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Visual Art, fashion, Textile Arts, rollerskating, The Sims, Bone collecting, Interior design, Witchcraft, The Moon, plants/gardening, food/cooking/baking, nature, antiques


Type O Negative, Joy Division, Lebanon Hanover, Christian Death, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Clan of Xymox, Joji, Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, The Cure, The Doors, Nina Hagen, Grimes, Lady Gaga, Lil Peep, Love, Midwinter, Miley Cyrus


The Addams Family (1991), K-12 (2019), Planet of the Apes (1968), Scarface (1983), The Witch (2015), The Love Witch (2016)


Avatar, Bigmouth, Shameless, Euphoria, Dream Corp LLC, Pingu


Into The Wild, The Ethical Slut, The Ptaah Tapes: Transformation of the Species


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About me:

glitter maker
artist of all sorts

can't seem to stop playing the sims...

my profile is a work in progress

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openmided and creative people open Spider

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Warm Fuzzy Flashbacks to an internet world far less absurdly intrusive Bigtech!
TimeWarp 2000s
Thanks for Add:)
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V Holeček Art

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Happy Friday! You made it to the end of another week of meat-life. Why not treat your corporeal shell to a delicious coping mechanism?

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Kelly Chaos™οΈ

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by Moonstone~Nymph; ; Report

Morgan Madewell

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It really is depressing because everyone is asleep. At least when it’s day I can hear and see life. Neighbors mowing lawns. Distant child laughter. If I hear any of those noises at night it’s creepy af hahahaha. But I am trying to combat the sadness by putting makeup on. Taking pics. Cleaning. Just acting like it’s not fucking late. I wish there was a night owl chill spot that wasn’t a bar but the again we can’t leave our house anyways. Ugh. *deep breathe*

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Thank you for streaming my song I really appreciate it!

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gotta support small artists! β™‘

by Moonstone~Nymph; ; Report

Lord Byron

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What is the funniest thing you've ever seen your Sims do?

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Morgan Madewell

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Thanks for much for your comment. I have detached myself from feeling the need to figure out why and just feel. I appreciate you commenting. I love this community so much for people like you :)

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πŸ’€ B O X O F J U I C EπŸ’€'s profile picture

Well thanks for accepting the request :D

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awe thanks! I like the glitter water background you have.

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⭐️🌸[Bun]Nee🌸⭐️'s profile picture

Heck yes flower power. I can’t wait until spring!

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Lord Byron

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What are some examples of textile arts? I'm intrigued.

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No problem at all! Love your profile and music taste~!

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Lyrian Space Frequencies

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Thanks for the friend request. You listed some good bands and movies. Type O Negative and Sisters of Mercy are among my favorites. Planet of the Apes is also a classic.

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thanks for watching the trailer! lovely to meet you btw ty for the add ✨

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Magickal Warlock

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The original Susperia? Loved Ginger Snaps also!

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yes the original :) and ginger snaps was so campy i loved it

by Moonstone~Nymph; ; Report


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i'm just seeing your hair now, jealous af

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thank you! i have been considering chopping it because it has been long for a few years now but i am so attached

by Moonstone~Nymph; ; Report

π–’π–ˆ π–™π–π–šπ–“π–‰π–Šπ–—

π–’π–ˆ π–™π–π–šπ–“π–‰π–Šπ–—'s profile picture


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hi cutie

by Moonstone~Nymph; ; Report


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Thank you for the friend request, I absolutely love your profile! The rippling water is soothing and the "surviving" glitter led me to the page where you made it and gave me some ideas hehe

Oh, and I made sure to give your pet spider some love too. Have a wonderful evening!

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thank you so much your words are so sweet! β™‘ i can't wait to see what you come up with for the text. also my pet spider says hi hehe

by Moonstone~Nymph; ; Report

πŸ’« Cody Vondell

 πŸ’« Cody Vondell's profile picture

of course! super nice layout :)

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thank you :)

by Moonstone~Nymph; ; Report


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Thanks for adding me

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I have no idea why spacehey literally got rid of the second part of my comment lmao - I promise I'm trying to make friends by bonding over type o negative lol

by Angelo; ; Report

i've noticed that if you add a less than 3 heart that it cuts off your comment after that and i am sure there are other instances like that. no worries though peter can help us through it :) glad to have you here (β™‘Β΄ΰ±ͺ`β™‘)

by Moonstone~Nymph; ; Report