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"Psychic Vampires Need Not Apply..."

Aries Sun,Virgo Rising,Pisces Moon INFP

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Occultist involved for decades in all things arcane. Also into Cryptozoology for just as long,and I was finally mentioned in a book in 2015. Entertainment Industry as an occupation many years ago...


Heavy Metal,Thrash Metal,Death Metal,Black Metal,Extreme Metal,Avant-garde Metal,Pop Metal,Industrial,Crossover Thrash,Grindcore,Hardcore Punk,Freak Folk,NeoFolk,Lo-Fi,Chill Wave,Grunge,Post Punk,Punk,Street Punk,Crust,Doom Metal,Shoegaze,New Wave,Synthpop,Dark Wave,Goth,Ambient,Krautrock,Electronic,Witch House,No Wave,Experimental,Noise,80s Rap,Trap,Techno,Freestyle,Latin Jazz,Salsa. Iron Maiden,Van Halen,Black Sabbath,Judas Priest,Rush,Mercyful Fate,Deep Purple,Dio,Kiss,Alice Cooper,Thin Lizzy,80s Metallica,Anthrax,S.O.D.,Megadeth,80s Slayer,Bon Jovi,Bryan Adams,Led Zeppelin Aerosmith 1973-85,Beastie Boys,Mr.Bungle,Faith No More,Venom,Brujeria,Entombed,Morbid Angel,Vader,Deicide,Gorguts,Dismember,Ihsahn,Immortal,Deftones,Tool,Yes,Ratt,Overkill,NIN,Ministry,Godflesh,Adam And The Antz,Gang of Four,Cardiacs,The Damned,Wumpscut,Diamanda Galas,Nick Cave,PIL,Cro-Mags,Agnostic Front,ZZ Top,Japan,Depeche Mode,The Cure,Tangerine Dream,Throbbing Gristle,Kraftwerk Beherit,Dodheimsgard,Wormrot,Enslaved,Kanye West,Public Enemy,Ice Cube,NWA,Run-DMC,Fugazi,Rollins Band,Shining(Norway),Shining(Sweden),My Bloody Valentine,The Smashing Pumpkins,Scorpions,Doom,Amebix,Discharge,Church of Misery,Brian Eno,Septic Flesh,Alice in Chains,Misfits,Nirvana,Soundgarden,Queen,Laibach,Lingua Ignota,SRSQ,Machetazo,Daughters,The Body,Code Orange,Septic Flesh,Swamp Dogg,Cold Cave,Moonspell,Amorphis,Candlemass,Marissa Nadler,Fiona Apple,Crass,The Fartz,Warrant,Love/Hate,King Kobra,Skinny Puppy,OMD,Inkubus Sukkubus,Elend,Exuma,Rodriguez,Death(Punk),Sun Ra,Extended Organ,Coil,Current 93,Death in June,Swans,Brighter Death Now,Einstürzende Neubauten, Alien Sex Fiend, Andi Sex Gang,Judee Sill,Joanna Newsom,Roy Harper,Lee "Scratch" Perry,Burning Spear.


70s and 80s Horror,Thriller,Action,Sci-Fi,Comedy-Evil Dead,Hellraiser,The Howling,The Thing,The Shining,Dawn of the Dead,The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,An American Werewolf in London,Re-Animator,Altered States,The Brood,From Beyond,Bloodsucking Freaks,Mother's Day,The Fog,Maniac,Creepshow,Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer,Don't be Afraid of the Dark(1973),Rosemary's Baby,Saw,Cube,Friday the 13th,The Keep,The Hunger,Cat People,Caligula,Dead Alive. Blade Runner,Star Wars,Raiders of the Lost Ark,Mad Max,The Road Warrior,Rocky,Superman (1978)Apocalypse Now,Scarface,Sharky's Machine,Shamus,Death Wish(1974),Walking Tall(1973) Stir Crazy,Blazing Saddles,Caddyshack,The Jerk,Vigilante.


I don't watch TV,haven't in decades,but I watch box set DVDs to my favourites- Sanford and Son, The Munsters, The Odd Couple, The Incredible Hulk, Fawlty Towers, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Manimal


Occult, Cryptozoology, Paranormal, Horror Carl Jung Nietzsche Karl Shuker The Acid House Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 1984 The Sentinel The Hellbound Heart The Scarlet Gospels


Edward Van Halen,David Lee Roth,Bruce Lee,Chuck Norris,Jackie Chan,Redd Foxx,Steve Harris,Mike Patton,David Bowie,Jimmy Page,Diamanda Galas,Burt Reynolds,Harrison Ford,Sylvester Stallone,Richard Pryor,Aleister Crowley,Genesis P-Orridge,Buford Pusser,Charles Bronson,Curtis Sliwa,Marlon Brando,Dr.John,Captain Beefheart,Arthur Brown. My Mom and Dad.

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About me:

Obsessed with all kinds of music,love 70s and 80s films,particularly Horror,Action and Comedy. Love all animals,especially Cats. Own 1,500 films, and 10,000 physical Albums/CDs/Cassettes combined, both downsized actually. Astrology,though I'm not an expert compared to some. Santeria.

Who I'd like to meet:

I met them all,literally...

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Wacky Alex

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Try my channel.

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Journal of the Vril

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Hope all is great!

Thanks for the add.

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THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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Thank you for accepting me! :)

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

Ray Fucking Packer

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Hey, thanks for excepting me.

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thank u for the add!!!

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Thanks to you as well!

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report


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Ciao from Italy and thanks a lot for adding!

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Greetings from New York City! And thanks as well!

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

Los Jamiltons

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Hello Magickal Warlock!!! Thanks for accepting us :) Stay safe!! Greetings from Argentina!!!
Visit our profile whenever you want ;)
We want to share our new track with you ↓

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Jeanine Rachel

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Thanks for the add :]

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I should be thanking you!

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

Lanna V

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Hi, thank you for the add, add me on Instagram too (link in my profile) ✨

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I instantly did lol,thank you too!

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

Inside Bilderberg

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Thanks for accepting friend req, may you have a great day!

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Vann Alexander

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Hi! Thank you for the add c:

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Much thanks to you as well!

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report


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Thank you for the add, tbh!

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oh yeah, I see a lot of great music taste here!

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Thanks so much! :)

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report


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HELLO! Thank you for adding me!
Have a great day - xoxo

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The pleasure is mine! Xoxo

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report


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Hi! Thanks for the add :) I hope you're having a nice day!

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Thanks for accepting! :)

Just relaxing- how was your day so far?

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

doll ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

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As so are you!!! :)

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

Petals And Thorns

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Thanks for connecting with us!

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My pleasure! Will check your music out!

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

Awesome, thank you!

by Petals And Thorns; ; Report


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Heyy thanks for the add! That's an impressive music collection you got there!

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I was thinking the same about yours minutes ago !

It's mainly why I add people, to talk about music :)

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

Nikkie I

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Hey! Thanks for the add! My name is Nikkie & I make pop music! I can’t wait to get to know you!

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The feelings are mutual and I can't wait to listen to your work!

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

** hAvYC **

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thx for the add =)

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Thank you too! Hope you are well!

by Magickal Warlock; ; Report

no probz, same to you!

by ** hAvYC **; ; Report