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Gothic/industrial metal band from Luxembourg

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About me:

MIY is a goth/industrial metal band from Luxembourg. We are trying to blend gothic/industrial metal, punkrock, darkwave and a hint of synthpop since 2018. Raised in the early 2000s, we take influence from the artists of that era, to resonate with our own vision. We are a small personal project, won't get famous, but would be honored to be one of the shivering stars on your darkest nights.

The band members are Gábor Bándi (HU, vocals, bass, synth) and Sophie Joiris (BE, vocals and guitars). We have a fancy website, but intend to keep Spacehey a more personal profile - feel free to get in touch with us :)

If you prefer the fancy stuff, head over to https://miy-music.com/

Who I'd like to meet:

Gothic metal, industrial metal, darkwave enthusiasts. We grew up in the 00s and our music builds from the rocks and metal of those years - if you feel the same, let's connect!


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tally!!'s profile picture

hiii, thanks for the add! i'm curious to know what your personal favourite tracks are to play ^_^ loving the vibes!!

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Work and Hallowed are fun to play still, but to be honest, the new stuff is waaay more exciting :D You can expect them very soon.

by MIY; ; Report

ooo i gotta hang around then!! very cool :D

by tally!!; ; Report


-JimmyJ-'s profile picture

Thanks for the add, check out my Music sometime= https://soundcloud.com/jimmyjofficial

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Thanks, will do!

by MIY; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

Great Googly Moogly's profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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Thanks for accepting, nice to see on spacehey ;)

by MIY; ; Report


xbattykatx's profile picture

your music is awesome!!!

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Thank you, glad you like it We'll release new stuff soon!

by MIY; ; Report

Glitter Heart

Glitter Heart's profile picture

Hey! Thanks so much for the add & I hope you have a great day! 💖🎄

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Have a great one you too :)

by MIY; ; Report

Paolavyves. ⛧

Paolavyves. ⛧'s profile picture

HEEEY thx for the add
i love this music

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Thanks :D More stuff will come soon, of the harder kind

by MIY; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture

Happy New Year!

We play wacky music. Try it out!

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Happy new year to you too :)

by MIY; ; Report


gH6@'s profile picture

Never expected a band to add me hahaha! Hope you all are doing good and making some good music. I know how hard it can be cause I try heh! Cheers! ;B

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:D Spacehey is a different place I guess, weird things can happen! I hope you are doing well too - we are definitely fine and rocking, back in the rehearsal room after the summer :)

by MIY; ; Report

That's wonderful my mates! I wish you only the best for your future tours, albums and whatnot!

by gH6@; ; Report


asmodeus 's profile picture


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Thanks for accepting! I hope you will like some of our stuff

by MIY; ; Report


l3pr0sy's profile picture

THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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Thanks for accepting! I hope you will like some of our stuff :)

by MIY; ; Report


mikeyy's profile picture

thanks 4 tha add, ur music is rlly good !!!

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Thank you, glad you liked it :) Any favorite?

by MIY; ; Report

~Broken Toy~

🤖~Broken Toy~🤖's profile picture

Thank You, MIY.....


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Thank you and welcome to our dark little corner :)

by MIY; ; Report


🦇Lura🕸️'s profile picture

woah great music you got there

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Thanks, glad you like it!

by MIY; ; Report


Elenaglitternose's profile picture

Thank you for the add

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Thanks for accepting! I hope you will like some of our music - might be something interesting for you based on your profile :)

by MIY; ; Report

Los Jamiltons

Los Jamiltons's profile picture

Hi Friends, Great work!!! Thanks for accepting!!! We're from Argentina, have a nice Sunday!!!
We play oldies like this ↓

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Giuseppe's profile picture

Thanks for the add :)

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Thanks for accepting!

by MIY; ; Report

Fae Gardenia

Fae Gardenia's profile picture

Thx for the add!1!1!1!

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Thanks for accepting! I hope you will like some of our songs :)

by MIY; ; Report

Ras Bolding

Ras Bolding's profile picture

Hi in here. ;)

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Hi! You have a quite unique style of music, it was very refreshing to listen!

by MIY; ; Report

Thank you very much. Will be going through concert set with one of my musicians today so I better get ready here. :)

by Ras Bolding; ; Report

Good luck and have fun!

by MIY; ; Report

Thanks and you too. :)

by Ras Bolding; ; Report


Didrick's profile picture

Thanks for the friend request! Have a nice weekend :)

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Thanks for accepting! What kind of music are you into?

by MIY; ; Report

I'm mostly into pop/EDM but I can occasionally enjoy rock/metal as well. I try to have an open mind about music for the most part. I listened to "Work", the song in your music video on your profile and I definitely like the sound of it! Reminds me a bit of Rammstein actually, their song "Du Hasst" is an all time fave of mine. And your take on Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" is a really good cover too! :)

by Didrick; ; Report


Xx_Summer_Slaughterhouse_...'s profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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Thanks for accepting! Hope you will like some of our music! Have a great day

by MIY; ; Report