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rnb, jpop, vocaloid, animanga, macaroni empitsu, lamp, horror games, DC/Marvel, final fantasy, honkai star rail, resident evil, ghostwire tokyo, sally face, danganronpa, SALLY FACE, project sekai, valorant, rhythm games.


macaroni emptisu, red velvet, seventeen, my chemical romance, pierce the veil, her's, radiohead, roar. weezer/j. ado. the smiths, tv steve lacy, tyler the creator, childish gambino, frank ocean, and joji. kikuo, syudou, eve. i like jpop, jrock, vocaloid, radiohead, pierce the veil, destroy boys, punk rock, rnb, krnb and indie rock.


your name engraved in herein, lego move(1+2), lego batman, batman 2022, blue beetle, teen titans vs justice league. black panther(1+2).(i don't watch much movies)


archer(new to it), teen titans, young justice, bocchi the rock, regular show, close enough, inside job, rick and morty, adventure time, the end of the fxxking world, sweet home, alice in borderland, girl from nowhere, extracurricular. erased, cyberpunk: edgerunners, psychopass, devilman crybaby, death note. the disastrous life of saiki k, bsd, viallainous/villanos.


Kurtis Conner, Danny Gonzalez, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Kubz Scouts, Mo1stCr1tikal, Faline San, Tuv, Turkey Tom, etc.


sally face, valorant, that's not my neighbor, dead plate, lil' guardsman, needy streamer overlord, danganronpa, honkai star rail, yakuza, detroit become human, persona series, FNAF, resident evil, until dawn, the quarry,life is strange, ghostwire tokyo, huniepop/j, nier automata, final fantasy,DEVIL MAY CRY, project sekai(sorry again.. i swear i’m not like the others), undertale, cuphead, street fighter, mortal kombat, sifu. arkham trilogy, and more.

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hey, i'm casper, my pronouns are he/they and i prefer masc terms. my discord is kyokology, my birthday's on the 1st on Jan, i'm 16('08). i'm black and i'm from tanzania. i speak swahili and english but i honestly suck at both i also understand arabic and a decent amount of spanish(due to family around me), also currently learning chinese. I enjoy videogames and animanga. I play electric guitar which I've been playing for 4 years! reno from ff7 is my baby boy btw!

dni if: homophobic, racist, transphobic, support any of israels actions towards palestine, fetishize any racial group, eg black, asian. say slurs you don’t reclaim. fetishize mlm and wlw relationships or content.

and byf: masc terms pls!, i mainly talk about my interests but i don’t make it my whole personality. i reclaim the f and n slur though they aren’t a part of my day to day vocabulary. i don’t support any of my favs actions(this is kpop related). i can be dry if i’m new to you. school is a pain in the ass and i have a life so i apologize if i don’t reply quickly.

Who I'd like to meet:

someone cool for sure. i honestly don’t mind what your interests are as long as they aren’t some fucked up shit(e.g, lolicon, proshipping, incest). though it would be great if we had similar interests. i’m okay with meeting anyone who’s under the age 18 and over the age of 13. so 13-18 only please. also my dms are open sooooo feel free to dm!! RANPO EDOGAWA&RUI KAMISHIRO, also v from dmc... i am very normal about kiryu and majima

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