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"that's me on the rgiht"

I am 21 years old, I live in Europe and I study physics.

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⋗ painting (check it out)
⋗ making decorations out of junk
⋗ refashioning clothes
⋗ making costumes (I am tentatively making a costume of Mercedes Marten from Dragon's Dogma)


I love black metal, but my number one favorite band is Meshuggah.
Some others I really like are mgła, Kriegsmaschine, Blood of Kingu, Drudkh, Gojira, Mavorim, Convulsing, Portal, Daughters, Frontierer, Car Bomb, 3TEETH, Primitive Man, Vermin Womb, Fister, everything at Detriti Records, Rage Against the Machine, Misthyrming, Mannveira, Skáphe, Sinmara, Kaleikr, Endalok... (I love Icelandic black metal.) pisse, Deth Crux, Thy Catafalque, Teitanblood, all of Victor Love's projects, Hatari...


Chocolate!! 🍫🍩🎂🍪🍫


It's Diego!


It's Diego again!


elouai's doll maker 3

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Here's some stuff I found related to customizing your profile!

Coolsymbol.com! - I copied way too many and pasted on my profile as you can see.
Glitter Text Maker - I used it for my online symbol.
Glitter Photo creator
myspacegens - MySpace codes, not all will work!
sarah's css codes
my fractal images - you can use them if you want. I have one as my background. I love fractals

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I didn't know a new album was in the works this year. That's awesome! My favorite is The Way of all Flesh, so let's see if they can top that lol.

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Freakish Uproar

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Where have you been hiding? :D But seriously though thank you very much for the friend request :3 Even a cursory glance at your profile reveals we share a lot of favourite groups. Hatari, Skáphe, Sinmara, Vermin Womb, to cite a few. Plus it's good to see someone else who has read Greg Bear's Blood Music :D Its been a while since I read it admittedly, but I remember really admiring how that novel committed to the inevitably of Earth's new paradigm in the face of the noocyte rapid evolution.

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Yes, I saw your profile and all the interesting music on it so I knew I had to send you a friend request. I wanted to listen to all the music but I didn't have time, I'll try to today. I love Vermin Womb so much, I don't like most other grindcore music so if you know any other similar music please tell me.
I also liked in Blood Music that humans weren't able to fight the change, and I think it was better for them that way, but the part I found most interesting was the young woman wandering around the living landscape because I imagined the landscape very clearly and it made me a bit sick lol

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Action Cat

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Thanks for the add! :D

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Thank you! Your singing is so beautiful! I followed you on bandcamp

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You’re awesome! Thanks so much for listening and following! I have a full album coming out later this summer. Little heavier sound than what’s currently out. :D

by Action Cat; ; Report

Awesome!! I'm really excited, I know my way of thinking is a bit stupid but for me heavier is always better. Also, your voice reminds me a bit of Kristin Hayter

by Elbe; ; Report

I agree. Heavier is better. :D

by Action Cat; ; Report


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Warm Fuzzy Flashbacks to an internet world far less absurdly intrusive Bigtech!
TimeWarp 2000s
Thanks for Add:)
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