ️🌈 it’s got that “don’t fuck with me” energy I really like.

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i'm all about the resting bitch face <3

by heath; ; Report


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thanks for the add! :) would love to know how to add music + autoplay to my profile! tysm :)

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check out link to html website on my profile. there is a music section with code and instructions. i had posted the link here for you, but it wasn't displaying correctly, so check link on my profile.

by heath; ; Report

hey :) i posted to the html group because i might not be doing it right. followed the instructions on "music codes" tho so hmm...

by Hera; ; Report

yep, you where copying and pasting to much of the code. i replied in the group.

by heath; ; Report


𝓥𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓪's profile picture

Thanks for the add!!! :D Love your profile and layouts :)

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by heath; ; Report

🔮 Danitza

🔮 Danitza🌙's profile picture

✨️ Thanks for the add! May the Moon bless you and illuminate your nights. ✨️

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by heath; ; Report


Kathleen's profile picture

I love the emo kid reference on your blog section

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haha, thanks! can't help but add some corny stuff to my profile, i'm glad you get a chuckle out of it too.

by heath; ; Report


Always🦇April's profile picture

Summer mellow 4 u!🩴🦩🍧🫧🧋

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by heath; ; Report


Kenton's profile picture

Saw your IG from your threads link on here - You take stunning photos! You capture the rural midwest in a really beautiful way. Now following!

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thanks man! i don't get around to it as much as i use to, but i still get a few photos on there every now and than. thank you for following me on there! it really is beautiful here - especially the skies. i truly feel like we have some of the most beautiful views of the sky here in the midwest! hope you're having a good day! and thanks for the add on here as well.

by heath; ; Report

You are most welcome! I'm in KS and while there are things I'm not crazy about - one thing I am are those big open expressive skies. Hope you are having a great day as well!

by Kenton; ; Report


Elisabeth's profile picture

thanks for the add ♡
i like your page it's simple & cute

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thankkk you dear :D

yours as well! i love it!

by heath; ; Report

✿ Jeannie ✿

✿ Jeannie ✿'s profile picture

Cheers for the add, have a fab day

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thank you! i hope you're having a good day as well! :D

by heath; ; Report

⚝ 𝕰𝖑𝖑𝖊

⚝ 𝕰𝖑𝖑𝖊 's profile picture

Loving the new layout! <3

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awh thank you! :D i'm always going back and forth between a few of my favorite ones, lol.

hope you're having a good day! :)

by heath; ; Report


Liz's profile picture

Hey Heath, I was looking through your profile and seen the telegram link, but I've never heard of telegram :o. What is it exactly?

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hey liz! telegram is a global instant messenger. think of it like facebook messenger, basically. people usually use it for group messaging. you can create groups called "channels" that the owner of the channel can post updates too for all the members to comment/react to. i'm really into customizing on smartphones, so i have a telegram channel dedicated solely to 1 of a kind wallpapers i make myself!

by heath; ; Report

Jody Marie 💜

Jody Marie 💜's profile picture

I really like your profile!
We have alot in common & I read that you have cats!
Cats are awesome, which must mean you are as well!

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thanks dear! i just switched up the layout today, so I haven't added all the sections I want yet, usually i have a section for my kitties, but here they are:


i love them more than i love people, haha!

crash bandicoot ftw! i just noticed that on your profile, now *that* seriously brings back some nostalgia! and makes me wonder how i can go about playing that again...lol. i can still hear the game noises in my head. (the BOOGA BOOGA from crash 2 i think, lol!)

anyways, thanks for the add! i hope the night has been treating you well.

by heath; ; Report

You're very welcome!
& Oh my goodness your kitties are so pretty!!!
I love the color of their fur!
& Yesss Crash Bandicoot is awesome!!!
I bought the trilogy set on PS4 so I can replay it again!
& My night has been pretty good!
Just finished up a movie & now I'm just chillin!
Hope you are having a good night as well!

by Jody Marie 💜; ; Report

the black and white one is a marble bengal. i got really lucky that a close friend of mine has parents who breed them :) i live in a small place too, so it really was lucky!

he's beautiful, but ohhhh, what a handful. haha.

