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"what am I doing? not constantly updating my status for one."

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"Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy. For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man's hunger. And if you grudge the crushing of the grapes, your grudge distills a poison in the wine. And if you sing though as angels, and love not the singing, you muffle man's ears to the voices of the day and the voices of the night."
  --  Kahlil Gibran


"If you can get them once, man, get them standing up when they should be sitting down, sweaty when they should be decorous, smile when they should be applauding politely - and I think you sort of switch on their brain, man, so that makes them say: 'Wait a minute, maybe I can do anything.' Whoooooo! It's life. That's what rock and roll is for, turn that switch on, and man, it can all be."
  --  Janis Joplin

"I was on stage and I looked out, and I knew they weren't ready. We were doing 'Piece of My Heart.' You know you can do a lot of different things: you know sometimes they get up spontaneously. Out in the Midwest they don't. They aren't supposed to stand up and they know it. It's hard to get 'em up. But I remember I was singing 'Piece of My Heart,' you know that 'Come on, well, come on' line -- well, you know the guitar solo that leads into that part? I came in early, and I walked all the way to the front of the stage and shouted [in a hoarse whisper], 'Come on, come on!' and just f*cking stamping my foot, and saying, 'I'm not going to sing anymore unless you do something,' you know, and they're going, 'Whoo-ooo-ooo, yes ma'am! Yes ma'am, yes ma'am!' A riot. Groovy. All they want is a little kick in the ass. You know, sometimes I jump off the stage and grab somebody and say, 'Let's dance.' When they reach a certain level, you know, they want to be lifted, but they're scared. Then all you gotta do is give the old kick in the ass, a big f*cking kick in the ass, man. Then the promoters get goony, turn the lights on, pull the power, but by then it's all over [crackles]. I dig it! I dig it so much, man!
  --  Janis Joplin


"When books or pictures in reproduction are thrown on the market cheaply and attain huge sales, this does not affect the nature of the objects in question. But their nature is affected when these objects themselves are changed rewritten, condensed, digested, reduced to kitsch in reproduction, or in preparation for the movies. This does not mean that culture spreads to the masses, but that culture is being destroyed in order to yield entertainment. The result of this is not disintegration but decay, and those who actively promote it are not the Tin Pan Alley composers but a special kind of intellectuals, often well read and well informed, whose sole function is to organize, disseminate, and change cultural objects in order to persuade the masses that Hamlet can be as entertaining as My Fair Lady, and perhaps educational as well. There are many great authors of the past who have survived centuries of oblivion and neglect, but it is still an open question whether they will be able to survive an entertaining version of what they have to say."
  --  Hannah Arendt


"All the guys at the bar, Jimmy, all the girls; they don't show up at your wake. Not because they don't like you. But because, they never knew your last name. Then a month later, someone tells them, "Oh, Jimmy died." "Jimmy who?" "Jimmy the Cop." "Ohhh," they say, "him". And all the people on the job, all those people you spent all the hours in the radio cars with, the guys with their feet up on the desk, tellin' stories, who shorted you on your food runs, who signed your overtime slips. In the end, they're not gonna be there either. Family, that's it. Family, and if you're lucky, one or two friends who are the same as family. That's all the best of us get. Everything else is just..."
  --  The Wire


"The thought process can never be complete without articulation."
  --  Stephen King


"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'"
  --  Fred Rogers

"Don't worry, we're OK, though frightened and angry. Moscow is full of tanks and military machines, I hate them. They try to close all mass media, they shutted up CNN an hour ago, Soviet TV transmits opera and old movies. But, thanks Heaven, they don't consider RELCOM mass media or they simply forgot about it. Now we transmit information enough to put us in prison for the rest of our life :-). Hope all will turn out well at long last..."
  --  Polina Antonova

"Just because so many things are in conflict does not mean that we ourselves should be divided. Yet time and time again one hears it said that since we have been put into a conflicting world, we have to adapt to it. Oddly, this completely unchristian idea is most often espoused by so-called Christians, of all people. How can we expect a righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone who will give himself up undividedly to a righteous cause?"
  --  Sophie Scholl

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Tracy's profile picture

👋 just dropping in to say hi! Merry Christmas !

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rraudhatin's profile picture

Hi, thank you for accepting my friend-request. I saw 'Janis Joplin' in the music section of your page, I love her music too! Lol. Those quotes are from 'On the Road with Janis Joplin' I presume?

