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22, cool guy, idk where I am (⊙_⊙)?

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✶Programming/ Game Development 




✶Competitive Swimming

✶Video Games


✶This cute boy <3

*Click the image to check out his profile!* ⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽



Metal, emo, punk (+pop punk and folk punk), Midwest emo




✶Jennifer’s Body

✶Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

✶Donnie Darko

✶Dude, Where’s My Car?


✶2001: A Space Odyssey 

✶Rocky Horror Picture Show




✶Adventure Time

✶Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

✶The Last of Us

✶Invader Zim

✶Death Note

✶Sk8 the Infinity

✶Malcom in the Middle

✶Doctor Who

✶The Ren & Stimpy Show 


✶United States of Tara

✶Dead Like Me



⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽ 2 cool 2 read B-) ⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽⎽⎼⎻⎺⎺⎻⎼⎽




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ur mom


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treux's profile picture

Thanks for accepting my add! Sk8 the Infinity is one of my favorite anime as well.

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spacebf's profile picture

thanks for adding me! the song on ur Profile is nice what is it called?

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thank u!!
it's called new perspective by p!tad :-)

by Chris; ; Report

Violent Faces

Violent Faces's profile picture

Hey, nice to meet you and thank you for adding us!

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Rainy's profile picture

banger profile gang, what do u like to program? any cool projects?

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thank you!
im super interested in game development. im working on a visual novel/ dating sim thing right now. what about you?

by Chris; ; Report

Oh sounds fun, gl with that. Guessing Ren'py?

As for me been working on a couple things, namely a mod for this game called yomi hustle, and just started working on a simple image/video hosting service

by Rainy; ; Report

yeah, ren'py!! i love it.

id really like to hear more about ur project! you should pm me :-)

by Chris; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture


If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

It's the WORST radio channel in the entire solar system!

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shiz's profile picture

hello thank you for the add!!

i love your floating blahaj and cat. i have a both as well, not floating though

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I ordered my Blahaj today :)

by Chris; ; Report