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"damon i love you "

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ballet, fashion, reading, thrifting, rollerskating, yoga, singing, architecture, geology, greek mythology, history



tv girl, lana del rey, lady gaga, abba, mitski, tame impala, tyler, the creator, the strokes, arctic monkeys, depeche mode, the smiths, franz ferdinand, blur, tlsp, oasis

tchaikovsky my beloved ʚ♡ɞ


la la land, my own private idaho, black swan, perfect blue, star wars, parasite, get out, the devil wears prada, paprika, spirited away, trainspotting, brokeback mountain, back to the future, old barbie movies


adventure time <3, total drama, bojack horseman, the midnight gospel, the society, inside job, clone high, devilman crybaby, the great pretender, jojo's bizarre adventure


the outsiders, the illiad & the odyssey, maze runner, the picture of dorian gray, lord of the flies, animal farm 

i judged them by their cover and ao3???

my goodreads!

Video Games

bayonetta, the sims, don't starve together, stardew valley, metal gear, minecraft, fran bow, little nightmares


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“There seemed to be something tragic in a friendship so coloured by romance” 

The Picture of Dorian Gray”

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people with similar interests, dni if -16

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lomba's profile picture

Goated taste, beautiful profile

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thank you so much!^^

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


farah/yousef's profile picture

ty for the add!!!!!! i luv your profile, it looks so fancy and cute 0_0 also JJBA ENJOYER SPOTTED!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!

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ty! also i love ur profile and pfp, u seem so cool!

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


by farah/yousef; ; Report

suddenly, kittens!

suddenly, kittens!'s profile picture

haii!!! nice to meet you :3

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benny ☆⋆。𖦹°‧★

benny ☆⋆。𖦹°‧★'s profile picture

your profile is so gorgeous n i love your bayonetta pfp !!

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tysm, i love your profile too!!

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report

˚✩。⋆vic ⋆。˚(matea's wife)

˚✩。⋆vic ⋆。˚(matea's wife)'s profile picture

your profile is so cute omg, thx for the rq!!

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ty, u seem so cool! btw your profile is so cool

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


pickles🌈's profile picture

ur layout is SO CUTE i love it!!! :D thx 4 the add

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thank you! ur profile and ocelot are so cool!!

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report

aw thank you !! i love ocelot ^_^

by pickles🌈; ; Report


mars's profile picture

your profile is SO CUTEE I saw brokeback mountain and the outsiders and an immediate yeysyeys

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omg i love depressing movies in general, i cried so much when i read the outsiders and then saw the movie

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report

g ~(˘▾˘~)

g ~(˘▾˘~)'s profile picture

jojos, dorian gray and adenture time!! amazing taste xxxxx

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ty! literally my fav things lol

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


gyaruqueen's profile picture

pretty profile! 🌷♡

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tysm! <3

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


𝐹𝒶𝑒's profile picture

your profile is so cute oh em gee !? ><

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ty! ur profile is cute too <3

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


keca 's profile picture

i love ur profile omg?!!!

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thank u so much! <3

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report

shirubā pupa

shirubā pupa's profile picture

gracias por aceptar mi solicitud de amistad (〃ω〃)xx

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gracias a ti por enviarla^^

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


n4ki's profile picture

Me gusta mucho tu perfil^^

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graciaaas <3

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


Lily☁️'s profile picture

Dios mío, amooo tu perfil estan bonitoTT♡

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graciaaas <33, el tuyo tmb está súper bonito aaa

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


*✮⋆。jesse°✩⋆˙'s profile picture

ur profile is STUNNING!!!!!!! ive been wanting to get into a few different ballets, do u recommend any in particular?

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THANK YOU <3 my favs are swan lake and the nutcraker but i really recommend taking a look on cinderella, don quixote, romeo and juliet and sleeping beauty! btw ur profile is so cool

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report

tysm and ill be sure to check those out!!!!! <33

by *✮⋆。jesse°✩⋆˙; ; Report

anakin skywalker

anakin skywalker's profile picture

UR PROFILE IS SO BEAUTIFUL, I LOVED THE VIBE! you seem really nice, and you have good taste!

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tysm!, ur so sweet <3 ur profile is so cute too, I love the color palette

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


101Raven's profile picture

I love your movie taste ! I still haven't watched La la land, but I watched Whiplash and it was amazing. So I'm pretty sure I'll like the movie haha

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thanks! fr whiplash is amazing and u should definitely watch la la land

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


#1 BOYFAILURE's profile picture

adventure time and la la land??? YOU SEEM SO COOL

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ty! u seem so cool too, it’s really hard to find fern fans

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


flyboy's profile picture

alejandro being on your playlist is based

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lady gaga songs are peak fr

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report


mae's profile picture

hi u seem so cool

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hiii, tysm! you seem so cool too

by mimol₊˚⊹♡; ; Report

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