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"Playing TowerUnite"

21 - He/Him - Zorbian

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A world without music is a world without life for me. Feel free to select one my Background music suggestions!


I'll be here for a while [Milk2 OST: 006] — Nikita Kryukov Emily Is Away Too Extended Ambience — Emily Is Away

"I'll be here for a while" — Alternative Cover By PurrVana. BattleBlock Theater Music — Level Editor #1 "The Secret of Monkey Island — Special Edition Intro" By Michael Land Builder's Journey — Henrik Lindstrand Downstream — Shira Kammen


I love drawing and setting up little stories for characters!

I used to make music, wish I'd get back into that :/

I play games most of my days away. I don't like the outside world.


The World's End (2013)

Currently discovering Adventure time!


I'm pretty open on music genres!

My favorite groups at this current time are
★ Daft Punk
★ Red Vox
★ Eels
★ L'Impératrice

Here's one of each of my favorite songs from each of the bands named above! (In respective order)

Instant Crush - Daft Punk — ft. Julian Casablancas Playing By The Rules — Red Vox Peach Blossom — EELS Hématome — L'Impératrice


Anything you can customise, chat and collect stuff! :)


[That one Corndog Website]

[Colorful Text in ABOUT ME Blurb]

[Fun House Radio]

[Cool Cars]

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About me:

Welcome to my SpaceHey page!
Still working on the look of all this mess. Don't feel shy to shoot me a message, they're open to everyone as long as you're not weird about it!

I am learning on how to do coding for my page


[Changes of March 2nd, 2024]

★ Slowly picking the site up and fixing the missing images all across my profile.
★ Removed 2 blog entries due to sensitive topics.
★ Added new website in the "Marleau's silly links" section.
★ Removed "Draw me something" feature.
★ Added New Ambience
(Emily Is Away Too Extended Ambience — Emily Is Away)
★ Removed Herobrine.

[Changes of September 21st, 2023]

★ Updated "About me" blurb section.
(Relocation of text, addition of features, reformulation of welcoming message.)
★ Changed color of links.
★ Added Page Update log scroll box
(It's what you're reading right now! :D)
★ Moved music player in the "Detail Table" section of my page.
★ Made the automatic music player visible.
(Makes it more friendly for users to stop the music if so desired!)
★ Added MORE background music choices for my page.
(Added "BattleBlock Theater Music - Level Editor #1" by Patric Catani.
Added "The Secret of Monkey Island - Special Edition Intro" By Michael Land.
Added "Builder's Journey" — Henrik Lindstrand
Added "Downstream" by Shira Kammen)
★ Added favorite songs from mentioned bands in Favorite Music Detail Table section.
★ Removal of unamusing and broken widgets.
(Flag counter widget.)
★ Removed Herobrine.

Here's a guide I made :)


Who I'd like to meet:

Talkers! I want to meet people who are down to chat and exchange!
My Instant Messages are always open and I look at them every now and then. I will reply to them at some point, don't you worry :)

Although, if you want a better chance to reach out to me, I'm more than open to accept Discord requests if you're not weird about it!

Find me on discord with the name "marleau43"

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extremely rad layout and profile! never played the milk games but I've heard good things!

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If you had to pick a medium through which you thought you would be most likely to win a duel, what would it be?

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kisbming men

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


by Fawkes; ; Report


YAN!!!!!!!!'s profile picture

I love your profile so much! Played the milk games over a year ago and just loved the vibes of the games, I had the same wallpaper as your background on my desktop for a while, it's so calming and nice... These games are something special

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This game came into my life due to my beautiful friend who's into cool and amazing stuff like the Milk games.

I was really amazed and bought out by the games, images, messages and soundtracks. Every now and then, I fall back into it as a pacifying comfort zone. I was in need to get my MILK brainrot when I made my account and BOOM! There it stands as it is today!

I'm very thankful about the nice comments about my profile! It really brings me a lot of joy and gives me the desire to learn more coding to make even more cool things and stuff to amaze travelers! :D

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report

The game is very comfy and it's nice to see a profile here that reflects the same feeling, while I haven't replayed the game since I do tend to listen to the soundtrack every now and then.

I love seeing what people can do with their profiles on this site even though I haven't really tinkered with mine since the day I made it. I definitely do think that this site is great for getting people into coding to truly make their profile stand out and all the positive reinforcement from the community does make it seem all the more worthwhile! So uhh keep on keeping on! Am curious to see how you will keep expanding

by YAN!!!!!!!!; ; Report


Fawkes's profile picture

Greetings and Good Tidings.

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Salutations and plantations

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report

PLANTATIONS? Are your crops doing well?

by Fawkes; ; Report

The radish market is skyrocketing you have no clue my dear partner

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report

What kinda racket you runnin with radishes?

by Fawkes; ; Report

3 Trad lards up front.
Marklet's boomin dawg
TL economy's skyrocketing to highs you coulndt even make up in yo soft mind

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report

We are not speaking the same two languages here. I wouldn't know a trad lard if you assaulted me with one.

by Fawkes; ; Report

You are NOT a raddish farmer if you dont know what the Tard Lard currency is buddy

sorry for your loss king

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report

I am indeed not a raddish farmer.

by Fawkes; ; Report

Is it not possible for me to learn the ways?

by Fawkes; ; Report

The Radish soils shall be your best teacher. Reach for mother earth

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report

Eli's mind

Eli's mind's profile picture

I saw a gameplay of the game of the girl in your profile AND I LOVE IT, you have good taste

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Ofc I have good taste, Im so swag and cool and based and so cool and not a loser and I dont miss her at all anymore!!!!!!

Im very thankful for the positive comments! It's warms me up so much to see people liking my profile!

I am very supportive of you getting more into both the first and second game! It's an experience you MUST enjoy by your own hands!

((PS, You can click the icons on the top left of my profile to be redirected to the games ;PPP Current steam discounts!!!))

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


buoymoder's profile picture

very based milkmoder :3
profiel page goes so hard, i llove how everything looks

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Worked my sweet boy butt off for it to look this way. It's far from being done as well!
Thanks for the good vibes, love seeing people appreciating the work I put onto my page

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


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Red Vox mentioned :D

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You must be the very first other human being in the wild I meet knowing Red Vox!!!

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


zombgore._'s profile picture

ur page is literally everything to me. its so cool (⁠๑⁠♡⁠⌓⁠♡⁠๑⁠)

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That means so much to me! Thank you!

I keep on working very hard on it and seeing messages like that helps me a lot to keep on going

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


Alien's profile picture

MILK OUTSIDE OF A BAG OF MILK, MILK OUTSIDE OF A BAG OF MILK- I love ur profile!! very cool beans!

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Spent so long crafting it, I still feel like it's far from done!
I'm very happy you enjoy the layout I'm doing!

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


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by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


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Thanks for the add ✌🏼

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nerddddd :3

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by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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1, 2 buckle my

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23rd June 2024 18:39.

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


Cres's profile picture

The Milk profile looks absolutely awesome <3 you've put in a shit ton of effort and it's paid off!

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Thank you! I feel it's yet so far from where I want it to be, but that's me always pushing myself to my limits. Very glad you like it :)

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Sweet page!

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Thanks a lot! Working hard on it! Love learning and customising this new domain. Happy to see the feedback!

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


★A★L★I★E★N★'s profile picture

Thx 4 adding me! Your layout is so cool! ^w^

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Thank you! I keep on building on it, thank you for the feedback! :)

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


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i miss her

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I miss They/Them

by MARBLE_EYES43; ; Report


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this fool is FULL of insects and milk

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