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"simping over Evan Thomas, (TX2)"

Teenager who wants to see the stars

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Anime & Spotify 4 life>>>

My Spotify ⬅️

Fencing 🤺 ❤️ 

HANGE-SAN! My wife.

Onmyoji Arena ⚔️ 

Stray Kids!

Marvel! I love Loki & Spider-Man, my fav is HOBIE BROWN. He my wallpaper on my phone 


General Rock music 🎶 



Punk & Pop-Punk

Kayōkyoku (old Japanese music. Sort of like J-pop)

Japanese CityPop

Rap & Old Rap Music

NSB <3

I like lots of genres. I have Spotify playlists for a lot of them.


Rim Of The World is such a good movie! My favorite actress Miya Cech plays my favorite character ZhenZhen. 

The Breakfast Club. Istg I could watch this movie 15 times in one day. It’s just that good.



My favorite Shows are

1. Falling into your smile

2. 2521

3. Alice In Borderland! I love AIB smmm. I’m at ur door if I hear u talking abt it.

4. Love In The Air

My favorite anime’s are


2. Cyberpunk Edgerunners

3. Saiki K


They Both Die At The End. It killed my heart, but it was so good! I loved it sm! I love the representation 🏳️‍🌈 but it’s so sad. 🥲 the ending killed meh. I made a playlist for it. The author Adam Silvera is one of my favorites!

BL.. I’m serious. ALL BL.


Stray Kids!<333 #LoveSTAY

Stray Kids Bang-Chan!❤️

Hange Zoë!! My wife ✊🏽⚔️

NSB (NorthStar Boys) 🎶

Evan Thomas 

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About me:

Bel Air, MD📍

Yo, I’m AG. I’m genderfluid

My pronouns are They/He/She. Any :3



I fence 🤺 & play soccer ⚽️ 

Discord: Takeme2theborderland. ⬅️ ZeynZeyn

(13-17) A minor I like Teenager better tho.

Chip bags on the floor, TX2 on FULL VOLUME, rotting as we speak with instant ramen.

Who I'd like to meet:

One day I would LOVE to meet STRAY KIDS! They are my favorite K-Pop group. It would be so cool if I could see them in real life. 🎧🎶

Also TX2! Evan Thomas. 🎶 🎸 It would be so siick to see TX2 live. Evan is the sweetest person and I love his music. 

NIJIRÔ MURAKAMI! He’s my favorite actor. I love him SM! I have many Pinterest boards for him. ❤️‍🔥

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