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Anime or Manga, Photography, Old Websites, the 2000's and 2010's, Spider-Man(huge fan), Sonic(casual fan) OH I LOVE ART I love seeing that shit, I like to draw too. I do like danagnronpa too so... you can talk to me about that i guesssss .-_.-

I enjoy Roblox from time to time, it is quite fun UwU


I'm an enjoyer of many things: J-pop or anime music. Rock. Pop. Rap, Hip Hop. Classical Music. Indie, Breakcore, EDM, I can enjoy emo from time to time.

Anime Soundtracks I'm fond of: Attack on Titan(so good)

Video Game OST: Sonic HELL YEAHH, Persona, Undertale, Pokemon, Nintendo games.

I love toe, like if you are a toe fan, I love anything Hiroyuki Sawano produced.


Why Don't You Play In Hell?


Too many anime to name lol but: MHA, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Gintama, HxH, Nichijou, Gurren Lagann, Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man, a lil bit of One Piece, Hajime No Ippo, Serial Experiments Lain :)




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About me:

Hey there, I'm Marxsiah, you can call me Mar.

im just a senior in highschool getting ready to graduate. I found this place and I can't wait to use it XD No one knows about this so I can write WHATEVER :D Baseball is my fav sport

I like watching youtube videos

I'm hoping you'll accept my friend request, I think your page is really cool!

WOOOOO yuukodrip

Who I'd like to meet:

Spider-man, The Rock, my online friends

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if you mind me asking how did you get that word to fly across your screen?

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ADIDAHO so sorry for late reply

So basically how I did it was putting the text in between this code: [text]

If that don't show up right: its the word 'marquee' in between the arrow keys (<>). There is a second piece that comes after the desired text and its 'marquee' in between the arrow keys same as the first one, but this time, there is a slash(/) in front of marquee: /marquee

So to write this out: marquee [text] /marquee

It's as simple as that!!! Sorry I might have over explained it a bit but this is the best way for me to explain it. Have a good one!

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tyy for the add! ^_^

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ofc!! Your page is sick, kinda scary tho LOL

by marxsiah; ; Report