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Drawing (esp OCs), fashion and makeup (interested in all kinds!!), Psychology (I’m studying this actually!!), writing, Anime, Video Games (specifically JRPGs and currently trying to get into old visual novels), plushie collection (prized ones r my Nazuna and Rinne nuis, my clown doll, and my large Jiangshi Kuromi), figure collecting, Visual Kei, Holostars (JP + EN! Oshis are Oga, Miyabi, Hakka, and Gavis Bettel), BL, mythology of all kinds, pets, cooking and baking, and making all kinds of caffeinated concoctions


Idol Music: Ensemble Stars! (Crazy:B, Ra*bits, Valkyrie, UNDEAD), Technoroid (STAND-ALONE), STAYC, NMIXX, Hypnosis Mic (Doitsutare Honpo and Fling Posse), B-Project (KiLLER KiNG and THRIVE), SutoPuri, HOLOSTARS JP

Metal/rock(most r visual kei sorry): JILUKA, The Gallo, Rob Zombie, XAAXAA, the GazettE, Avenged Sevenfold, BabyMetal, DADAROMA, Candye Syrup, D=OUT, Absorute Zero, Metallica, sick2, ZOMBIE, Nightmare, XANVALA, ACME, Bring Me to the Horizon, XANVALA

Vocaloid Producers: PinocchioP, Utsu-P, GHOST, Wowaka, Syudou, Sasakure.UK, Babuchan, Kikuo, ATOLS, ive (not the K-pop group), Azari, Deco*27 (only the old stuff tho), Neru, Cosmo@BusouP, Maretu, Mitchie M, UMETORA, Giga, Abuse

Misc: IOSYS, Booing Day, Tenpei Sato, BROCKHAMPTON, Foodhouse, 100 gecs, Alice Longyu Gao, QUEEN BEE, MIMIDEATH, Creepy Nuts, Gorillaz, Megan Thee Stallion, kkbutterfly27xx, REOL, Chogakusei, FAKE TYPE, Naomi Jon, THE ORAL CIGARETTES, PON, SOUND HOLIC, Venus, Touhou Doujin Music, Odetari, 6arelyhuman


Promare and This Boy Caught a Mermaid are the only movies to exist


Currently Watching: Hirogaru Precure, Tropical Precure, Technoroid OVERMIND, Ultimate Survivor Kaiji

Faves: Precure Heartcatch, Medabots, Zatch Bell (or Konjiki no Gash Bell), Breaking Bad, Rozen Maiden, Onegai My Melody, Transformers Prime, BEASTARS, Land of the Lustrous (or Houseki no Kuni), Touken Ranbu Hanamaru, Fairy Ranmaru, NANBAKA, REVENGER, Merman in my bathtub

Will list more if I remember


Land of the Lustrous, Record of Ragnarok, School Zone Girls, NANBAKA, Lookism, Di Gi Charat will list more if I remember


Rinne Amagi is so real omg

Jokes aside, I’m mainly a Nazuna-P but I also rlly like Rinne and a few others. I do have a enstars tierlist if ur interested

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About me:

22 - she/her

I like to meet new people! You're free to read anything else or look at the stamps on my page if it catches your interest! :)

Who I'd like to meet:

Literally just b cool and not a kid. that's it. If I reject you it’s probably bc ur a minor.

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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OMGGG we have so much in common!!! Its nice to have another vkei/enstarrie mutual<333

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Ofc!! I’m so glad to have a mutual with similar music taste!! ^^

by Liaaa; ; Report


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yayy thanks for accepting my friend request i love your profile 💙💙

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Ofc!! Thank u for adding me! <3

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Hello, thank you for adding ^^ your page is so chaotic I love it.

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Aaa Ty!!
And it’s no problem, u seemed rlly cool!! ^^

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