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"let people live without endless shame"

prns: any but the masculine ones

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Bold = major interest, italics = minor interest, smaller amount than interests in normal text. maybe i had a bigger interest in it before, though.

Splatoon, Panel de Pon/Puzzle League, Vinesauce (mainly Vinny), international dubs, bootleg/unlicensed video games, Touhou Project, Strawberry Shortcake (franchise), Sonic, creepypastas, digital horror, videopastas, object shows


Red Vox, SiIvaGunner and it's fan channels, lostwave



Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Kiff, Pretty Cure, SpongeBob SquarePants and it's spinoffs, Winx Club, BFDI, Animatic Battle



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About me:

call me Orange. asexual panromantic 18 y/o from texas. any non-masculine pronouns. i also tend to get stressed easily (especially when it comes to current events) so watch out for that. discord hates me so images will disappear once in a while and i have to re add the links

most html stuff here is modified from other people's stuff i found, i'm pretty new to this lol. i realized too late that the logo looks too much like "sparehey" but whatever. i am also pretty selective when it comes to strangers friend requesting me so if i don't accept, sorry.


Who I'd like to meet:


! DNI: typical DNI criteria (racists, homophobes, xenophobes, etc), people under 14, IDF supporters (if you live in Israel but don't support the IDF, you're good), trolls/bait accounts, people who assume others are faking disorders without proper proof to that belief. !

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Hello :)

Once again, I am cursed to do this. sigh Just give me your social security number, or something.

Make it end

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