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ribena girl ~ 🍇

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Mood: ready to buzz just like a busy bee at a spelling bee!

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ribena, vaccuum cleaners, plucking my beard hair! monkeys and music of couuuuurse. microchips and systems, science, nerding about, anything you might consider nerdy basically that's me :D


electronic dance music, dubstep, anime soundtrack


any documentary especially science or even a zapping episode of doctor "who"!


oh god... wehre do i start!


school textbook for once, ofc anything science and finishing that off with a little luxury read of some warrior cats or doctor who anthologies!


my wonderful friend rayven harbison, the future of music!

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About me:

hey all i'm holly neglett im a cheerful girl who's known to be a bit of a nerd and i've got a raging addiction to ribena! when i was a young girl i was famous for disassembling vacuum cleaners, but now i'm older and have to fight with my family and those around me like egglebert scrambled or b*g t*t britt! but never worry at heart i'll always be that sweet nerd girl who saved a monkey on the brink of horror and supported her in her music dreams all with a bottle of ribena in hand!

Who I'd like to meet:

people who like rayven harbison music, nerds, people who hate rich people

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i honestly love everything about your profile. the attitude, the random gif in the ottom right, it all just resonates with me. also if you click on the big face in the middle and you're already a friend it prompts you to unfriend them which i just think is great

with all that being said, no comic sans so 4/10

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*approches you* RIBENA ATACK!!! *you get drenched with ribena* Your purple now hahaha
I honestly love everything about ribena. The drink, the random label on the bottom, it all just resonates with me. Also if you unscrew the top of the bottle and you're already thirsty it prompts you to drink the Ribena which I just think is great

With all that being said, no force feeding Ribena to the general population so 4/10

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by Googleplex; ; Report


by Googleplex; ; Report


by Holly Neglett; ; Report

you won't be giggling when that tornado hits your shed on the 5th of august

by Googleplex; ; Report

never gonna happen kid cause i'll be sucking up the tornado with my trusty vacuum cleaner!

by Holly Neglett; ; Report

a secind tornado will take your vaccum cleaner
i heard it from a newspaper in a dream i had one time so it's bound to be correct

by Googleplex; ; Report

In my dream,
Ribena took over this world
There was nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide.
So beautiful

Are you prepared for this future?
A tornado might take my hoover
But a tornado can not take away what will happen to this world
All your life drenched in a beautiful purple

I'm so excited

by Holly Neglett; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?



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by Holly Neglett; ; Report

I'm ok with that

by Wacky Alex; ; Report

Rayven Super Star

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Hols! A trusted friend I can always rely on pop over later for a ribena themed spring fling! Cant wait to see you xoxoxox ravs x (P.S my vaccum cleaner recently stopped working haha... could do with some help over here!)

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