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I like horror/violent movies, heavy metal, synth and the cyberpunk aesthetic. Marijuana is my savior and LSD is heaven. I like JDM cars and anything that makes me feel like I'm suddenly in Initial D. I'm not a big anime/manga fan but there are certain gems in there that are just too good to miss out on. My electric guitar is my weapon of choice and sometimes I just wish Eric Draven from The Crow would come and save me. I love gaming as well and stuff like the souls games and Blood borne is what I live for. I've spend a lot of my childhood playing stuff like that and Resident Evil,Silent Hill and even Uncharted. I did have a nihilistic phase at one point but I've embraced my existence and everything beyond. I desire to be one with everything. I need to thank Carl Jung for that. Most people aren't even real and I like my own world much more. (I can communicate with demons and everything in this realm and beyond ;} I can do a lot of damage if I have a good reason). PS: ( if anyone needs to hide a body, I'm your savior ;}}})


I enjoy all kinds of genres depending on my mood...everything from old Japanese jazz and city pop to heavy metal and all its sub genres. Heavy metal...especially Sandman-Metallica really opened up a new world for me, not only did it provide an outlet for my rage but help me meet some really important people in my life. Did I mention that I fucking love Peter Steele??? There is also something about Japan that feels so familiar...that's why city pop is my goto for relaxing music <3 I rely on music very helps me feel things I usually cant. The power of sound and frequencies is really something to marvel :}


I have spend my childhood watching all sorts of horror and thriller movies I could find. From 70s slasher horror to worshiping the popular franchises ( totally didn't fuck me up). I am a fan more extreme and niche foreign genres, especially if they have a disturbing element. I have watched most of the classics in cinema and old soviet films just have a special place in my heart. Stalker - Andrei Tarkovsky and Dead Man's Letters-Konstantin Lopushansky really did shape my world view. Many people may think that they are depressing and have this air of despair but I find these films oddly comforting and familiar. Like memories from another life. The first movie i ever watched was The Gladiator when I was in kindergarten so you can kinda understand why I am the way I am.


I don't really like TV shows...I prefer watching anime to that. And, by anime I mean dark and surreal and gory stuff from the 80s/90s and even the 2000s like Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyzed, Hellsing Ultimate,Black Lagoon,Vampire Hunter D,Cowboy bebop and muchhh more. A lot of shows like these helped me shape my worldview and develop as a person, by finding aspects of myself in some characters. I might not fully be able to explain how but these shows are really dear to my heart and without experiencing them i wouldn't have become who i am today. I guess I do like Twin Peaks as a show and more modernly Blood on Rome. These are exceptions and just really fun to follow along.


I have had such a long reading phase in my life that I'm too tired to even remember any books i liked. I just like reading a lot of philosophical works nowadays i guess. That and murder mysteries of course ;}


Me, Myself and I <3

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About me:

I am really something least that's what it feels like. I like a lot of things and have done a bit of everything. I just am myself I suppose and I like it :} (lost other acc)


Who I'd like to meet:

I'd like to see Kurt Cobain and Jesus smoke a nice pack of Newports. I would love to meet Peter Steele as well...I find him oddly comforting. Maybe I would wanna try and see if I can out smoke Snoop Dog ( I probably can).

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♬ ♫ ♪ Thanx! And welcome Here Lainy! If you like the Music Tracks & Vids on my Page, Perhaps you can Add Me To Your Favorites / Follow my Spotify / Sub my Youtube! ⭐(◕‿◕)⭐ All Links on my Page! Thank You

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Best person ever

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No matter where you go,

everyone’s connected.

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