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26/f/virgo (los angeles)

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Γ€ chaque fois DaΓ―tro


buying more records i don't need, going to shows, film + instant photography, reading (mostly non-fiction), sewing, collecting perfumes, jewelry making, tinkering, digging through the internet archive

i'm also straight edge... but does that count as an interest?


lots of stuff but mostly hardcore/punk/noise/emocore/"skramz"/post-punk etc, see last.fm

at some point i will actually get to filling this section out properly lol


melodramatic horny criterion movies, see letterboxd


if i'm watching tv i'm probably just rewatching episodes of star trek: the next generation/voyager or seinfeld


tbh i'm very boring and dry and like 70% of my book collection is just books about history or other leftist/labor history shit lol

right now i am reading broad band: the untold story of the women who made the internet by claire l. evans, it's cool i recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about early internet culture


the one and only CD i own is a box set of all of mark sandman (of morphine)'s solo songs because of how much i adore him so i guess it's gotta be him

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do not friend request me if you are a minor.

just here to meet people to talk about music and art with and go to shows with, and to make more real human connection without a constant attempt to be sold things i don't need while being showed outrage bait all day.

please do not axe murder me

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heath's profile picture

you remind me of cailee spaeny in your new pic, i like it!

hope you're having a decent day, dear.

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aubriβ›§βšΈβœΆβ™‘Λ–Λ³'s profile picture

cool ass profile!!! that album college has so many bangers omg, would love to talk abt music sometime :>

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xxbloodelf88xx's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Your profile is awesome and I love your taste in your music! You seem so cool! :)

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Saaaaame! Would love to be friends and nice to meet you!! :)

by diana; ; Report


urfavliar's profile picture

Thanks for adding me! I love your page.

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Ahh thanks for accepting! Can't believe how much we have in common!! Are you going to any of the Orchid shows?

by diana; ; Report

Yes! I'm going to the Brooklyn show on May 11th

by urfavliar; ; Report

Omg me too!!!

by diana; ; Report

REALLY?! OMGGG are you excited?!

by urfavliar; ; Report

sean (secret transexual)

sean (secret transexual)'s profile picture

whats good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your looks!

by diana; ; Report

That's right I got game

by diana; ; Report

𝔳𝔒𝔫𝔲𝔰 🜏 𝔱𝔯𝔦𝔰𝔱𝔒

𝔳𝔒𝔫𝔲𝔰 🜏 𝔱𝔯𝔦𝔰𝔱𝔒  's profile picture

omg thanks for adding me you're sooooooooo cool (ΛΆα΅” α΅• α΅”ΛΆ)

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Ahh thank you so much for accepting!! So nice to meet you, would def love to be friends! Way into your music taste too

by diana; ; Report

linkie ❀

linkie ❀'s profile picture

hiya!! omg unfortunately i have never stopped playing, and still spend way too much money on that site.. but hopefully i can give them the funds to make it better LOL. i love your page and blog so much! i love how into the ~old web~ you are, i definitely plan on checking out the broad band book you recommend in your books section!

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If I can figure out how on earth to log into my account (and pray that it hasn't been hacked since there have been more security breaches the past few years than I can count lmao), I would love to add you! Really excited about the new management hope things turn around for neo, my childhood obsession!

by diana; ; Report

And yeah that book is definitely up your alley, highly recommend it

by diana; ; Report

AL Treble

AL Treble's profile picture

cool page and great taste of music!

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Thank you so much!!

by diana; ; Report

Violent Faces

Violent Faces's profile picture

Hey, nice to meet you and thank you for the friend request!

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Thanks for accepting, happy to have stumbled upon your band!

by diana; ; Report

We are happy for it too! :)

by Violent Faces; ; Report

sean (secret transexual)

sean (secret transexual)'s profile picture

hi :) thank you for the add :) hope to see you comment on my profile one day it would be an honor <3

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Hi! So nice to meet you I'm not sure what 'board' is on your profile, but I'm glad it's something that's making you happy and I hope you're enjoying it :)

by diana; ; Report


moog_'s profile picture

thank u for the add back! your forum recs are literally amazing and helped me both find new music and kinda rediscover my love for different genres :) loving ur page so much! <3

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Yo sorry for the super late reply! I'm so glad, would love to talk about music any time! Also I just stalked your discogs and saw Madvillain, Stone Temple Pilots and Steely Dan there that's what's upppppppp

by diana; ; Report


Rad_Vlad's profile picture

Clean page. I know a lot of punk bands but also don't know a lot of them. I see trapped under ice and my brain went to the Metallica song from their Ride The Lightning Album.

Ska has a lot of crossover in Punk as well. Check out The Toasters, "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down."

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Sorry for the late reply!!! Oh yeah for sure I'd even say that ska had a huge influence on the development of punk esp in the UK, the two genres have always been closely hand in hand since the second wave of ska. I love ska especially those '70s and '80s 2-Tone bands!! Thank you for the rec that trumpet player is great

by diana; ; Report


Jinnicide's profile picture

Thanks for the add <3 That 'Broadband' books looks cool, I worked in networking for a long time back in the day and have never heard of it!

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Thanks for accepting! Def check it out it dispels a lot of the myths that women weren't that involved in the role of building early internet culture, and there's just not that many books on this topic so it's been really eye-opening so far

by diana; ; Report

flow β˜†

flow β˜†'s profile picture

heeello ur super cool and fantastic?

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Hiii thank you for accepting! Love your profile and music taste so much!!

by diana; ; Report


Saxon 's profile picture

You really ditched FB to hang out on spacehey ctfu that's so awesome

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reject modernity, embrace tradition

by diana; ; Report

Smooth Kiwi

Smooth Kiwi's profile picture

Thank you for listening to our tunes! You might like SPORTSTAR too :) Two of our members are in the band! =]

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Sweet, thank you for the add!

by diana; ; Report


em0c0r3_n3rd's profile picture

Heyy !! Nice profile you got here:)) and Yeahh lol I’m active again, your music interests are so cool, just like mine:) nice being ur friend !

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Thank you for accepting!! Always excited to find more people here to talk about hardcore and skramz with, it's like 90% of the reason why I'm here hahaha

by diana; ; Report

Awww same here !!! I have like a skramz playlist and an oldschool emocore playlist i could share to u:)

by em0c0r3_n3rd; ; Report


by diana; ; Report

Coool !! Justt where do i send them? Loll

by em0c0r3_n3rd; ; Report

Waittt lemme see if I could direct message some links

by em0c0r3_n3rd; ; Report


Carmina's profile picture

ty for the add! your instant photos are so pretty!!

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Thanks for accepting! Your profile is so cozy and I love your music taste too πŸ–€

by diana; ; Report


Ian's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Love your background. Have a great day!

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Thanks for accepting! Love that you shoot on film. You should def try out shooting on Lomochrome Purple too, the colors are incredibly gorgeous especially for the landscape photos you take

by diana; ; Report

I will 100% use that next time I go camping, it looks INCREDIBLE for landscapes!! I have some film that needs to be developed, but I'm waiting until I get all my developing supplies! (xmas can't come soon enough! >:D)

by Ian; ; Report

Hell yeah can't wait to see what you come up with. You can also try experimenting with soaking the film in different liquids (in darkness) before developing, you can get some really trippy results


by diana; ; Report

:0 The hand soap looks sick!

by Ian; ; Report


Codeth's profile picture

Yooo thank you! I like Torche, but I haven't heard Boris or Harvey Milk before. I'll check them out!

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My pleasure, thanks for actually being the first person to add me on here!

by diana; ; Report