i soooo badly wish i had any of the old systems that i had when i was younger. a couple different playstations and nintendos. i have an xbox now, but i haven't even looked at in ages. i hate the fact that it has to have an internet connection in order to play games that i bought on disk. makes no sense to me, and i haven't invested in it to much.

ahh, i hope your movie was good! what did you end up watching? that's what i always end up doing on my work days. come home and watch a movie or a couple tv shows. (well, listen to them play in the background while i sit at my computer anyways, haha.)

by heath; ; Report

That is so awesome!
What are your kitties names?
& I feel you with your kitty being a handful
My Luna can be a handful too lol But I love her so much! 💜

& Yesss lol I wish I still had some of the old game systems as well!
Those were the good days! Lol
I have a PS4 now & I like some things about it, but it does suck in certain ways because I had bought GTA 5 Online on it & the only way you can play it is with a PlayStation game membership. It is ridiculous!

But yea, my movie was good!
I ended up watching the movie The Road.
It is a post-apocalyptic movie based on the book of the same name. I've never read the book yet, but the movie came out years ago. I just had never seen it yet.
I absolutely love watching movies & tv shows though!
I love the ones that make you think! Like, I really enjoy psychological thrillers, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, sci-fi, etc.. movies & tv shows lol I mean, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy comedies & horror movies & tv shows as well, but I love the ones that really blow your mind & make you go WOW!!! lol
Lately, my favorite tv shows I've been watching are FROM, Yellowjackets, & Silo! Silo is also based on a book series as well!

by Jody Marie 💜; ; Report


💀XxJuLeZIsDeAdxX💀's profile picture

Hey thanks for the add back!!! It’s always nice to meeting a fellow myspace user!! I hope you’re doing well :)

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It was a pretty decent weekend, so no complaints here! And yessss, it's awesome to delve back into the nostalgia! Same to you as well, hope your day is going well!

by heath; ; Report

Omg yess!! When I found this site, i was like THROWBACK!! Haha and thats good to hear!! Sadly I worked all weekend

by XxJuLeZIsDeAdxX; ; Report

awh, dang! i have been at my job a long time, so i'm lucky enough that all my work days are set during the week, and i have every weekend off. not that days matter that much, when all you do is work and chill around the house, haha. yes, i spend wayyyy to much time on here just making layouts and bumming around. it just is so much better to me than other social media. just reminds me of the old web when i was young, lol.

by heath; ; Report

Haha yeah i sadly work retail so i pretty much always get pretty shitty shifts ( I work at Burlington(coat factory) and TJMaxx so I work weekends usually and Mondays then i pretty much get the rest of the week off :)

by XxJuLeZIsDeAdxX; ; Report


Kathleen's profile picture

number 4 on 'sorry but' omg....seriously.

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God, right? It seems like multifaceted personalities are a thing of the past. It's so difficult to enjoy someone when they're entire existence revolves around one single thing. It's so hard to take them seriously!

by heath; ; Report

Stacey <3

Stacey <3's profile picture

Thanks for the add :)

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Donut-Lord Byron

Donut-Lord Byron's profile picture

Hey Heath, got any more advice about how to change my info in your theme that I borrowed?

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I guess I am confused why you are having a hard time. Go to my blog, copy and paste the entire code into a wordpad document, than simply replace the "lorem ipsum" writing with your own about me/likes/dislikes etc.




Once you have replaced the "lorem ipsum" placeholder writing with your own personal stuff just copy and paste the entire thing into your edit profile page.

by heath; ; Report

Aight! You're right, I was just wondering how to rearrange the info. Wasn't gonna mess around with the base code you created.

by Donut-Lord Byron; ; Report

Like re-arrange the header titles? You can replace the //about me //likes text with anything you would like to re-arrange them in any way you want.

by heath; ; Report


by Donut-Lord Byron; ; Report


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Thanks heath! I’m always on yours checking out the updates!

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by heath; ; Report


UNDEAD's profile picture

Thanks so does yours too

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Thanks for the add! :-)

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Great Googly Moogly

Great Googly Moogly's profile picture

Thanks for the add, Heath

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