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"Aaron's happiness, was to end."

יָדַעְתִּי כָּל עוֹף הָרִים וְזִיז שָׂדַי עִמָּדִי.

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speculate biology and paleontology enjoyer! // ★Rain world ★ULTRAKILL ★Hollow Knight, Splatoon Kerbal Space Program, SPORE, Simulation games I mostly play video games ➽Character design is my passion, Artist, Violinist, I craft little friends from time to time IRL, also somewhat geology? Birdwatch, Jewish mythology, Random instruments, IRONLUNG, FNAF... NOW RETURNING TO UNDERTALE/DELTARUNE, YTTD!!!!!


>★LENA RAINE :D Venetian Snares 'Saalhardli(סאלחרדלי) , James primate, Jukebox the ghost, two-door cinema club, Igorrr, Lauren Bousfeild, Oliver Buckland, Rafo ohed (ראפו אוהד), Shmemel (שממל), Haze'evot (הזאבות), Danimal Cannon, Moom Nadir (מום נדיר), Drumcorps, BOSSFIGHT, Christopher Larkin, Danny Baranowsky, MCR, Nero's Day At Disneyland, Yuno Miles, Bear Ghost, Mercedes Band (מרסדס בנד), Valla lo yodeha (וואלה לא יודע), Bill Wurtz, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, Toby Fox, Mystery Skulls, Video game OSTS, Alternative rock, Electronic and its sub genres, Eurobeat sometimes ,indie, a mix of everything


Don't really find myself watching a lot of movies!


Inside job , Infinity train , epithet erased, MP100, Moral orel, The Owl House, WWDITS // anything really


All tomorrows , All yesterdays

..currently in the bucket: west of eden, צביר כוכבים, Oyasumi punpun , Good omens , SCI-FI & anything biology-related

If you have any suggestions feel free to share^^


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Hello I'm nerd cat and I like character design and Rain World, A LOT.

//Check up my Toyhouse! I design silly characters:

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone really Just be chill and be yourself:-)

טיפות של רוך ניתך, ההדרים שלך. היפים להקסים, הקסומים להנעים, הנעים לצלילים.

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פרופיל נדיר

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תודה לך גבר

by NERD CAT; ; Report


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your layout music is such a bop and i cant imagine listening to it without staring into your layout as well. it's a trip!

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Tysm!!! :D I also love your cozy layout, such a vibe!

by NERD CAT; ; Report

rookie ☆

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thanks for the add!!! you seem super cool, your layout is AWESOME!! love those graphics (and your favourite pokemon are very good, btw.. XD)

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TYSM!!! your layout is also absolutely a banger
really one of my favorites in this site:-D

by NERD CAT; ; Report

aww ty :)))

by rookie ☆; ; Report


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i like your interest :D
ty 4 the add!

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Np my cool dude, I adore your blog!

by NERD CAT; ; Report


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u r. so. awesome.

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TYSM!!! You're also amazing!:3

by NERD CAT; ; Report