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"♡They/it, 16♡"

I'm a growing Oaktree :3

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Hi! You can call me Oakley! I go by they/them/it/its, and my neos are strawb/star/cloud/cat/bun!

Name: Sylveon<3
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage






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#1 CHUCKY OBSESSED CVNT---------------- I love confusing people about my gender :D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>////////// Light Grey Pointer

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Any epik person with a cool vibe >w< Bye fuckin whores :3

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Wubzilla (sorry profile busted)

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Neat page!

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zudden deth

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don't forget grandmas Sunday milking

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grandpa said i need to rub his magic stick

by SL33PY..CVP1D; ; Report

but uncle said its time to play dressup

by zudden deth; ; Report

i dont wanna, only if i can be a broken bed frame :(

by SL33PY..CVP1D; ; Report