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"looking at my stamp collection :)"

22yo, lesbian, autistic, german, they/he/it

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rhythm games (mainly osu!, project diva and project sekai), monster high, final fantasy x & xiv, critical role, baldurs gate 3, dragon age, dungeons and dragons, vampire the masquerade, the sims, league of legends, the magnus archives, genshin impact

also i own 12 furbies haha


mcr, lana del rey, blink-182, old p!atd, grimes, nirvana, oasis, everything vocaloid, the cure, radiohead, tj_beastboy, taylor swift, the young veins, blondie, system of a down, mitski, die ärzte, oingo boingo, depeche mode, type o negative, drangsal, siouxsie and the banshees, blur, joji, kraftklub, billy talent, david bowie, milliarden, mayberg, king crimson

im most likely forgetting some, i have around 200 playlists on spotify thehe


lots of different stuff, i have my letterboxd linked down below! currently im going through all the one piece movies


one piece, monster, naruto, neon genesis evangelion, hunter x hunter, chainsaw man, berserk, paradise kiss, jojos bizarre adventure, death note, tokyo ghoul, dungeon meshi, the apothecary diaries, trigun/tristamp, pluto


one piece, berserk, monster, the apothecary diaries, lord of the rings, all the big kafka stuff (i know, i know)


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About me:


im moons! i like watching anime, playing video games and listening to music! currently im playing a lot of final fantasy xiv and im having a biiiig one piece hyperfixation haha :D i also really like making oc's, mainly for dnd and vtm, so if thats something that you think is cool, you can mayhap look at my toyhouse profil! i have it linked below!!:D im autistic and uh not doing too well mentally, so i live with my dad and cant work atm (maybe never, who knows), so im basically always online, most of the time on twitter or tumblr ^^

I'm really friendly but socially awkward, so please feel free to message me! I'm generally very lonely haha

this page is a huge work in progress and i love adding stuff to it every once in a while :3

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

Naruto Sexy No Jutsu

Who I'd like to meet:

just nice people tbh! with similar interests and stuff

dni: basic stuff (nazis, terfs, homophobes, transphobes), -16 (im 22, so it makes me a bit iffy), fans of dream and the people surrounding him, proshippers and antis, general meanies

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by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report


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FELLOW DND AND VTM LOVER!! HII!! I love ur profile!!

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omg hell yea!!!! i love yours as well, it looks really cool!:3

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report


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omg such a pretty profile!! (one piece mentioned!?!)

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omg thank uuu, yours is so cool as well! (one piece mention >:) )

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report

also, CORA-SAN!!>>>

by rice_is_nice; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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Hiii! 🩷🩵💜

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Omg thx for the add!!! And btw in which region do you live? Im searching for a irl dnd campaign so that would be nice if we could play dnd together

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hiii!! I live in east germany so sadly I think I'm too far away for that but if you ever plan on doing an online game (or want someone to ramble about dnd to:3) I'd be totally down!!

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report

Omg I literally live in the west side . Yeah I guess only online

by ABN; ; Report


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Sweet profile!

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thank youuu!! yours is really cool as well!:3

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report


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☾ ☼ Thanks for the add! ☼ ☽

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🔮 Danitza

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✨️🪄 Thanks for the add! May the Moon bless you and illuminate your nights. 🪄✨️

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Fred The Boy Blue

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Thanks for the add

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omg!! i love you!! <3

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bebiii!!!!!! ilysm

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report

sprite 💤

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thank you so much for the add!

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suddenly, kittens!

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hi friend!!! :D nice to meet you. big hugg

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ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ teddy/diana ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

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ty for da add!!!! NYAAAA ^_^ ur page is sooo cool!!!

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omggg thank youu!!!<3 I love your profile so much, it's so colourful!!

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report


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Thanks for the add and I lovee ur acc it soo cool

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thank uuu!!! i love your layout sm!!<3

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report

Jon 🐇

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Hi! Thanx 4 teh add! :D

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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I love your page!!! I'd love to be friends!

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thxx im obsessed with your layout!! and hell ye id love to be friends!:3

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report

silas ☆

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tysm 4 the add! i LUV ur page, u seem supr kewl!!

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ahhh thank you :3 i love your page aswell!!!

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report

thx sm! :D

by silas ☆; ; Report


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hey thx for the add! u seem cool n im always happy ro befriend another jjba and berserk fan!

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ahh thx! i really liked your layout and you seem like a really interesting person haha :x

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report


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hiii danke für den add :D
n very cool profile

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heii!! hab ffxiv gesehen und direkt auf "add friend" geklickt owo und thxxx

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report

haha schade leider dass ich auf nem NA dc spiele (dynamis) sonst hätte ich nach einem @ gefragt ;;

by elpisflowers; ; Report

ich hab theoretisch n alt auf primal xd aber der ist noch irgendwo in early heavensward

by moons /ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ; ; Report