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"spongebob mi'boy you're spendin' all me money!"

quinton. 30mNC. married with pets.

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when you are an only child and unironically enjoy listening to Creed, it doesn't matter what else I tell you. I could tell you all 4999 other things i love and your correct assumption of me as a person wouldn't change at all. my wife Bethany is amazing and the light of my life. she was still a horse girl in 2007 and will never understand the eternal phase that was/is myspace. she does like Twilight though so suckkkk it haters. norwich city football club till i die.


absolute favorite kinds of music: atmospheric video game music carolinas hardcore/scene of my youth japanese rock and city pop three six mafia, dj squeaky and other memphis rap opeth, fields of the nephilim, christian death will lay down my life for ariana or caroline polachek midwest emo wilco 2000's posthardcore the sound of animals fighting, my chemical romance and armor for sleep get their own places on the podium. uk left field house, rave music, techno, idm funk, rnb, grooves, if luther vandross comes on i will compliment your grandmother


letterboxd: tldr: all things asian horror above all else.


twin peaks, .hack//sign and older anime, euphoria, pen15, dark, cheesy netflix true crime shit, do tik toks bethany shows me count?


embarrassing for someone with so many books to have so little to say here...


eddie aikau. gerard way. loved ones in my life for ever and always. the dude in the bag in audition. you're hanging in there my guy.

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About me:

SEE U LOSERS @ WHEN WE WERE YOUNG!! 30 yr old chemist in the carolinas, delightfully married and listening to weird, sad shit like it's 2007. on again off again musician looking to throw some stuff out there and see what sticks. not sure what having a "spacehey" says about me or any of you in 2022. i'm here for it. veteran scene kid coming out of retirement. change da world. my final message. goodbye.

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I'd love to meet: kiyoshi kurosawa stevie wonder carl sagan armor for Sleep in a waffle house in Kentucky in 2005 bethany and I's cats ( I will meet them any time or any day, they make all important decisions for me) crouton (my cat) kimchi (my cat also) raleigh (state capital.. jk my cat) not gonna leave our nora my best girl aka my dog in this thread

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thanks for the add! cool page

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Hey! Thanks for adding. My name’s Mallory. :)

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you as well!!

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