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video games: animal crossing, pokemon, legend of zelda, monster hunter, ffxiv, deadly premonition, illbleed, darkstalkers, skullgirls, stardew valley, yakuza kiwami, hatoful boyfriend

art: writing (esp speculative fiction, horror, sci-fi), pixel art, painting, collages, surrealism, sticker books

history: queer, disability, art

i'm also a huge fan of sanrio and san-x, skelanimals, virtual pets (tamagotchi, neopets, goatlings, pokemon), littlest pet shop, my real pets (2 cats and a snake), plushies/stuffed animals, and sweets


video game osts: animal crossing, legend of zelda, monster hunter, ffxiv, pokemon, sonic frontiers, paper mario 1 and 2

prog/djent: polyphia, animals as leaders, tesseract, strawberry girls, ichika nito, meshuggah, rings of saturn

metal(core): linkin park, iwrestledabearonce, cepheid

pop punk: sleeping with sirens, bring me the horizon, pierce the veil

alt rock: blonde redhead, the birthday massacre

electronic: boards of canada, purity ring, crystal castles, alice glass, pastel ghost, lorn, shawn wasabi, owl city, marshmello, anamanaguchi, vocaloid, bjork

k/jpop: blackpink, stray kids, bts, agust d, kyary pamyu pamyu, hikaru utada

pop: yeule, rina sawayama, hayley kiyoko, lady gaga, kesha

and here are some gifs of tim henson from polyphia that i made!


live action: twin peaks: fire walk with me, the thing, the abyss (dir. james cameron), jennifer's body, chasing amy, dogma, hellraiser, hellbound: hellraiser 2, sharknado, ghost shark, zombieland, remembrance (2011), sonic the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog 2, star wars: the force awakens, the mist, the saw series

cartoon: alice in wonderland (disney)

anime: animal crossing: the movie, pokemon: the first movie, pokemon 3: the movie - spell of the unown: entei, kiki's delivery service, spirited away, my neighbor totoro, ponyo, princess mononoke


live action: the twilight zone, the x-files, twin peaks, community, superstore, seinfeld, unsolved mysteries, broad city, curb your enthusiasm, becker, parks and rec, reno 911, everybody hates chris, sabrina the teenage witch (1996)

cartoons: futurama, disenchantment, the simpsons, bee and puppycat, avatar: the last airbender

anime: jojo's bizarre adventure, yu yu hakusho, death note, panty and stocking with garterbelt, princess jellyfish, way of the house husband, saiki k, high score girl, junji itou: collection, ouran high school host club, saint young men, one punch man, dragon ball, pokemon: indigo league, orange islands, and battle frontier


the twilight zone: complete stories, as i knew him, the heavens rise, the martian chronicles, billions and billions, warrior cats

manga: anything by junji ito (favorites are uzumaki, cat diary, hellstar remina, and the thing that drifted ashore), tokyo mew mew, a girl by the sea, princess jellyfish

graphic novels: vampire kisses


rod serling, carl sagan, shigeru miyamoto

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About me:

just a veteran nonbinary scemo reminiscing about their days on myspace over a decade ago lol.

i like video games, virtual pets, collecting physical media, media archival, story-telling, and history.

Who I'd like to meet:

tim henson (from polyphia)
hidetaka suehiro
junji ito
aubrey plaza

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Thanks for excepting my request. Love meeting fellow army. 🫰💜

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Your layout looks really cool!

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Savannah Whang

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Thanks for adding me, I hope we can be friends ^_^

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Thanks for the accept kieren! Nice profile!! Lookin at your profile, sure you're from myspace time too!!

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ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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hi!! thanks for the add c: i love that rod serling is one of ur heros

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omg thats awesome !! <3 not enough ppl pay homage to rod serling even tho he contributed so much to sci-fi and television in general yknow?

by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report

DJ Khoyshekh

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thanks for the add!

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no problem ! C:

by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report

i love your layout! its so soft and calming to look at

by DJ Khoyshekh; ; Report

Elise ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚

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Thank you for the add! Your layout is adorable ( ^◡^)っ ♡

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thank u so much <333

by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report

andrew !

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OMG thank you !! 🖤🖤

by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report

NT ☆

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new friends
thank you for the request.
sending positive vibes & good energy to your page 💞👁‍🗨

Sha 💕

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by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report

The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞

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Hey thanks for accepting our add!

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no problem at all nwn welcome to my spacehey!

by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report

Dude you have no idea how much I've needed aplace like this to exist.

by The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞; ; Report

no kidding !!! i kinda expected this site to be less active but i guess theres still a pretty big demand for the old myspace days

by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report

for me I was sold at ZERO algorithms.

by The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞; ; Report

thats a Huge one for me too. i also really like that theres less meaningless notifs being sent to grab your attention back to the app, and that theres in general less pressure to post specifically for likes. it promotes trying to connect with ppl again i feel

by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report

Man I get that. TikTok sends me a new notification every 5 minutes for something that I have never watched before trying to get me back on the app for that engagement. It's companies like that trying to make sure that the only time we spend on social media will only be on their platform.

Twitter on the other hand, on top of it currently being a sinkhole, sends me notifications only when Sony fan boys are pissing and shitting, and cumming themselves over something that's really not that good. But they still befall you to seeing top trending posts instead of the newest posts on your timeline from people you follow, because they're trying to get you to engage with celebrities and companies so they can generate add revenue.

by The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞; ; Report

god, seriously! notifications are definitely much more manufactured than they used to be, it's like apps use artificial urgency to make us feel like we're always "missing out" on something. i also hate the "contentization" i guess you could call it? of pretty much all creative media at this point, and what short shelf lives theyre expected to have. at least on tumblr things like fanart will get cycled around even years after originally being posted, extending the longevity of the art itself as well as the reach of its creator. but it's just so exhausting seeing "content" treated singularly as a commodity to garner whatever views and interactions it can per day/week before being buried under the next week's. i feel even worse for artists these days with how terribly late-stage capitalism has managed to suppress the useage of art as a whole, and how it's only valued when money becomes involved. the artist, the artistic process, and usually even the art itself that's produced will always come secondary to art as a profitable commodity. it's definitely depressing, but it's nice to see pockets of the internet trying to resist the algorithmization of our lives, including in our art.

by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report

Yes that is correct. Today's current social media content is all about how fast they can get it in the door and out the door. They make more per clicks and what not, so if the same content keeps going for weeks and months at a time they can't make the same amount often the same people who have already made their click. It's about having a constant stream of unending new stuff that people will just keep looking on because they feel like they haven't found the right thing to watch yet, in truth they actually are never going to stop clicking because they keep getting fed new stuff. With TikTok people just keep going for hours and don't realize it. That's their model of engagement and keeping people from deleting the app.

by The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞; ; Report

that's so true, i really hate how pushing nonstop consumption leaves us no time to really digest the stuff that interests us, or to even let content cycle thru media sites for more than just a week or month before we're expected to move on to the latest consumable media or products. it's exhausting, if nothing else, lol.

by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report

rina 🍰

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ohhhh your profile!!!! 💞💗💖💝💘
so cute

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hhh tysm!!

by kieren Cコ:彡; ; Report