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i like a lot of things!! some of the things i like the most are:

  • programming
  • makin art
  • makin music
  • eventually making a game
  • irish dance
  • horror, cosmic horror and analog horror r so fun


blooborne is my favourite game, but some others i like are:

  • ffxiv
  • baldurs gate 3
  • persona 5 royal
  • persona 3 (i nevr finished that one)
  • super paper mario :]
  • pikmin
  • cult of the lamb
  • dredge
  • tloz twilight princess
  • dragon age origins
  • kotor 1 and 2
  • ace attorney
  • ghost trick


movies :]

  • spiderman across the spiderverse
  • rocky horror picture show
  • howls moving castle


watching chainsaw man atm

  • scott pilgrim takes off
  • fma and code geass were my favourites as a kid
  • jujutsu kaisen


books i like!

  • the picture of dorian grey by oscar wilde
  • dracula by bram stoker (its good, but not among my faves)
  • when i was a kid i liked the kane chronicles by rick riordan
  • i also liked most of the wow lore books i was a fucking nerd 10 year old
  • CURRENTLY house of leaves by mark z. danielewski
  • ON THE LIST: tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, also junji itos work just in general
  • frankenstein by mary shelly
  • berserk by kentaro miura (i got to around chapter 100 and am on a break)
  • dune by frank herbert
  • maurice by e. m. forster (if i can find it)
  • Heroes


    • utsu-p
    • teniwoha
    • shimon
    • syudou
    • yuu miyashita
    • ghost
    • RIPproducer
    • vane lily
    • måneskin
    • jann
    • the dear hunter
    • tom cardy
    • IDKHOW
    • will wood
    • bear ghost
    • lemon demon
    • aviators
    • blind guardian

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    About me:

    hi im gay

    22 it/he/they (not an order of preference i have none) also some neos if im feeling spicy

    im a software engineering major (software design is my passion)

    hobbyist artist & musician . i know like 0 music theory so im kinda bad but fiddling with LMMS is so fun

    im a linux user 😏 Be Not Afraid. i use nobara (kde edition bc gnome is so sucks)

    ! this page is under construction !

    Who I'd like to meet:

    :] humans who r 18 yrs or older (cats are also acceptable)

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    Nice page!

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    ty !!!

    by murkrow; ; Report


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    Thanks for the add back💖your page is the coolest!!!!!!!

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    TYYYY you have good music taste !!! amazing devil slaps

    by murkrow; ; Report


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    cool page

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    ty !!

    by murkrow; ; Report

    Atticus Atlas

    Atticus Atlas's profile picture

    Heyo Murkrow, I like the layout of ur interests table and wanted to incorporate into my theme :0 figured out the stylized bullets but cant get them to line up side by side rather than line breaks between. How'd ya do that? (also is there a way to make it Not do that for one table row, wanna make the Socials an exception if possible)

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    OOF sorry ive been inactive,, i vaguely remember it was actually a bit by accident lol so i have no idea what specifically made it do that... i'm Thinking having ul display: inline but not sure. once im out of class i can try and check better

    by murkrow; ; Report

    lmao no worries, I shall give that a shot!

    by Atticus Atlas; ; Report


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    Howdy! Thanks for accepting my request! I thought your page was really cool and you seem like a nice person :3c.

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    AA ty !! i luv ur frog theme i love frogs . and maxwell is my hero too

    by murkrow; ; Report

    🔮 Danitza

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    ✨ Thanks for accepting my friend request! Don't be a stranger. ✨

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    ty for the add!! :]

    by murkrow; ; Report


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    hello,, thank you for the add. your page is very unique, i enjoy it a lot.

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    THANK UUU i meant to comment on ur page but i luv ur layour!! i see fear and hunger fans here and it brings me life

    by murkrow; ; Report


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    Absolutely adore your profile, hmu sometime, I'd love to chat :3

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    aaaa thank you!! i will fight my social anxiety and try some time 🫡

    by murkrow; ; Report


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    Oh hey I didn't realize you made vocalsynth originals! I'm listening to rip and tear right now \m/ very cool :O

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    heehee ty >:) i am still figurin out how to properly mix vocals but aaa fiddling with vocaloids is so fun. there's a more recent one ive made but still kinda tweaking it n need to draw art for it n stuff

    by murkrow; ; Report


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    Thanks for the add, and AWESOME layout :3

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    by murkrow; ; Report

    suddenly, kittens!

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    hai there! :3 nice to meetcha

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    by murkrow; ; Report

    wanna chat? :o there's contact info on my profile (click da pudding)

    by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report

    YAAA im just getting home 🫡 i need more friends who wanna use discord alternatives

    by murkrow; ; Report


    𝐇𝐉's profile picture

    your demos sound fuckin awesome!!

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    thank u!!

    by murkrow; ; Report