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Heya! Actually I got them from the interwebs, I never read that book.. but thanks for the tip :D

by Nein MC; ; Report


DarkMiryam's profile picture

Ciao and thanks a lot for adding me! Greetings from Italy ^_^

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קּΔﯼ©Δﺎ's profile picture

Hi Nein MC. Thank you for accepting. You seem like a cool dude. 'Goed bezig' on the music and coding! Have a great weekend!

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Donald's profile picture

Thank you for your kind words... I have thought about doing something... i do some local teaching. Been a long journey and looked at most of the philosophy type things out there... anything “good” that I have posted could be traced back as a paraphrase of some ancient wisdom. I see you have a bunch of great quotes, you must read or explore some of that stuff too... and work in the programming technical side of things. I also have a technical background!

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Or a podcast!

> anything “good” that I have posted could be traced back as a paraphrase of some ancient wisdom

Of course, obviously :D All things worth saying have been said a million of times. I for one never worry about originality, that's why I quote so much hehe.. it gets the info across, saves me time, is a nod to whom I'm quoting.. what's not to love ^^

Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.
-- C.S. Lewis

Reading a lot can probably help with finding the right words, but anyone could do that, you having your heart in the right place, that's the priceless bit. I say this as someone who at least knows enough to recognize it in others, but can be a grumpy petty asshole, too.. I truly admire people who consistently giver others their best. So kudos.

Speaking of quotes: :D I got lazy with tagging in the recent years, and most of them are kinda critical I guess, but there's also some wisdom in there.

by Nein MC; ; Report

A lot of good quotes there... you mentioned heart in the right place... is kinda like digesting it all and putting it into practice, making sense of the wisdom in the quotes and bringing it back down to earth. I have spent a lot of time trying to not be an asshole, and overcoming those tendencies....

If I was to publish something in this theme I would start with the cartesian coordinate graph of understanding on the x axis and information on the y axis, focused on the positive space of the graph, subdivide that into four quarters, starting at the origin and following a trajectory through the four quarters would bring you through naive, confusion, complicated, elegant.

by Donald; ; Report


Jani☆Noir's profile picture

Hi there! Thanks for the add.
Have a great sunday. xoxo

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dolphinbrain's profile picture

Checking your music

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Action Cat

Action Cat's profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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aleeex's profile picture

awww well happy we crossed paths!
hope you have a great rest of the week :3

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~Yaya Cat~

~Yaya Cat~'s profile picture

Thank you for your comment. You have some valid points. Very right about the hypocrite part. Point I was just trying to get out is that there were some cases that seemed to be mere misunderstandings but the other person blew it out of proportion making it so that the "bully" became the "bullied". But apparently calling those situations out makes me an attention wh*re. I cant win! xD

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You did win your continued possession of your integrity ^^

I don't pretend to understand how life is like for the marginalized, I'm privileged as fuck in so many ways. So people shooting from the hip sometimes is something is not something I would condemn.. people have bad days, people post before breakfast, whatever, I do plenty of both.

But the issue is labeling people, blocking (or mocking them, "going lalala I can't hear you, you said this instead") them, and then using that as a proof of any and all accusations.

Personally I do have a thick skin, I'm at odds with so many things in society as is, and so vocal in my criticism of it, that this hardly registers. But even for me, it did make me feel less like even loading the site, because I wouldn't want to deal with *more* of that.

What I'm really trying to get at, your post about it did help. Like, "I'm just not seeing things, others see it too, and not all of them are white cis dudes". I mean, I personally don't think that way anyway, I just think in terms of individuals, but that's the "narrative" this takes place in, after all.

So thank you. Shame that you got shit for it, you of all people, Mrs. Friendliness and Positivity herself ^^ But it also took something that kinda bummed me out off my chest. Be proud, keep being kind and patient, so other people can learn from you :) Thanks.

by Nein MC; ; Report

Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it! I log on to meet people and make friends and enjoy the Nostalgia of the site. All this negativity floating around makes me wonder if a MySpace reboot would even work in 2021 if it's going to deliver the same hostility and division you get from other sites like Facebook and Twitter. Hoping that the site continues to grow and in a positive way. Like you said, sometimes you can have a bad day which can cause arguments and if we're not here to listen and grow then all we're going to do is continue to tear each other apart. I'm sure some of those instances were justified as they were violating site rules but there were much minor things that involved either accidentally misgendering someone, or just misinterpreting someones jokes. I know people that were blocked because they expressed that they were uncomfortable with being asked to subscribe to their patreon/only fans, or kicked off the discord server for pointing out inappropriate content. I know it's no ones job to explain if they decide to block someone but the way some of these people are doing it just reminds me of mean Highschool kids. I try to be the best person I can be every day and I am always open to learn and teach. I guess I'm expecting way too much out of other people. Anyway, thanks again.

