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Indigenous, she/her, PNW

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Jorie-Jukebox 17553784-1318532781573282-7510289750462043515-n 57156475-408771133241503-2474027101714207339-n fa624d03bfaf98aafcc4d3beae71c2d3 05bac11c87e57c4c8f2295f947e5cfd2 45731663151166b4af2370ed2ab02b24 laughing, hockey (GO BLUES & KRAKEN!), thunderstorms, music, smiles, writing, the moon, music, football (GO SEAHAWKS!) rainbows, coffee, ellipses, the ocean, tattoos, sunbeams, reading, steering wheel performances, waterfalls, music, bong hits... people-who-love-staring-sky-would-understand fa624d03bfaf98aafcc4d3beae71c2d3


00f099d30f6cfe511a52402053fa5b91 1621795-10152210877789709-1820615201-n 075cbe64cee7a33004d6b68f931a9996 "Music is life, that's why our hearts have beats..." My playlist on shuffle can go from TOOL to P!nk, from Queen to Foo Fighters, from Thelonious Monk to Rage Against the Machine, you get the idea... dime


4ed0076aeca5f8e1890a30792c2a5b1c 166574902-1900788703430355-2081200469975242687-n "Slater, you fuckin' hippy, gimme DRUGS, man!!!" c3b64b322e45d30999e687a2b71dbf44 165074469-3771957652885732-6323329799532276757-n 1f9aa2fd1bef9429b2cef0bcc504f422 Scary, funny, twisted 173556754-1913395035503055-3419285569609203107-n 133085c1b490b2e017795fb9a13aaa17 Just some all-time faves, in no particular order: The Crow, Almost Famous, Natural Born Killers, Good Fellas, Beaches, V for Vendetta, Suicide Kings, Pineapple Express, Up in Smoke, American Psycho, Boondock Saints... Anything Quentin Tarantino, Rob Zombie, or Kevin Smith... f93e371c0e5b15ebf2cc00521cdc31d8


ROCK BLOCK on MTV Classic, Friends, M.A.S.H., Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, HouseMD, Mom, ID Channel, Blue Planet, That 70s Show, AHS, Vikings, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Dexter, Dharma and Greg... e2d08dbe41e90c75a80ed03ffb5dc290


08d91828e56f1ae0a436666f2451ed53 I've always read and loved horror, Stephen King, Clive Barker and such. While I still love them, I've taken to reading non-fiction... Everything from biographies and true crime to prose and inspirational stories... Some faves: There, There by Tommy Orange The Misfit's Manifesto by Lidia Yuknavitch Clan of the Cave Bear and the rest of the Earth Children Series by Jean M. Auel Interview with the Vampire and the rest of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice fc5f34a44712885ce40db485de484e19


I know how hard it is to pull yourself from addiction and mental health issues and deal with that shit on the daily, so SHOUT OUT to you BADASSES. 906cc391e2404cdcf963f6d1f1b0cce1 392c9cde397dc08d53a3b5e38e46b7df

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About me:

I pronounce queue "kew-wee-yoo-wee" because I feel sorry for all those unused letters... I stay in the car to finish listening to a song... The moon stops me in my tracks... Full-time college student, mom, weirdo, anti-social attention whore, so the internet is my home... Plant whisperer, goofy, kind, ...Unapologetically passionate, constantly under construction... 9af14fce9802321baf08628a20d97f12 2spiritflag 1a 139682104-10158856990139709-8900265714460459672-o

Who I'd like to meet:

Interesting people I'd love to meet, besides you... 54256124-10157032506894709-7994533188540039168-n davenstevie 164434197-3779723532109144-2447869363575858997-o 050c48b53dc3ea2efdf1abf2d3770ac7 155105370-3705637026184462-639632026350035752-o 154237265-1876642169178342-220826782255451090-o 153072787-3702842063130625-5313810950781684393-o 152888771-3688665324548299-7848602224240587269-o

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๐Ÿ”ฎ Danitza

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โœจ Thanks for the add! May Mother Moon bring you many blessings and illuminate your path. โœจ

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Wacky Alex

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Happy Holidays!

Need some wacky (x)mas music?

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Dread Express

Dread Express's profile picture

Hi! Thanks for the add. Hope you'll enjoy all the short horror story videos in my youtube channel.

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Fluid Dynamic

Fluid Dynamic's profile picture

I am finally getting around top replying to my comments, I know its been a while!!

But, I wanted to say thank for being my space hey friend!!

Wishing you the best from Scotland!!

Have a great week, random love right back at ya!!

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Thanks a lot for adding me! Greetings from Italy ^_^

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Los Jamiltons

Los Jamiltons's profile picture

Hi Jorie!!! Thanks for accepting us, nice profile :)
We want to share our new track with you โ†“

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Zach Ary

Zach Ary's profile picture

Hey, I was wondering if you got my PM? I don't think people are seeing my PMs?

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ArachneJ's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Happy Spring! ๐ŸŒฑ

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To you as well! :)

by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report

Karoline Michelle ♥

Karoline Michelle ♥'s profile picture

Thanks for the Add!!

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by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report


Courtney090's profile picture

Hey thanks for the add !
Hope youโ€™re having a good weekend so far (:

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Thanks! You too! :)

by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report


Lucky's profile picture

Thanks for the add lmao

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by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report


Didrick's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Your profile looks awesome, love the collages and quotes you got on here and you sound like a cool person too! :)

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Thank you so much, new friend! :)

by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report


~.:LaKoketa:.~'s profile picture

Thanks for the friend request

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by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report


Quinton๐Ÿ–•'s profile picture

PNW in the house woot
ur profile is f**king sweet!

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Hell yeah! Wouldn't live anywhere else! Maybe in the winter if I was rich, lol

by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report

|| Syn || Jordan ||

|| Syn || Jordan ||'s profile picture

Thanks for the add! Absolutely LOVE your profile!

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Thanks! :)

by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report

Jeff Madden

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Thanks for the request! Hail Metal!!! 'n''n'

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\m/ v.v \m/

by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report

Sam Soresire

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I would also use the Force inappropriately. XD

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Positively a MUST! hahaha :)

by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report

Maeven Isley

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Thanks for the add gorgeous!

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by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report


Iron_leg's profile picture

wake up, run for your life with me

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"In another perfect life... In another perfect light..." โ™ช

by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee run, weeeeeeeeeeeeee run weeeeeeeeeeeeee run, ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

by Iron_leg; ; Report


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Thanks for the add!

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by Jorie Jukebox; ; Report