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"on a subway to a place i can't pronounce"

they/he, bisexual, 19, Argentina.

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listening to and making music, playing video games, writing and reading, taking photos, making art and web design.


Unwound, Jaime Sin Tierra, Cap'n Jazz, Panchiko, Bauer, A Tribe Called Quest, Far Apart, Fishmans, Cursi No Muere, Sebadoh, The Shins, Death Cab For Cutie, Kent, Sunny Day Real Estate, Baltimore In Love, The Pillows, Plenamente, Santiago, Suárez, Dinosaur Jr, Flake Music, The Microphones, Sonic Youth, Nas, Thursday, Hum, Soda Stereo, Radiohead, Tigers Jaw, Black Midi, Ozma, Fugazi, Blur, Title Fight, Built to Spill, Los Planetas, The Dismemberment Plan, Maggat, Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel, At the Drive-In, Modest Mouse, WRRN, Sebadoh, Joe McBeth, Deftones, Babasónicos, Slowdive, Lowercase, Bloc party, Avant Press, Rosamonte, Teenage Fanclub, Fountains of Wayne


perks of being a wallflower, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, nadar solo, it's such a beautiful day, fantastic mr fox, rango, the truman show, scott pilgrim vs the world, once upon a time in hollywood, inglorious bastards, baby driver, hateful 8, breadcrumb trail, esperando a la carroza, everything everywhere all at once, whisper of the heart, good burger, la noche de los lapices, 2001 a space odyssey, rapado, wall-e


flcl, twin peaks, nathan for you, serial experiments lain, cowboy bebop, impractical jokers, seinfeld, brooklyn 99, eric andre, smiling friends, i'm not ok with this, stranger things, the boys, foster's home for imaginary friends, hotel hell


magnetizado, 1984, masacre en el comedor, mi planta naranja lima, empire, operacion masacre


justin trosper, juan stewart, nekro, ian mackeye, sebastian kramer, lirios, tim kinsella

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About me:

heya! i'm marm0ta. i'm 19, i'm residing in argentina. i'm bisexual and go by they/he :). i listen to a lot of music! mainly rock stuff (indie rock, emo, post hardcore, noise rock, alt rock, post rock and shoegaze) but am open to any type of music ('cept for happy hardcore or most (NOT ALL) country). i like to take photos, write poetry and record music. other interests include video games (platformers, rpgmaker horror, some FPSes, SSBM, p&c, etc), anime, movies, reading, vinyl/cd collecting and the sorts. i want to study cinema in college and move to somewhere in Europe or Canada. maybe open up a record shop. i'm hyperfixated on stuff like old web design and retro internet in general, like forums and IM software like AIM and MSN messenger. i do web design as well occasionally. other hyperfixations include but are not limited to: OMORI, unwound (band), Panchiko (band), Jaime Sin Tierra (band), SSBM, Twin Peaks, Serial Experiments Lain, FLCL and Sonic The Hedgehog and emo music. also I'm autistic so please keep that in mind and be patient with me since sometimes I might not be the best in certain social stuff!! if u wanna follow me on instagram follow me at @_marm0ta :)

Who I'd like to meet:

someone who hopefully shares my interests or that i can vibe with. do not interact with me if you're racist, bigoted, anti-semetic, etc.

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You have a cool page!

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d'you think Twin Peaks' second season deserves all the bad rep it tends to get? i can understand folks disliking the James episodes it's hard not to, really but some of the silly filler, like Ben's exponentially elaborate Civil War reenactment... thing, always struck me as a breath of fresh air compared to the way more serious tone going into The Return.

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i've yet to finish season 2 but i enjoyed what i'd watched so far. i found james to be an interesting character so i didn't mind the focus being on him personally, even if to a certain extent it did feel like it would've just been better to focus on the story as a whole.

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i feel like James as a character is alright, but James as a plot point is distinctly 'whatever' if that makes sense. the arc between him and [SPOILER, PROBABLY] is fine and kinda serves as a decent way of showing off the weird, off-kilter vibes of Twin Peaks—which, i'll admit, isn't saying much with how much they're emphasized in general—but it's not something i'd lose sleep over.

excitedly awaiting your reaction to the season finale followed by The Friggin' Entirety of The Return. easily Lynch's best work. would also def recommend watching Fire Walk With Me between those two if you can spare another two hours or so.

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