by ~Yaya Cat~; ; Report

Progress and positive change depends on people like you who don't just adapt but, you know, get a soap box sometimes. But your personal well being also depends on not feeling responsible for what ultimately isn't your responsibility. By that I mean, when you speak up, no matter how carefully you pick your words, the outcome isn't just in your hands. All you can control is your own intention and how you go about it, and you do that admirably. Be well, and be kind to yourself :)

by Nein MC; ; Report

You're very right. Thank you! I'm gonna just focus on myself for a little while. Take a page out of my own book and just block the drama. Haha!

by ~Yaya Cat~; ; Report


XxNix_NightmarexX's profile picture

why did you feel the need to tell me you to talk to nazis on a post warning trans ppl abt a transphobe? LOL

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This was the comment. What's funny about it, or about paraphrasing it and asking about what "need" I may have felt? I said it because it's true, that's all. It also wasn't talking about "Nazis", I was talking about a specific person on the myspace forums calling herself Mussolini style fascist. If you can't even distinguish singular and plural, why the *fuck* would you send someone like me a friend request? "LOL"


I like to combat words with words, that is "wrong" with me.

I remember when this chick showed up in the myspace forums introducing herself as "Mussolini style fascist", and declaring her intention to defend her political outlook in debate. I actually looked forward to that, because I figured at the very least, it gets me to consider and collect and expand arguments, even if I may not be able to convince that person, after all, for 1 person writing, there are dozens reading. But I was the only one who thought that way, everybody else just trolled her, and she ended up getting banned for some lame technicality when she lashed out, IIRC. That's not how people who have the arguments on their side should ever operate, and the web was more interesting when people with different opinions had heated debates, because just going away, or blocking them, wasn't an option when there were only like 3 forums total.

Sure, the dude is at least ignorant for saying that, i.e. even if he meant sexes but said genders he still sucks for not even caring enough to use the right word. And maybe he did mean gender. But it's super easy to find that out, by replying and telling him hey, that's both wrong and kinda hurtful etc, THEN see how he responds to that. You might very well be right -- but why not go the extra mile and make sure?

If you just go with the nuclear option right away, that's basically the US army way of declaring people enemy combatants because a.) they killed them and b.) they technically could have been, nothing more required. I'm not down with that, and neither the quotes I collect, the music I like or make, should ever have given you the impression that I could be.

by Nein MC; ; Report

And your response to that on the bulletin I commented it on:

im not reading all tht, srry tht happened to u or congrats ! XDD

So, after ALREADY having responded you didn't even read it, why did you feel the need to come to my profile and low key smear me with your paraphrasing of something YOU don't understand and pretend to not even have read?

Can you please stick to people who are able to pretend to see any good intentions or character here? Thanks.

by Nein MC; ; Report

jimmies rustled XDDD

by XxNix_NightmarexX; ; Report

Heh. You wish apparently, which in itself is telling. I for one simply mean what I say, while you don't even read much less understand it it, yet LOL and XDDD as if you *could* be serious, but just don't need to. You're not that bright, you are a hypocrite, and you don't even come at me in good faith -- what do you expect to come from that, lol? You want a cookie or something?

by Nein MC; ; Report

Kathryn Chill

Kathryn Chill's profile picture

Thank you!! 🖤

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Kathryn Chill

Kathryn Chill's profile picture

Thanks for sharing that poem with me!

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corentin's profile picture

Thanks for your nice comment on my profile :)

Happy new year too!

I don't know if I will update my profile page design anymore, I'm pretty happy with the current status. I may write some explanations on how it works in the future :)

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Rough Dreams

Rough Dreams's profile picture

Thanks for checking us out new friend 🤘🏻

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I didn't. I clicked accept is all. I don't like marketing. Bye.

by Nein MC; ; Report

~Yaya Cat~

~Yaya Cat~'s profile picture

Very true! Thank you! And thanks for the add!

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Giovi [悲しい女の子]

Giovi [悲しい女の子]'s profile picture

Hey there!
Its lovely to meet another animal lover!
I look forward to your friendship
xx =]

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Tracy's profile picture

You should be proud. The snow caught my eyes from the beginning and it’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing your process with me. I really want to learn.

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🌚 Jordan 🌞's profile picture

Thank you so much

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Tracy's profile picture

Nein, your snow is awesome. Did you overlay it to get it so full?

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